Reason to Offer Long Term Maintenance Services as a WordPress Developer

Being a developer there are lots of work to do. And the idea of providing maintenance services for your regular clients can be a little tough job and time-consuming. If you have lots of work around you it can be hard to take out the time for providing extra services.

Despite that, you can get some extra benefits by offering maintenance packages to your customers. The biggest benefit will be a trustworthy source of income.

Means if you are offering good services to your customer then they will definitively come back to you when they need any help related to the website. In this way, you can boost your income.

At the end of this post, you will have an idea about which type of task you can include in WordPress maintenance services. Plus you will get to know about 3 main issues that can be considered if you are looking to raise your business.

Which services should be included while offering long term maintenance services?

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We consider that you know which exercises are included in website maintenance services. Some basic services that should be included are

  • Making your client updated with WordPress themes, plugins and WordPress core.
  • Creating backups on a regular basis and sorting backups for good storage.
  • Solving issues and providing guidance for debugging errors.

Nevertheless, if you are trying to provide long term maintenance services then make sure to provide some additional services, for example, every customer looks for some other maintenance services such as WordPress security, and guidance with website maintenance for a year, etc.

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Some customer is a concern about the website SEO that is search engine optimization. So you can provide SEO services with your website maintenance package such as ON-Page SEO, backlinks monitoring or you can provide Google Analytics results that will track their website visitors.

Or even you can provide extra high levels services such as updates and content creation.

Actually it depends of you and your client’s expectation because WordPress monthly maintenance covers a wide range of topics that only depends on users requirement.

As a WordPress developer, you should provide a long term services or a short term maintenance services?

The main 3 factors that should be considered are

1. Varying the flow of revenue can help you during lack of success

One of the major problem that developer’s faces are that user requirement changes every time. Sometimes there are more projects whereas some time there are nothing work to do.

The developer can not imagine at which month, on which week they will be having lots of work to do or will have nothing.

This can be the toughest time where you would not be having much income and cash flow. Therefore to avoid this situation or to overcome this problem you need to focus on something that will help you in getting income regularly.

By providing maintenance services you can make sure that there is something from which you can get income.

Maintenance services are actually ongoing work so you dont have to worry about the revenue. Hence long term maintenance services are always good as compare to the website development work.

So if you have time and looking for a source to generate more revenue try to provide ongoing maintenance services to your clients.

2. Sometimes ongoing maintenance services can be a disaster because of less time and more resources

There are also some drawbacks to providing maintenance services, for example, providing regular services can be time-consuming.

Website development has a time period to complete the work but providing maintenance services will not have a specific time period. Therefore these services can utilize your time that can be given to new clients.

For each problem there a solution. It is said that many maintenance services tasks are automated. For example with the help of the ManageWP plugin, you can automate the website updates and backups. This platform also permits you to access a different website from a single dashboard.

Else you can outsource the work to other companies who provide maintenance services 24*7. This will lower down your burden and SEO related workload.

3. The service package of all-inclusive can give you high benefits in terms of conversion rates.

Sourcing clients is the most essential factor for website development. If you dont have a source for getting leads then you can’t survive in the web industry for a longer time.

Therefore the best way to keep your client running is to keep in touch with your past client and make an impression in such a way that they will give you regular maintenance work. Once they found that you are providing best services, they will never go to your competitors.

Taking extra responsibilities for long term maintenance services is a big deal. However each work can be manage if you strategize your work in proper time period.

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