How You Can Make Money by Applying Your WordPress Knowledge

If you have been working with WordPress for a long time, you should be quite familiar with the CMS. WordPress has grown into the most popular platform for building your website, and such popularity provides quite a few doors to those who are looking to make even more money.

Those that are looking to explore what having such Applying Your WordPress Knowledge can provide should continue reading this article. Even more so if they are looking to start a side hustle that could turn into a decent passive source of income.

Create a Print on Demand Store

Developing a website like this from scratch might be a bit of a challenge since Printify print on demand and other forms exist already. However, given how popular print on demand business model continues to grow and become more popular, another platform that enters as a challenger could be a great thing.

Since you have experience with web development in general, you should be more than aware of all the basics. And as for the rest, you will need to look at the situation and make adjustments accordingly.

You Can Make Money by Applying Your WordPress Knowledge



Since WordPress CMS is getting new updates all the time, someone has to keep track of them. Of course, your blog does not have to revolve just about news and updates regarding WP.

You can come up with plenty of other great articles and tutorials. Applying Your WordPress Knowledgein a way that interests readers and before you know it, you will have an audience that is loyal to you. And once you are there, you can come up with all sorts of monetization methods for your blog.

Themes and Plugins

One of the biggest reasons why WordPress is so popular in the first place has to be the number of different themes and plugins that are available. And it is worth mentioning that you can find plenty for free. And even if they do not have as many functions as premium do, they are still much better than what you can find anywhere else.

Having spent time on WordPress, you should have accumulated quite Applying Your WordPress Knowledge and be aware of what makes a good theme and plugin and what is needed these days.

If you have problems with finding inspiration, you can always look for that on the internet. Lots of sources are available for that, and more on themes and plugins.


There are plenty of people out there who would be more than eager to learn about WordPress. Starting from basics and moving to more complicated stuff.

Perhaps the best form of tutorials would be showing everything in video format. You can start a channel on YouTube or even social media, but the latter is less likely to work for something like that.

And even if you are worried about the fact that there are already quite a few individuals doing the same thing, keep in mind that this applies to virtually anything in the world. Moreover, you are you, which means that your tutorials will be different and offer something that others cannot.

Maintenance and Security

A website is bound to run into some problems sooner or later. And the person who owns it does not necessarily know how to take care of certain problems. Doing something on your own might even lead to bigger issues, so it is better to leave everything in the hands of a professional.

The same thing applies to security in the sense that every website needs someone to ensure that there are no problems from the outside. Otherwise, the whole thing could go down in an instant, leaving the owner without anything.


When you have as much experience as the biggest professionals out there, you could start thinking about opening your own agency and having others work for you. This is a natural stepping stone for a lot of people, especially after they reach a certain point.

Creating an agency will be a tough task, no questions asked. You will need to find people who would be willing to work together, and loyalty is not something one finds easily nowadays.

But then again, if you can break through, you should be set for the rest of your life and not worry about looking for another job.



A final suggestion would be writing a book. It is another method that requires Applying Your WordPress Knowledge and certainly, now everyone would be capable of writing a good book. Nevertheless, if you dedicate some of your time to research and other aspects, you should be able to come up with something that sells.

Finally, there is no need to hassle with those annoying publishing agencies. Amazon’s self-publishing services eliminate that problem.

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