Ways to Repair a Broken WordPress Installation

Today, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms and with good reason; it more than helps to facilitate your website to stand out.

It comes with all the advanced functionality that you would require so that you can integrate more user centric features on your website with ease.

But what makes it stand out is the fact that it enables you to build your website from scratch irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a novice; and since the process is more or less automated, you should be able to set up your website with ease.

And as WordPress is an open source, there are countless developers working on making it perfect and you can expect regular updates for your platform without having to pay anything. The only issue is that at times, a WordPress installation may not take place along as expected.

As a result, your website may no longer function as expected which is why you need to check out the 5 ways to repair broken WordPress installation.

5 ways to repair a broken wordpress installation

Granted that there are various reasons why a WordPress installation may not take place as scheduled and in the event it does, you need to follow the steps listed below, to ensure that your installation takes place, as expected.

But before you can begin, you need to first back up your core WP files, such as your blog’s database, wp-content folder etc.

5 Ways to Repair a Broken WordPress Installation

1. Disable plugins:

Plugins do add a lot of functionality to your website; they can enable several user centric features on your website which can help enhance user experience. But on the other hand, when you have one too many plugins installed on your website, they can affect the performance of your website.

They can even prevent the latest version of WordPress from being downloaded and installed, and that’s often the case with third party plugins. Just head over to your admin dashboard, and try disabling the plugins one by one, or better yet disable them all.

You can also access your website’s directory by using the FTP credentials that your host had provided you with.

Now, using this, locate the plugin folder in your root directory. Once you have located the folder, change the name of the folder and that should effectively disable it Repeat this process with the other folders and once deactivated, try a manual installation and see if it goes through a hitch.

2. Check your config file:

Pay close attention to the config file; you can locate the same in your root directory. If your website has not been able to download and install the latest version, it could well be because of a database error.

And that’ why you need to check the config file and see if the user name, password and database names are accurate and spot on. If they are still ok, then you need to contact your hosting provider and let them know regarding the issue.

3. Reinstall WordPress again:

Some times, the installation of a new version could be interrupted due to various reasons. One of the ways to ensure that the latest version is downloaded and installed correctly is to reinstall WordPress manually.

At the least, this should help resolve most of the issues. You can always use your FTP to reinstall your WordPress but make sure that you use the same wp-content folder of your old website otherwise, all the content would disappear.

4. Check the database:

If your broken WordPress installation is not on account of your plugin or any of your core WordPress files, then you need to check your database tables.

Just check out your database tables with the help of myPhpAdmin. Now, check your database and see if there is any error.

If there is, then you can click on repair and get the issue sorted out at the earliest. You can also contact the hosting company and they’ll be more than happy to help you with the various steps involved.

5. Call In the experts:

If the four steps have not resolved the issue yet, then you need to call in the big guys. The installation may be incomplete or incorrect due to various reasons.

But once you call in the experts, they should be able to locate the most likely causative factors and take the required corrective actions. And keep in mind that the solution could be as simple as a defective plugin or something else altogether.

It is important that you contact your host and let them know about the issue. List out the various steps that you had followed and ask them for assistance. Usually, they respond rather quickly and would definitely help you out with the issue at hand.

Having to deal with a broken WordPress installation is never easy; at least it may appear that way. The point being that all you need to do is to check the steps listed here, follow the directions to the letter and you should be able to get the latest version installed.

It is essential that your website runs on the latest version since previous versions are often replaced due to security flaw, which hackers can then use to target your website.

Ironically, certain third party plugins can help provide your website, with the security it requires. But the same plugins can cause your website to malfunction and interrupt the installation of WordPress on your website.

If that happens, then it is important that you do not panic, and by following the directions listed here. And if you find the whole process slightly overwhelming, you can always call in the experts.

But the methodology and the process listed here is quite simple that you should be able to follow it in without any hassle.

The latest version of WordPress should definitely help your website stand out, for all the right reasons. This is why it makes perfect sense to try and check out the various reasons as to why the latest WordPress may have not been installed. It is important that you have a good sense of humor.

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