Questions to Ask a WordPress Developer You Want to Hire

An interviewer asks a question before hiring him/her for the company needs. An interview is being scheduled so that one can get a perfect candidate for their organization.

In the same way WordPress with its high increasing usability and essentials, have become more and more in demand with its every day growing rankings.

Hence the organization needs a perfect and a liable developer for their industry. A WordPress Developer is one such person who has all the capabilities to deal with the sort of issues that arises while handling WordPress.

For having a key skill, professional, well-developed and highly knowledgable, one should have those questions in mind while choosing or interviewing a WordPress developer for their industrial better growth.

So let us discuss and have some quick and important questions suggestion to ask to hire WordPress Developer you want to hire:

1. Will any plugins be installed on the site?

As we all know that a WordPress is search engine optimized and friendly platform, still any of the WordPress theme or site requires more detailed and implementations towards the search engine friendly platform for better growth and implementations and better results.

Questions to Ask a WordPress Developer You Want to Hire

The WordPress developer must have the know-how of the best strategies to improve WordPress.

The designer ought to be sufficiently capable to deal with fundamental aspects identified with your sites like making clean permalinks and no canonicalization issues with essential space.

2. Which web standards are followed?

There are updations and advanced featured technologies and coding languages and programming increasing day-by-day aspects.

A good WordPress Developer should be enough capable of and aware of the advanced technologies, coding, programming languages such as XHTML, HTML, CSS, ECMA, XML, etc., it makes sure that a good WordPress developer should create and design a clean, neat coded and advanced technologies, languages, programming WordPress sites or themes.

3. Will the site be tested before it goes live?

Asking a question related to testing factor is an important key because a well-tested website is a need for any organizations or industries. So testing a theme or a WordPress site with various browsers and cross-checked with multiple devices is a question one should ask while hiring a WordPress developer.

You ought to get some information about the testing perspectives secured and forms utilized.

4. Will an additional site backup be kept?

WordPress developer

Question about backup should be asked to a WordPress developer as it is important for any site to have its data store in backup for future safety. It not only saves time but also money.

The question is not that important but the knowledge behind backing up data is an important factor because it helps to have a lost a file, misplaced data, storage problems and many more.

Anything can happen to your site whenever and you may never realize it ahead of time. You ought to approach your developer for help with making a reinforcement of your site.

5. What are the developer’s portfolio and estimated time to complete?

Experiencing the arrangement of the organization you’re thinking about for WordPress advancement will enable you to realize what sorts of activities they have achieved before.

It gives you a short thought regarding their dimension of mastery and number of fulfilled clients. Remember to approach the developer’s portfolio and assessed time for the conveyance of undertaking.

This gives a clear picture of a good WordPress Developer’s capabilities, his/her achievements, success and the number of projects and clients handled.

6. How will the WordPress-based site remain secure?

WordPress is an open-source platform thus the significance regarding its security is important. Having a secured site and preventing it from the hacker’s an unauthorized user’s a WordPress Developer should have that capability to secure their websites from accessing by unwanted users.

WordPress is vulnerable to hacking, thus a WordPress developer takes proper preventive care to prevent sites from hackers entrance for better security purpose, and keeps it updated.

7. Will the site be mobile friendly?

Two ways to make a website mobile-friendly. The first one is its responsiveness, and the second one is built specifically for smartphone users.

It is important for any developer to develop a website which is device and platform ready, unless an until, if your site is not device ready or browser compatible and platforms ready than it is of no use.

So a good WordPress Developer should have that capability to make a website mobile-friendly.

8. Will you provide guidance on the use of WordPress?

If someone is new to WordPress and want to know some details regarding WordPress and its use than your WordPress Developer should be capable enough to provide a full guide to the new users. So this question is also necessary for any good WordPress Developer to coup with.

9. Is site maintenance included, and what is the cost for maintenance?

In spite of the fact that site improvement or maintenance is a one-time process, keeping up the site to make it look staggering and work ideally is a genuine test.

Ensure that your WordPress developer guarantees to give support of your site after the improvement work is finished. This may bring about extra expenses, so make this obvious before landing at a choice.

10. How can you make it easier for me to manage my website?

This is an imperative question to ask, particularly for entrepreneurs, business owners, who don’t think a lot about WordPress.

Despite the fact that WordPress is one of the least complex content management system, regardless you’ll require some fundamental information of it so as to work appropriately.

Make a point to tell your developer the equivalent and inquire as to whether he/she can make the management assignments less demanding in some way or another. They can make utilization of existing plugins and widgets to make the things less demanding for you.


I have discussed above the 10 (ten) questions and they all are important for you to have while selecting or interviewing a developer for your company or organization. These questions will surely help you to get one of the best WordPress developers you want to hire.

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