GoDaddy Acquires SkyVerge, Creator of Over 60 WooCommerce Add-Ons

By GoDaddy, some announcements were done on the 14th of September that it has purchased SkyVerge. SkyVerge is the WooCommerce supreme partner developer for WooCommerce.

They almost developed more than 50 premium extensions for WooCommerce. Now GoDaddy is managing by investing more for future goals. Publically they haven’t announced it yet.

Plugins that are developed by SkyVerge are WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite, WooCommerce Customizer, WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers, WooCommerce Product SKU Generator, WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options, Infoplus Connect for WooCommerce, Infoplus Connect for WooCommerce by SkyVerge & Infoplus and among others.

GoDaddy will be helping the people who are looking to start an online business to get succeed. They will support the entrepreneurs with high performance WooCommerce store that will be very easy to create and will comes with abundant of features.

WordPress has more than third of website on the web. And 17% of WordPress website utilizes the features of WooCommerce. Thus the WordPress is considered as one of the biggest platform for getting your physical in online world.

GoDaddy SkyVerge

Preliminary, the declaration was made that on the SkyVerge’s plugins which are available at free of cost have been downloaded more than 3.1 million times.

The nine plugins ( has more than 155,000 active installations.

However, its plugin has a real value as maximum people are utilizing its features. The commercial add-on and free plugins are directly available from their website.


One business jargon is used for WooCommerce that it is a cash cow for some agencies with correct product and marketing. Thus GoDaddy is trying to focus on the back of the most popular eCommerce platform for WordPress that is WooCommerce.

In October 2019, it began with the WooCommerce hosting plan. Now more than 60 WooCommerce extensions have been added by the hosting companies to its inventory.

Rich Tabor said that “Knowing and getting expertise in eCommerce is a very important part as more and more startups and large-scale businesses are getting an online presence for their business.

At GoDaddy, Rich Tabor is the Senior Product Manager of WordPress experience. Later last year we launched managed WooCommerce providing, unitizing various WooCommerce extension in managed WordPress environment.

Quickly, SkyVerge has become the most successful WooCommerce and WordPress business. At the end of 2019, it was making $350,000 per month. But we do not have an idea that how well this business has worked in 2020.

All groups of SkyVerge come along with the changes made to GoDaddy. Tabor said that “we are trying to build and deliver more abilities, better setup, and how they will continue to provide an awesome experience for our customers”.

The team of SkyVerge will then instruct and speedup such plans. The SkyVerge team is so talented and groundbreaking that is extremely enthusiastic about WooCommerce.

For now, it is doubtful because GoDaddy moved forward without getting any short term plans or audiences for how they will manage hosting services can utilize the features of this extension. We will just need to wait and watch for now.


It has been noticed that as usual the immediate plan will be maintained. GoDaddy does not have any modification to tell their customers related to SkyVerge’s plugins and websites – said by Tabor.

“We have advised continuing by providing the customer supports to the customer of SkyVerge. And thus investing in software i.e. SkyVerge.

Additionally, Jilt was created by SkyVerge. It is a platform of email marketing available for eCommerce websites.

This platform is currently compatible with Shopify Plus, Easy Digital Downloads, Woocommerce, and Shopify. Tabor has not directly that what is coming in the future for non WooCommerce customers of Jilt.

Neither he has given any specification whether they are planning to extend Jilt to a seperate eCommerce system.

GoDaddy will be working by investing in its preference eCommerce platform which is GoDaddy websites+marketing and WooCommerce stated by Tabor.

In some announcement, Max Rice who is the co-founder of SkyVerge mentioned and given some hint about the future of Jilts. We will be there for helping you in your business with the software that you require the most. It’s our commitment. Thus we are sticking to it.

“We will be providing support for our WooCommerce plugin and jilt clients. We are trying to launch something new at GoDaddy”

About GoDaddy

GoDaddy is web hosting company which has more than 7,000 employee and 20 million customers from the worldwide.

GoDaddy is providing a help and some tools that can help entrepreneurs widely to succeed online as well SkyVerge. One should use GoDaddy more building professional websites, manage work, attract customers.

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