Things To Consider Before Selling WordPress Products And Services

Before selling any product or item, one takes care of the product quality, price, quantity, and its usability. Customer satisfaction is a key role for any store retailer or seller. But what if they don’t get positive feedback and response?

At that time, it may lead to a downfall in your business and to its growth. At such point of time, one should take proper steps, guidance and precautions from preventing loss and damage.

This is also, consider in business and technical world as well. Talking about WordPress and its products, one should keep in mind the profit and loss of selling WordPress Products, because if you fail then it causes you loss and if succeed than to profit.

It has seen that people with experience tend to move towards with taking any safety precautions. But they forget that at some point in time, even the experience also does not work.

So, here in this blog, I am going to tell you with some tips and tricks that one should consider before selling WordPress Products and Services, so that you can have a good profit and growth in your business.

What does it mean to sell services online with WordPress?

Do you know the exact meaning of services? Well, if not then no worry, services mean providing help or doing work for someone.

It may differ than how you provide services to every single person, maybe through online, or face-to-face. The key point is that you will be actually engaged with giving services. A service can’t be completely automated, supposing that this happens then it turns into a product.

Things To Consider Before Selling WordPress Products And Services

Service is carried out manually not through online. Than when knowing this you may be thinking that how to sell services using WordPress e-commerce. The appropriate response is that you can sell services on a WordPress site by isolating the deals and arrangement of the services.

Services can be sold online also to products. The thing that matters is that once a client has requested service on the web, you will complete work for them physically as opposed to posting them a product. So you sell the service on the web and complete it, all things considered.

How it takes place?

The customer visits your WordPress website and views all the listed services.
Second, he/she orders the service online with e-commerce option and through Non-e-commerce option. With Non-e-commerce option, the customer selects the wanted services and fills the online form.

This form contains their personal information such as contact number, email id, name, etc., after this, they receive an email notification. After this, you finally contact the customer and arrange to provide the services.

Advantages of e-commerce for service products

There are many benefits of e-commerce for selling WordPress products and services.

You can make an online payment: with the help of WordPress e-commerce plugins, one can make online payment of services and products purchased through various payment gateways like PayPal, GooglePay, PayUmoney, internet banking, credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, etc.,

Display services more effectively: e-commerce platform helps in showcasing the services more effectively.

Preparation steps for selling your services and Products

This step of selling WordPress services will let you help with the preparations and accurate records for selling your services and products. Before entering into the selling section, you should consider this tip for making traffic clearly segmented in your reports.

a) Organic search
b) Clicks from within free plugins
c) Direct referrals
d) Advertising referrals

Expecting you’re utilizing Google Analytics, you’ll be approached to make read logins for your intermediary and intrigued purchasers.

You’ll almost certainly produce point by point deals records for the last 6 to a year. It will be an intense sell if these records are non-existent or if deals from your item don’t have something like a 6-month history.

Breakdown sales however much as could reasonably be expected, for example, by permit type, such as by license type, new purchases, etc.,

The most straightforward approach to keep selling WordPress products and services exchanges separate is to just set up various records for each. This ought to be done regardless of whether all are gone through a similar corporation or entity.

In case you’re taking sales with Stripe, you can build up different records under one login. In case you’re taking sales with PayPal, you should set up a different PayPal account, regardless of whether it implies making another bank or credit card account.

Set up your WordPress Store

Once you are done with everything like research, e-commerce plugin and WordPress plugins, it is time to set up your WordPress store for selling your WordPress Products and services.

There are two basic steps for doing this:

The front-end: picking your WordPress theme, design, creating content, and customizing your website in terms of visuals shoppers are open to.

The back-end: configuring store data including payments, shipping, tax rates, coupons, and discounts, quality and quantity, and that technical stuff that visitors won’t be able to see.

It is important to make clear that the services you provide to customers might change according to the requirements and demands. At the time of purchasing, the customer should not feel the lack of information transfer or communication problem.

So it is always important to make sure that you provide detailed information about the product and services to your customers for further positive feedback and positive response.

Test your store

It is always important to test the selling WordPress products is cross-checked and tested well, because once purchased and found failed and damage then it will cause you with the problem. Testing can be done with these five steps:

Checkout Process: check your payment gateway, it’s working, WordPress sites, e-commerce plugins, etc.,

Responsiveness: most users buy services for small screen devices rather than for big screens so responsiveness is one of the major points. Mobile-friendly services and products are the choices of the customers.

Site speed: speed is another major concept. Providing faster loading speed and higher performance site is liked by every user than to those of low-speed loading.

Grammar/ spelling: it is important to check the content of the sites and the details of the services and products are grammatically correct or not.

Usability: usability in terms of navigation, broken link, etc., to figure out such issues, usability test should be done before selling any services and products on WordPress.


These were the points one should consider before making sales of any WordPress products and services. This will help you to make better sales and provides you with better growth in your business.

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