How to Increase the WordPress Business with Freemius?

WordPress has emerged as one of the primary website development platforms around the globe and is amongst the major choices for enthusiasts to promote business. At least one in four websites that you visit will be powered by WordPress.

Due to convenient user interface and technically sound development platform, developers and bloggers choose to grow their business through WordPress. Growth of any business requires strategic planning, impactful ideas, and sincere dedication.

One of the most spectacular methods for the same is through Freemius. In this article, we will cover information about how to increase WordPress business with Freemius?

Every step and procedure to sign up for Freemius, will be covered and, information on how to start using it is included. Genuine reviews and user experience related to maximizing profits with Freemius is also captured.

increase WordPress business with Freemius

Understanding Freemius :

Premium WordPress themes and plugins are sold through a new and innovative standard which is Freemius. Features of Freemius includes automatic payments, free trails for premium products, recurring payments, software licensing, bundle selling, secure checkout, EU vat management, and others.

Freemius is a comprehensive wrap up for your premium plugins and themes. Instead of creating a personal market place using Easy Digital Downloads & WooCommerce or an external market place for selling premium plugins and themes you can easily do the same from your WordPress dashboard.

If your themes/plugins have a free version you can sell from within the WP Admin of your free user and also from your website using Freemius.

The best and ultimate solution to the conventional manual system of updates, payment and licensing is Freemius.

Features and Peculiarity :

To increase WordPress business with Freemius hundreds of mesmerizing features are exclusively designed, to provide a world-class user interface and experience. Some of the major features of Freemius are:

1. Easy Buy Button
2. Automatic Updates
3. Subscriptions
4. Software Licensing
5. Flawless EU Vat
6. Minimum Service Charge
7. Usage Tracking and Analytics
8. Bundled and Individual Package Selling option
9. Impeccable Community Support
10. Feasible with Major Payment Systems

WordPress business
Complete Pro which is one of the popular WordPress themes discovered, that Freemius could add more value to their site with its peculiar features. Hence, they migrated from their existing system to Freemius for a better experience and user-interface. Freemius has been successfully integrated with Candid Themes, Scissor Themes, and Keon Themes.

Compared to EDD, Codecanyon, WooCommerce, or theme forest Freemius has a bundle of advantage. Hence, all of these clients are happy with the service and their business association with Freemius.

Beginning & Initial Process :

It is easy to start with Freemius. Just like any other simple platform the process to begin is easy and quick.

In case if you are still confused about whether to use it or not, then be assured you are going to love this as you can conveniently increase WordPress business with Freemius.

Just like any other platform, you will have to sign up for Freemius first. A Gmail or Github account can help you with the same. In case you have some other email address you can also use that to initiate the signup process.

After providing some general information your account will be ready. In case you face any unusual trouble or difficulty while signing up you can join the slack channel and easily get help.

Any product or service is always accompanied with a user manual that guides the first time users about the operating procedure. In some cases, it is done by notification while in the other, tutorials are provided.

As soon as you will complete the signup process and login you will find be redirected to your dashboard where important videos are listed. We recommend that you see and understand those videos as it will help you to start with Freemius.

Operations :

Video tutorials will help you with most of the operations on Freemius. As soon as you have logged in and went through the tutorials provided you will be back on your dashboard.

On the dashboard itself, you can easily spot the option to add Themes/Plugins. You need to click on that option for adding the same.

By following the instructions mentioned on the dashboard or using tips provided in the tutorials you will be successful in adding a new plugin or theme there.

Integrating SDK :

One of the tough tasks that need all our attention on Freemius is integrating the SDK. Just like WordPress, it is a five-minute install which speaks volumes about the professional compatibility and service of the brand which helps you to increase WordPress business with Freemius. Following are the steps that are included in the installing procedure.

1. Download the SDK

2. Add SDK to the Plugin Folder

1) In the Plugin’s main folder paste the unzipped SDK and rename it Freemius
2) Delete the following dev files .codeclimate.yml, ,travis.yml, composer.json, .git, .github, from the folder

3. Init SDK

1) Select your preferred shortcode
2) Select when asked whether the plugin will be used in WordPress or not
3) Answer about customer redirection question according to your experience
4) Select details about admin setting page
5) Uncheck the menu items that you do not require from the automatic addition list
6) Copy the code according to the instruction

This completes the installation process. Now you can be sure that Freemius is the active plugin and can easily get the data.

Data :

One of the most talked-about and an appreciated feature of Freemius is, that it efficiently collects data from the users which help both the users and the developers. The developers can directly interact with those users and resolve any queries or receive feedbacks regarding the plugins/themes.

Such features help developers in knowing what the users like and dislike so that future products can be customized accordingly.

This is how conveniently you can increase WordPress business with Freemius. We have covered almost everything about Freemius and the steps of its installations. Hope this helps.

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