Smart Ways for WordPress Maintenance to Have Updated Website

When it comes to the creation of a professional WordPress website, you have a never ending checklist with loads of technicalities and nuances to bear in mind. But this is only half the work.

The next part is to find smart ways for WordPress maintenance otherwise all your efforts in the initial stage of your site creation and launching will be in vain.

Website maintenance is an important aspect of your online success, customer satisfaction and retention, satisfactory results and much more along the way.

Your website is your online brochure, online business card, CV or portfolio, storefront and generally the bridge connecting you with your potential and prospective audience.

A well maintained, frequently updated and 100% uptime website functions as a great marketing and lead generation tool, delivers a true value to the web guests and loyal visitors and prove them you are a real professional in all aspects of your operations.

Smart Ways for WordPress Maintenance

Utterly, keeping your site safe and sound, running smoothly and hassle free with regular theme and plugin, content and design updates, as well as tackling to a variety of other important aspects of your virtual presence are all smart ways for WordPress maintenance.

These are the basic guarantees of your success, higher results and higher return on investment in the future.

Now, let’s focus on the most important and smart ways for WordPress maintenance and care to ensure your website looks and functions flawlessly all the time, complies with the dynamically developing digital arena as well as meets its users’ demands.

1. Regularly Backup Your WordPress Site:
Backup is like your exit or survival plan whatever you are doing. Planning to move your site to a new host or server? First backup your site.

Tweaking the site’s files located on the root directory? Backup your site. We can endlessly continue the list of the cases backup is of absolute necessity.

However, you need to be sure you have the backup of your site not only on certain occasions, but also on a regular basis. There can always be flaws and technical problems, unexpected incidents or some other turmoil around your site.
So don’t forget to backup your WordPress site and sit rested knowing that you won’t lose your valuable website and its content whatever happens.

2. Take up Security of your Site as a Priority:
Securing your site against losses and unpleasant interventions, hacks and bots is one of the smart ways for WordPress maintenance.

If you think your website is too small or niche specific to be noticed by hackers or digital swindlers, think twice. Whatever the type, nature, denomination or caliber of your WP site or blog, you should find the most effective security measure of your site and keep your eye on it constantly because the danger may appear imminently or later.

There is never a deficiency of security plugins you can add to your WordPress website and make it more protected and secure. Wordfence Security , Sucuri Security and All in One WP Security and Firewall are good options in this regard.

3. Keep Themes, Plugins and Other Tools you Use Up to date:
One of the smart ways for WordPress maintenance is keeping it updated. Update WordPress core, WP themes and plugins you are using with your website to their latest versions.

WordPress makes constant updates and improvements with new features and more advanced tools, so don’t miss your chance to have access to a new pack of wonderful options and possibilities with every new update. The optimal sequence of updating WordPress runs as follows: first plugins, then your theme and finally core.

4. Take Care of WordPress Database Optimization:
If you need a better and speedy performance for your site, optimizing your WordPress database is another “must do”. A large and cluttered database with all the old dated comments, plugins, links and more will inevitably harden your site’s performance and make it load heavier.

By removing all that unnecessary information and data you will give your website more space to “breathe” and result in an optimal webpage loading time.

There are lots of convenient data optimization plugins you will find in WordPress depository of plugins which will help you automate optimization process.

5. Spy upon your Site Speed:
Speed is an important measurement factor both for website users and search engines. Both sides appreciate and love speedy sites and fast loading web pages. Minimize whatever can have a negative effect on your site speed and maximize the usage of tools and plugins boosting your site’s performance rates.

From caching to removing unused scripts and files, decreasing HTTP requests, compressing files and images, fixing broken links and more will greatly help you keep your site fast and quick in operation all the time.

Google PageSpeed Insights will help you keep your eye on your site’s speed by testing and scoring it whenever you want in order to understand whether you need further optimization or no.

6. SEO Maintenance Work:
Search engine optimization of your site is what makes it a winner or lose in the digital competition. Therefore, you need to always check the status and ranking of your site in search engines to keep it higher and noticeable for your target audience now and forever.

However, it’s not a one time or short term job. You need to optimize your site for search engines in all the possible ways and as regularly as you are updating your site’s content to succeed.

Follow these smart ways for WordPress maintenance to give your web surfers a reason to come back to your profile again and again. Contribute to your site’s search engine results and positioning by keeping it alive and doing well without data losses, broken links or downtimes.

Take care of its security and protection. Nurture and develop it to keep pace with the modern technology.

And finally, show your website some care, and it will care for your success.

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