The Strong Reason to Develop WordPress Free Plugins?

Plugins are a small part of a code that makes your simple website more functional. There are lots of third parties developers and the agencies who create a WordPress plugins.

You will be able to find more than 50,000 plugins on the Some plugins are free whereas some are available at a premium cost. If you are looking to create a WordPress plugin then we suggest you create a free version instead of a paid one.

There are too many reason to develop free plugins using WordPress instead of creating a plugin and selling it as a premium cost.

The main reason to develop free plugins is to get more positive outcomes in terms of cross-promotion; up-selling chances, exposure, and market testing and exploring free services to brand your name in less time.

Reason to Develop WordPress Free Plugins

Give back to the community

Do not create a plugin for some reason make it available for everyone so that each person can utilize its features.

Today we all are capable of creating WordPress plugin, themes and a website only because of the WordPress community because somewhere somehow we might have been used so many free plugins to fulfill our need so it’s high time to give back to the community.

Most of the developers and companies have the ability to create a number of plugins that are useful and easy to install this is because the WordPress community has been there for you to serve you benefits via free plugins.

Due to WordPress, we have saved so many hours because of less and clean. So it is time to wake up and make use of those saved hours by helping other WordPress users by servicing them with a useful plugin that can be a game-changing movement for those.

reason to develop free plugins

So start utilizing your saved time by creating free plugins to the needy one. This is important to make your WordPress community booming.

If there is something missing in functionality then you can make it possible by creating a plugin. Or there are so many plugins that are useful for fixing or enhancing the only small function of your website.

So you can take such plugins and try to make something new and unique that would be loved by beginners. You can also give an alternative solution by creating light-weighted plugins.

Take into consideration and improve it

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Your code can be discouraged if you put it public because this will be considered as a peer-reviewed. This can be beneficial in 3 things such as

You might be taking previous code and might be working on it to improve functionality if you make this code available in public, the developers or the WordPress community can give you some helpful suggestions that will be beneficial for you to make some more advancement in that code.

This will make your code visible and accessible by every person. This coding will be helpful or private projects as well as for an open-source plugin.

Second, WordPress is continuously updating and developed regularly by the team of developers so you can move your hand forward by joining the team to help beginners or new comers. You can help the team by modifying or adding code as per the coding standards.

Third, Coding will help you to enhance your coding style that will be helpful for formatting and commenting. Don’t need to write sloppy code, no need to fix the band-aid and no need to comment on the block code. This type of coding will also be helpful even if you are creating a project for your own.

You will find that this type of coding is really worthy and will benefit you more as compared to the older one. Just try to code as per the latest coding standards and requirements.


Now, this is something you will feel excited here you will find why the idea of creating a free plugin is better than the paid one. The first reason to develop free plugins is that you will be able to set or leave your mark in the huge competitive world.

If a plugin is created by any expert developer such as Bill Erickson, John James Jacoby or any other expert developer who has done so much to enhance the WordPress community we keep on noticing that how their plugin will benefit us.

This is because these kinds of developers have set high marks by creating helpful and useful plugins. Not only they have created powerful plugins but also have written most useful blogs, spoken at WordCamp and attended lots of Meetup’s. Hence they are giving back to their WordPress community.

Suppose you have also created something very useful for sure you will be recognized in the competition world. This is the main reason to develop free plugins.

Cross Promotion

Even if you have created some free plugin it does not mean that you will not get profit in return. While using third party plugins you must have seen a donation button in the bottom area or the contact information listed or the premium plugins promotion details.

Some developer asks to activate the premium version of the free plugin by purchasing it at a premium cost. In this way, you can get a donation from other developers to enhance the functionality of the existing one or they have an option to get a new plugin i.e. Premium plugin by investing some cost.

Market testing

Market testing is also the best solution but do you think that this idea will work for you? The concept of creating a free plugin is to make available all plugins at to get recognized and deal with the real world.

If you don’t want to invest more money in creating and updating previous free plugin that you can drop this idea by creating a fresh new plugin for exploring new functionality in WordPress. You can invest your valuable time in getting into a new idea.

If you come across any situation where you noticed that you can do something to fulfill users’ need for creating an awesome and appealing website then take a step forward and make a dream into reality.

Try to create new functionality for free of yours. Somehow somewhere some day you will get the profit in return. The main reason to develop free plugins are listed above.

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