Top Tips for Successfully Managing Inventory and Fulfilment on WordPress

When we talk about the best website development tool, WordPress is on the top. It is one of the best content management system, hence this is a one-go source for numbers of website developers for business’s websites. Also, the biggest benefit comes from WordPress is it is a wealth-generating software as well.

The most popular shopping websites use WordPress solutions as well such as WooCommerce, Ecwid, WP EasyCart, and FoxyCart. Well, this feature isn’t available for all, but who are wishing to use this power, they can.

Plugins need to add and the power of content management along with the Managing Inventory on WordPress activate. With these plugins, the user can operate the big shopping carts like Shopify.

When you are in the eCommerce business managing Inventory, fulfillment, shipping, orders, claims are quite difficult even having strong tools. But, Thanks to WordPress Merchant tools which may little easier for you to handle all things.

It will depend on your business need whether it is for warehousing or in-house fulfillment or outsource to third party fulfillment services. To use these additional tools, first one should need to understand the difference between in house and outsource fulfillment.

In-house & Outsourced Fulfilment Difference

When a business receives orders, shipping returns, and new products called In-house fulfillment and when the stock is running out or transactions held outside the house called outsourced fulfillment.

These expenses such as labor, salary, cost of production, use of technology, and shipping costs. Whereas in-house fulfillment involves the power to control everything in your way.

Managing Inventory

In-house fulfillment includes additional costs such as maintenance, rent, and related expenses. The overall estimated costs in labor, software, supplies, utilities, and supplies.

In outsource the cost includes call support, return fees, storage fees, cartons, storage fees, and more. Both fulfillment options are the best, but the most considerable option is in-house fulfilments for businesses.

The outsource fulfillment also considers when entrepreneurs deal with third-party. This means when business is done all their expenses through the third party. Moreover, the company has to consider both fixed and variable costs that generally affects the inventory level of business.
Managing Inventory

In house Fulfillment & Outsourced Fulfillment Working

In house fulfillment generally work best in the following matters:

  • It occurs when a business is not able to afford a third party to handle everything.
  • The company warehouse does not require outsourcing and some areas cannot handle outsourcing.
  • When a business wants full control over the fulfillment-5+
  • t process.
  • The fully-utilized companies that fall out from outsourcing fulfillment.

The outsource fulfillment work best in the following ways:

  • When the business needs to focus on sales, outside logistics, and product management.
  • When a business needs to hire a professional fulfillment service to do savings.
  • If a company wants to locate some sources outside the house.
  • If a company needs an assistant to manage the outsourcing costs.

As you can see, the in-house and outsource costs are tough to handle, but some WordPress tools are effective and reduce some load.
Let us dive into it!

Best WordPress Tools for Managing Inventory on WordPress for In-house Fulfillment

Just like outsourced fulfillment, in-house fulfillment has the same costs and expenses. But the issue is to handle the things. While effective tools are needed to manage everything with ease. In this post, we will discuss in-house Managing Inventory on WordPress tools such as packaging, shipping, tracking, reporting, and order fulfillment.

In WordPress, you will get the collection of plug-ins that can make your workflow easier and effectively related to shipment and fulfillment. WooCommerce is one of the popular plug-ins used by almost all e-commerce websites.

It is a powerful tool and comes with the number of features that support multiple tools and form a logistic function.

The others plug-ins you can add on:

  • SkyVerge’s Plug-in- for list the invoices, order lists, packing lists, and outbound orders.
  • Advanced notifications for the poor stock, new orders, backorders, and cancel orders.
  • Bulk support management for managing the bulk orders
  • XML file support for covering the full support of fulfillment.


Best WordPress Tools for Managing Inventory on WordPress for Outsourced Fulfillment

The numbers of businesses opt for Outsourced fulfillment and this is a simple method to generate potential and effective outcomes. With the expansion of sales, most companies offer the connection between WMS (warehouse management system) and web store solutions.

For example, when someone places an order in your store, it automatically sent to the outsource channel. With this, a buyer can also check the complete order details and inventory report on his desktop.

Moreover, he can track the shipping details. The two WordPress tools which can help your business are Packagebee and OrderDesk can be used to save details of the order that can pass and forward easily.

Some Good Tips to Successfully Manage Inventory on WordPress

1. Escape wastage

Make sure all products are selling at the time. With this, you can save you all the time and money both.

2. Save on costs

The business includes both fixed and variable costs, but when it comes to saving costs you can save from warehousing, variable costs.


This stands for First in First out. This means you need to sell old products rather than new ones. With this, the cost can reduce and you can easily avoid wastage.

4. Planning

Running a business is not that easy as you think. You need to manage all whether you are taking the help of tools. Make sure you have planned everything. So in case, the problem arises you can manage with ease.

5. Dropshipping

It is one of the successful methods consider in Managing Inventory on WordPress. The third-party involves in this that can manage all shipping from your store and make inventory which generally considers an outsource fulfillment.

Final Words

Whether it is for local inventory or Managing Inventory on WordPress, all we need some assistant to get the best out of our business. In this post, we have shared all the possible tips and tools that you can use to make your business profitable.

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