Why to Convert Non Responsive WordPress Website to Responsive One

If you have noticed the drop in traffic and the lack of any meaningful conversions taking place on your website – you should know that the same could well be on account of your non responsive website.

It is high time that you should consider changing your website to a responsive WordPress website, given the fact that nearly 30% of online users and more, prefer to shop and conduct transactions online through their smartphone.

Here are some of the top 5 reasons as to why you need to convert non responsive WordPress website to a responsive website, at the earliest.

Reasons to Convert Non Responsive WordPress Website to Responsive One

1. Improved functionality:

Do note that you are aiming to transform your convert non responsive WordPress website into a responsive WordPress website and not just a mobile friendly one at that.

The key difference between a mobile friendly website and a responsive one is that the former just looks good on mobile phone but it still comes with a few glitches which affect its functionality.

Why to Convert Non Responsive WordPress Website to Responsive One

A responsive website is one that can be easily viewed through any hand held device and it enables the end user to navigate your website quite easily and without any loss of functionality at that.

In fact, a responsive website is one that essentially enables your website to adjust the screen that it is being viewed on. So your users should be able to access your website from tablets, mobile phones, ipads and other devices without any loss of functionality.

2. Increased traffic from mobile users:

One of the key reasons that you may want to opt for responsive WordPress website is the fact that most of the online consumers prefer to shop directly by accessing the various websites with their smartphone.

The fact is that more and more consumers prefer to shop online with their smartphone since it enables them to shop “on the go”. Given this, it only makes sense from a business point of view that you would want to opt for a responsive WordPress design at the earliest.

Moreover, with a responsive design in place, you should be able to regain the competitive edge over your competition.

3. Lower cost and website maintenance:

Isle of Man Website Maintenace

When you are setting up a WordPress responsive website, you may want to consider the fact that this could well result in lower cost and expenses with streamlined website maintenance.

You need to remember that initially, the responsive design may seem a tad expensive at the start but given the fact that you would no longer have to maintain two websites, it should help make the price tag seem all the more attractive.

Furthermore, it is fairly easy to maintain as well. More importantly, it should not take you much time to set up your responsive website which is why it makes more sense to opt for a responsive design at the earliest.

4. Seamless user experience:

When it comes to responsive WordPress websites, the one thing that you can count in is a seamless user experience. You should not have many issues in navigating from one page to the next, to checking out all the features of the target website and more.

When you access your non-responsive website, you may notice that the texts are all mixed up and that it is not that easy to navigate from one page to the next.

This is exactly what your users would experience when they check out your website online and naturally, there’s zero conversion.

And that is why you need to opt for a responsive website design at the earliest and in the process, ensure that your online conversion rate gets a boost.

5. Adaptability:

Given the fact that most users experience a loss of functionality in one, some or all the features when they try to access your static and non responsive website, it should make you consider transforming your website to a responsive one.

What makes a responsive website is the way by which the website adapts itself to any screen that it is being accessed from. It is certainly adaptable and should help boost your company.

6. Improved SEO:

Improved SEO

Responsive website has more mobile traction than non-responsive. That’s why it is more important to convert non responsive WordPress website to responsive one. One of the best things about having a responsive WordPress website instead of the usual non responsive website is the improvement in its SEO and current rankings.

Most search engines often rank responsive websites higher for the simple reason that these websites are considered to be user centric and to provide essential service in the form of a responsive website

These are some of the reasons that you would want to opt for a responsive design at the earliest. And if you plan to stay competitive and to go head to head with your competition, then it only follows that you would want to use every advantage that WordPress can provide you.

And a responsive design in place is one of the most effective ways by which you can snag more customers and even help build your brand as well.

Just remember that a responsive design by itself is no guarantee of success but it needs to be complemented with great content, high resolution images, media files, and much more.

A responsive design complements the rest and manages to provide your users with enriched user experience. Just keep in mind the fact that more and more consumers have started accessing internet through their various hand held devices.

And that this number is growing exponentially and given that more online users have started accessing online websites in developing markets such as China and India, it only makes sense to opt for a responsive WordPress website.

And there are quite a few attractively priced designs and themes that you can pick from when it comes to choosing the right one for your website.

You need to double check and ensure that the design you are opting for is a responsive one and not just a mobile friendly one at that.

And remember that when it comes to the overall design, choose one that comes loaded with advanced functionality and more user centric features.

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