Six Tips for Working From Home From a Full-Time WordPress Freelancer

The credit of working from home for a foreseeable future for every full-time WordPress freelancer goes to the WordPress community.

It can be a shock when you have to go working from home and ignore working with office hours. This becomes more difficult when you are expected to feature the same productivity in both scenarios.

In this post, we will share strategies that have worked with individuals around the globe. The aim of this read is to help you achieve more productivity during these tough times of social distancing.

The following are the tip for working from home for any full-time WordPress freelancer.

Six Tips for Working From Home From a Full-Time WordPress Freelancer

1. Add a Structure and Plan

During the initial stage when I started working it was really excited about it. The sole reason for that was that I was in no necessity to have a structure. No one had to tell me anything unless I met my deadlines.

I could work whenever I wished. But, it took me no longer to realize that this is a horrible way to work.

full-time WordPress freelancer

A structure-less approach will always keep you tough times all the time. It will expand your work, decrease your productivity, and make your lifestyle weird.

Also, note that other routine chores of the home that you are assigned to complete are also at stake with this.

Hence, inevitably have a structure and plan of work. No matter whatever it is, plan it, and stick to it.

2. Build a Routine

Building a routine walks hand in hand with designing a structure. If you have a structure in mind and a concrete plan but you do not have a fixed routine it is not going to help.

If you have a team then set particular hours of working for all of them. For instance, if the working hours are set for 10-6 then you must work in that irrespective of anything.

If you are your own pilot and are flexible with the timing then it also is essential to have a routine. Select time that is most preferable to you but the important thing is that you stick to it.

Some flexibility is acceptable but complete deviation must be avoided at all costs.

3. Create a Separate Space

Creating a separate space for work entirely depends upon your living situation. But, no matter what it is you must have a workspace. It is highly recommended to keep the relaxation space and working space different.

You can attain maximum relaxation after a long day’s work and also attain maximum productivity at work. It will be hard for you to turn off if you are staring at your workspace after finishing your tasks.

Although it might feel like a small thing, it works if you are a full-time WordPress freelancer.

When you have a separate workspace you can just get away with it as soon as you are done. If you do not have a provision to allocate an entire room to it then it can be limited to a specific desk. You lock the closet or cover the table once your work is done.

It definitely makes a difference when you peek at your workspace in your leisure time and vice-versa.

4. Pay attention to the Ergonomics

You need to be comfortable and at ease, if you want to work with maximum productivity. But if you are laying down on the bed while working it will be extreme comfort and work against you.

Your body should not hurt or your back must not pain when you are working or when you end work. Office space is always designed with ergonomics at the core. But, the same thing is not possible always for the WFH setup of a full-time WordPress freelancer.

If you do not have an arrangement where the laptop is direct to the eye level then you must buy one. That will be worth the investment for your body and work.

There are multiple stands and options available in the market. You can read the reviews about them and select the one which is properly priced and comfortable with you.

You might needs add-ons like a keyboard and mouse, but it will help you in making a perfect setup. The ultimate aim is to match the level of your eyes and screens.

If your setup supports it then the best practice is doing an alternative of sitting and standing while working. There are specific desks and tables available with elevation facility. They do not cost a fortune and one can afford it easily.

There is always the traditional method for saving costs. To attain the required height you can pile up books or something similar. Our personal recommendation will be to create a set up with desks if you really intend to work for the long term.

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5. Block out Distractions

Distractions are inevitable when you decided to work from home as a full-time WordPress freelancer. You would want to check social media or news before you just start working.

If you find something interesting you will look for other applications or websites that have different stories. You might want to look for people’s opinions or read about the reviews of newly released gadgets.

You sit down for working and then just realize that you have passed thirty minutes on some silly article. Even if you have decent will power sometimes you are going to stuck in this situation.

There are times when the work is a little boring and you do not intend to start immediately.

The only way to win this battle against distraction is a firm will. You must not allow yourself to play with it. You can also rely on certain applications that will block your access to particular websites/applications at the desired time.

This will be like setting up a personal firewall for attaining productivity.

Depending upon an individual’s taste and human psychology distractions are bound to occur. But, fighting it out with practice and sheer will is the easiest way out.

6. Keep your body fit

Following the above tips will help you achieve the productivity wall at a gradual pace. But sometimes things will start to feel incomplete.

Exercising is the key to overcoming it. It can be a simple exercise like going for a short walk or skipping the ropes. Whatever is permissible in your region and the ones that can make up feel lively should be done.

Basic stretching and mobility keep you healthy physically and mentally. Hence, this is highly recommended for WordPress freelancers. Exercising makes you healthy and hence your body feels better when you start working.

Avoiding exercise can lead to problems like back pain and contraction of certain muscles. This also depends upon your age and another routine, but overall, exercising helps.

Irrespective of the fact whether you are happy to work from home or not, you have to make the most of this time. We hope you are safe and the above tips help you in making your freelancing journey productive.

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