All You Need To Know About Google AMP For WordPress

Google AMP For WordPress

In October 2015, Google made an announcement for the support of mobile-friendliness in websites and came up with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project. With over new publishers, news and digital news initiative with firms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and WordPress were introductory colleagues of this hearty, open source activity.

For WordPress to make into an existence with websites which helps in creating more traffic, one needs the support of the mobile-friendly environment. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the Google AMP for WordPress.

All You Need To Know About Google AMP For WordPress

1. Working of Google AMP :
Google AMP
The Google AMP utilizes restricted HTML and stores your site reserve in Google AMP Cache. At the end of the day, your posts are put away on Google Servers. At whatever point there is a look for your posts, Google would get them specifically from its store memory and show promptly to the client.

It decreases the heap time and portable utilizing individuals can promptly open the posts. As it were, Google AMP For WordPress improves the client experience and accordingly, you will get more traffic on your WordPress site.

A definitive objective of this task is to empower the web content to stack quicker particularly for mobile users. The AMP innovation is intended to drive quicker page stacking on mobiles even with 3G speed.

Do you realize how does Google advance AMP use? When you search for blogs, you will see the card-like outcomes at the best, or state, on the excellent land of the search page. Every one of these cards shows AMP-empowered locales. Your WordPress blog can be set here on the off chance that it is AMP-streamlined.

On the off chance that you are endeavoring to get positioning for any watchwords where the SERPs show such cards, the principal need is to utilize Google AMP For WordPress for your site.

These cards additionally overwhelm the versatile web world by remaining best on the pursuit pages. Google continues advancing its pursuit calculation, and there is no motivation to overlook AMP to get a higher positioning.

When we see the sites on the main page of results, we locate that the greater part of them are AMP-empowered. It demonstrates the solid effect of AMP on positioning. Regardless of whether, for a minute, we think about that AMP is certainly not a ranking signal, we can’t deny that it can offer the mobile users while searching.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Google AMP :
Advantages :
Google AMP increases your website speed.
Also, increases Click Through Rates from mobile search results.
Google AMP improves ad visibility as to those of non-AMP websites.
Google AMP helps in increasing the repetitive number of users.
With Google AMP, one’s website gets a special place in Google search engine.

Disadvantages :
Newsletter subscription options are not available in Google AMP.
Does not show a pop-up when your webpage is AMP-enabled.
Other than Google analytics, one cannot use analytics tools with Google AMP.
It does not show widgets and sidebars.

3. Google AMP for WordPress :
Google AMP for WordPress

If someone is having business-to-business or an e-commerce website, a compound with Google AMP for WordPress websites is a recommendation.

Despite the fact that WordPress is one of the accomplices of this activity, it doesn’t offer help for AMP and there is no choice in the dashboard to turn on AMP.

You can utilize a WordPress AMP plugin to exploit for your website. How to add Google AMP to your WordPress site? Which plugins should I use and shouldn’t something be said about the theme I right now use? So here is the answer to these questions:

4. WP AMP Plugin :
AMP Plugin

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WP AMP plugin can make our activity simple. We can promptly set up help for Google AMP by utilizing a plugin. There is no coding or backend work required from your end when you utilize an AMP plugin for WordPress.

It is anything but difficult to utilize and does not require any mind-boggling arrangement. It is a set-and-overlook sort of plugin. Be that as it may, it has a couple of disadvantages. One of them is it just backings posts and not pages of your WordPress site.

Uncontrolled usefulness and successive issues negatively affect AMP evaluations. Along these lines, numerous WordPress designers suggest Google AMP for WordPress. In spite of the fact that autonomous engineers have made it, is much progressively well known among clients with better appraisals.

AMP for WP plugins with advanced features and functions provides you with possibilities of requirements as per your needs. Other options like redirection, analytics management, advertising placement, contact form and lots more features for your websites.

It is a premium plugin which includes support for Accelerated Mobile Pages in WordPress. It gives you a chance to implant pictures, recordings, sounds, and frames separated from posts, pages, and classifications. You can either modify the standard structure or think of another one.

It likewise encourages you to follow guests utilizing Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. It works fine with Yoast SEO, SEO Ultimate, etc. It is easy to use AMP with your WooCommerce store utilizing this plugin.

5. WordPress AMP Theme :
On the off chance that you need to customize the pages according to the AMP innovation, you need AMP-prepared WordPress themes. Most WordPress themes are not prepared for AMP.

To make your site prepared for AMP, you can utilize either an AMP-accommodating theme or a WordPress AMP plugin. Be that as it may, a readymade AMP WordPress theme can offer more customization alternatives for your AMP pages than a plugin.

Google AMP for WordPress innovation absolutely encourages you to increment the positioning of your WordPress site, and in this manner expanding the web traffic.

You can achieve the objective of making your site prominent and portable agreeable through empowering AMP by utilizing a standout amongst the best WP AMP plugins or AMP-prepared themes.

I hope this blog will help you. The above mention points will help you out with knowledge about Google AMP and its significance in WordPress platfrom.

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