Ways to Protect Your Email Address Present on website from Hackers?

If you are being bombarded by spam mails ever since you had launched your WordPress website, then it could well be on account of the fact that some hackers scanned your website to obtain your email address.

Most hackers scan websites and the internet to mine valid email addresses and then use the same to bombard them with spam, with irrelevant mails.

And what should worry you is the fact that some of these emails may be carrying malware, which automatically downloads on to your system the moment you open the email or click on a link.

This is why it is essential that you check out the rest of the article on how to protect email address on website, and prevent it from being scanned by hackers.

Protect Your Email Address Present on WordPress website from Hackers

1. Install email address encoder plugin :

email address encoder
if you are looking for ways to protect email address on website, then the easiest thing that you can do is to download and install Email Address Encoder plugin. This handy little plugin comes with several filters which you can use to prevent it from being scanned by hackers.

The plugin in question will encode your email address, thereby making it hard for anyone to get hold of the same.

By downloading and installing this plugin, you should make it near impossible for hackers to get your mail address and in the process make it impossible for them to bombard you with spam mails.

2. Obfuscate :

There are quite a few plugins that you can use to obfuscate your mail address so that the hackers cannot get at it. With these plugins, you can replace the ‘mail to’ links with codes that make it extremely difficult for both hackers and others to locate your mail address.

You may think that this plugin is quite similar to the install email address encounter plugin but that is not the case.

What this handy plugin does is that it effectively encodes the email address while at the same time, maintaining appearance and functionality of the link.

In other words, while this plugin protects your mail address from hackers, ordinary uses can still use the email functionality to contact you.

email security

3. Avoid displaying your email address :

Most beginners tend to display their email address, right front and center. And if you are still worked about online threats and hackers getting to your mail address, then there is a simple solution that you can opt for.

You can just avoid listing your email address anywhere on your website. You can instead use contact form through which genuine users can contact you.

4. Replace email address :

If none of the above options is satisfactory then you may want to replace your email address with “”. By replacing the operative part of your email address with the same, users would be automatically taken to your contact page when they click on your email.

This should also help prevent hackers from getting to your email address and also prevent spam from ending up in your email inbox.

You may want to follow these tips especially if you are looking for ways to protect email address on website. It is important that you take these measures to avoid spam and it is equally important that you avoid opening up these spam mails.

Do delete any spam mails that you encounter and more essentially, do not click on any links in these spam mails since they can help launch a malware attack.

By following the tips posted above, you should be able to protect your email address from various online hackers, with ease.

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