Free WordPress Apps Every Entrepreneurs Should be Using Daily

Free WordPress Apps Every Entrepreneurs Should be Using Daily

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to find the best free apps for entrepreneurs and business specialists to simplify your workload? In this article, we have jotted down the best free apps and tools you can use and keep your to do list always completed and done, as well as boost your productivity in the strategic line.

As an entrepreneur, you bear the main responsibility of taking your business in the right direction with as little financial means as possible.

While there are thousands of marketing agencies and private consultants ready to take your business to new heights, sometimes it’s more reasonable to try some of the best free apps for entrepreneurs to keep your business affairs organized, your team and staff well communicated, and your money in your pocket.

Particularly, if you are a self starter in the whirlpool of the modern business world, you need to come with your own working territory and handy toolbox at your leisure so that you can clearly know where to focus your endeavor and energy.

And although sometimes it seems that you can never have enough time and energy to meet the long list of business demands and objectives, here are some of the best free apps for entrepreneurs to prove you are wrong if you think so

Google Analytics:

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Turn your business insights into revenue and profit by the assistance of Google Analytics. This system is well formatted to provide you with valuable information on your website’s performance, its users, traffic and much more.

It means that your business website and platform will be always under your surveillance so that you can make amendments and improvements in your workload.

Any private entrepreneur, seasoned boss or a businessman, who wants to expand his working borders in the online spectrum, should never forget about the importance of using this service.


Keep your business life and work balanced with the help of Taskworld. It is one of the best free apps for entrepreneurs who may need a kind of reliable virtual platform to use at every stage of the growing business.

If you have team members running around graphs and projects, this app can be irreplaceable tool for your virtual task management.

Created to facilitate the cooperation and collaboration, this virtual platform also grants you with boundless opportunities to see and measure the progress of your specific projects and tasks, assign tasks to your workers, share files and much more.


The next easy tool to keep track of your small business is called Boomerang. It is one of the best free apps for entrepreneurs ready made to write your productivity and profitability scenario for free.

All in all, Boomerang is one of the email magic tools one can have at his disposal and schedule emails and messages and send them whenever needed. This app offers plugin solutions for Gmail, Outlook and Android.

The philosophy behind this software is to encourage its users to be more brave and productive in email marketing, send effective messages to the clients on time and make the mutually beneficial communication with the audience a top priority.

Armor Text:

Armor Text can be the heavy artillery of your arsenal when it comes to protecting your messages from any third party access and keeping your file safe. It is one of the world class and free apps for entrepreneurs and other business spectrum representatives to have a full management and governance over their valuable and sensitive data.

You can use both desktop and mobile devices to send and receive secure messages and even disable the messaging functionality for specific devices and mobiles (for example, if they are accidentally accessed by any incompetent person or are stolen).

Google Drive:

Google Drive can be the safest virtual destination for all your important files and documents, photos and images. Currently, Google Drive offers you 15GB free storage, however, you can purchase a larger one depending on your business needs.

Basically, it celebrates one of the easiest ways to share large files with your team members and partners very quickly. Additionally, you can access your stored files from any corner of the world without additional tools and USBs. You can even access them via your smartphone, since the mobile application is also available.


Obie is a convenient tool among the best free apps for entrepreneurs to bring the artificial intelligence into action and contribute to the knowledge building processes of your team or staff.

It’s also a useful tool for recruitment and trainings to be organized at one place without any hustle and bustle so that you can save tons of time and direct your efforts on other business tasks.

Keep your team always on top of its performance, improve the qualitative indications of your team members and keep them focused on productive working with this amazing app.

WordPress App

If you are using WordPress on the basis of your website or a blog, then installing and using the WordPress app is one of the wisest decisions you can ever make. Find the relevant app for your mobile device and keep the track of all the important WordPress blog updates, be notified whenever someone leaves a comment on your blog, etc.

This app is especially convenient for the entrepreneurs who don’t have access to PC to be informed about their WordPress blogs and sites while traveling or being on vacation.

Create and manage different projects, share shopping lists with partners, set up reminders for the most important events and to dos while on the go, since this software functions well with all kinds of major devices, including Android, Android Tablet, IPhone, IPad, Windows Phone, etc.

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