A Complete Guide to Install WordPress on Bluehost Hosting in 2023

A newbie or a beginner is usually stuck when asked to install WordPress on Bluehost. In this short read, we have shared the most convenient steps that can enable you to create a blog using WordPress.

Bluehost was and is used by thousands of individuals for their personal or client sites. Still, the best part about it is that it refrains from overselling.

It is simple and one of the best which makes managing the platform easier along with innovating new stuff. Using it is a big deal because Bluehost is amongst the officially recommended hosts by the WordPress platform. This is a big deal and helps motivate individuals to turn towards it.

When running on it this host has scaled its server to optimum performance which happens to be the best part. They offer unlimited bandwidth, premium support, unlimited storage and everything else that one needs to run an impactful blog.

It also undergoes a constant upgrade which enables maximum compatibility for the users. Some of such improvements include Auto-install of the platform, secured servers, and free SSL.

Install WordPress on Bluehost

Why Bluehost?

To make money through blogging, WordPress is one of the most reputed and amongst the best platforms in the world. But why specifically use the BlueHost and not anything other?

A standard cPanel hosting that comes with Fantastico is offered by Bluehost. On any day you can use the manual installation method for the platform but Fantastico is one of the easiest methods. We also recommend it because it is effective and convenient. It should also be noted that this host perfectly meets technical requirements that the platform demands.

With time it can be noted that their web-hosting has completely revamped and its WordPress oriented. The automatic installation of the CMS is one of the best examples of it.

Install WordPress on Bluehost

It is mandatory to have an account with Bluehost before proceeding with the steps of installation. If you have one then you are good to go. In case you do not have one you can easily sign up for one from the site.

Purchasing hosting + free domain is the recommended and popular option that users select. If you also select the same it will start the installation process automatically. The screen on your system during the process will read “Nice! Setting up WordPress for you…”

Depending on the system configuration and the connectivity it can be a long or short process. But the maximum time that it can take is approximately fifty minutes.

Even if after a considerable time you feel stuck, the better option will be to login to the host dashboard. It has a new elegant look with the best features. From the host dashboard, you have to click on ‘Login to WordPress’. By doing this you can automatically log in to your WordPress dashboard.

Manual method to Install WordPress on Bluehost

The manual installation of the platform can be required for multiple reasons. Some users delete the existing installation. A few of them intend to install the platform for a new domain. Irrespective of whatever the cause, but the method for manual installation is as follows.

The first step will be the usual and the most basic one which is to log in to your dashboard of Bluehost. Once you are there look for the option titled ‘Marketplace’ on the left-hand side of your screen window. When you click on the option there will be multiple sub-options available for selection. There you need to click on ‘Add Website’.


All you have to do after this is to enter details as asked on the screen. Make sure the information is correct when you enter them. On the first screen, it will ask for information relating to the site name and tagline.

As you go ahead you will have to select the domain where you want the platform to be installed. Once you complete this entire process and click next, it will ensure that your provided domain has WordPress installed on it. After entering all the information all it takes is hardly five minutes to complete all other processes.


The entire process is extremely simple for understanding as well as execution. The chances of getting stuck are extremely thin if you follow the above guide. All the best for your blog and stay tuned for many such articles.

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