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WordPress Website:
When it comes about Content Management System (CMS), WordPress holds the stats as outright leader. Free and uses 30% of the Internet, contains numerous amount of plugins and themes with its open-source in nature.

The best part about WordPress is its designing factor for everyone, not just only for developers. All one need is a WordPress free Web Hosting for getting started.

  • WordPress is just perfect for any types of Websites.
  • WordPress is so simple and easy to learn.
  • WordPress is a gift everywhere you see.
  • One can have greater access to the server host.
  • WordPress allows integrations of its site from other e-commerce sites.
  • One can own the site and all of its data easily.

Free Web Hosting for WordPress website and blog helps you to get great features and functions on a big amount for free.

With free hosting one can come to know about the global reach and experience the WordPress site. Though it is difficult to choose a perfect free web hosting for any of the WordPress Website and blog.

The majority of the beginners want in the first place free hosting to learn WordPress itself and try different things with new and distinctive things.

Free Web Hosting for WordPress Website and blog

Free hosting is, in this way, the perfect decision for you to start blogging with at the least expensive expenses and would likewise enable you to learn WordPress proficiently.

Here have been enrolled for you an accumulation of the best free web hostings for WordPress website and blog. There are totally free of expense thus nothing prevents you from attempting every one of them:

Top free Web Hosting Providers 2021

Is free web hosting a good option? Free is always good, but this may not worth it for the long period. If you are a beginner then I must recommend you to test your website by choosing the best free web hosting server.

In 95% of the cases, people prefer to choose a cheap website hosting plan, but when you get Addicted to those premium plans you are suggested to buy the premium membership because free plans give you Limited things but in the premium plan, you will get unlimited benefits.

But, yes! If you are in a hurry and want to test the skills, you can choose from the best free web hosting providers.

With hundreds of free web hosting services, you have to choose the particular one that fits your business requirements. Here, we have listed down the best free web hosting servers, so choose the best.

Infinity Free

Infinity Free

Infinity free is one of the best free web hosting servers powered by a Fast Network. It provides various benefits such as free sub domains, 40 applications including WordPress com, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, 400 SQL database, and knowledge base support.

When you use Infinity free over WordPress, the service won’t charge you anything. This hosting does not offer domain registration, so you have to choose another way to register the doorman. Once the site is published your visitor won’t see the ads.


  • Provide unlimited use of data
  • Offer 24/7 customer support
  • Give best user-experience with no ads


  • Your website can hit 50k hits a day only.



000WebHost is yet another best free web hosting server you can choose to create your outstanding website. It is one of the very best web hosts that give the ability to host your website while paying nothing.

It is generally a free web hosting server that provides many services for free. In this, you do no pay through a credit card or set the payment options.

You are more likely to choose and grow with the free plan. You can also gee cheap plans from the hosting, but it is one of the featured hosting plans that comes with various features.


  • Give free plans
  • One MySQL data
  • Forum
  • 3 GB bandwidth


  • No sub domains
  • No customer support

Google Cloud Hosting

Google Cloud Hosting

Google cloud hosting services are given by Google Cloud that has everything from blogs to create dynamic websites. It can be used by anyone.

It’s a free plan lasts for one year or until you have not used up your $300 credit. After this, you will have to pay for the resources and the premium features you need to use.


  • Can create one website
  • Provide unlimited storage
  • Give expert customer support with documentation


  • The free plan is valid for one year only



ByetHost is also the best free web hosting server you can choose for creating your fantastic website. It is the child product of the British provided by fast net.

It provides free shared hosting as well as premium hosting solutions including, VPS email hosting, dedicated servers, domain registration, and other features that help to manage your website by using a human-friendly and best web page interface.


  • Include sub domain
  • Provide 5 GB disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 customer support


  • No windows Operating system



HyperPHP is yet another best free web hosting service provided by iFastNet. Under this plan, you will get 1GB disk space free, sub-domains, my SQL database, and free tech support with community forums.

In just a couple of days, you will create your easy and fast website, which can also provide free domain transfer. This also provides you automatic script installer, which you can easily access through the vista panel.

It is 4-year-old hosting server provider that has the highest Global traffic rank on Alexa. It is also the best application you can choose for creating your fantastic website.


  • Free customer support
  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited database
  • Easy softaculous script installer
  • Self-signed SSL security


  • No sub domains



The free web hosting area is also the cheapest best free web hosting server, you can choose to create a website.

This provides traffic and free web space for domains and the sub domains with PHP, MySQL database, and fast SSD drives. This hosting area was first introduced in 2005 and has been doing great for the website owners for a long.

The service has provided long database coverage and powered by Maria DB and daily backups. But in the feature, there were no ads for new sites that mean this did not place the ads on your website.

If your website gains a lot of visitors, you will stop with free rides and you have to upgrade the plan.


  • Provide 1.5 GB disk space
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Email support
  • MSSQL database


  • No ads will display on the site
  • Provide limited reach to the audience



FreeHosting is best free hosting plan that offers standard features set to the users such as 10 GB of storage, email account, multilingual C panel, and unmetered bandwidth and traffic. Right now, it is a very popular hosting provider because it has been in the market for 10 years.

If your site required special features, you can easily add on by giving one time increment in your hosting plans and the rest remains free. The difference between the free and paid hosting plan is zero- $ 7.99 per month.

In the premium plans, you will get various kinds of options that can improve your User experience and give the fastest server response, multi-site hosting, web standards, increase PHP execution time, automated backups, and large upload size.


  • Create one website
  • Give 10 GB disk space
  • Unmetered bandwidth and traffic
  • Ticket support system
  • MySQL database


  • No sub domains
  • For best features, you need to buy a premium membership

WordPress is the best free WordPress platform that you can discover. Since dissimilar to, here the site deals with all the hostings for you.

You don’t need to purchase any product or pay for hostings or even deal with a web server. In this way, making it the ideal spot to begin on the off chance that you are an interesting blogger.

There are pros and cons to Let’s have a look;


  • There is no need of downloading any software or installer.
  • Thousands of customizing themes were available.


  • One cannot build a membership website.



As the name says it, X10hosting is a wonderful WordPress free cloud hosting service provider n for your WordPress that has multiple times better services contrasted with most services out there.

With 100 percent axenic cloud SSD servers power-driven by just first class endeavor equipment, this is a marvelous complete hosting package that deals with all your hosting needs.

What’s more, is that you additionally deal with the record alongside the most current versions of PHP, MySQL just as cPanel. It is additionally simple to introduce with they are a single tick web establishment programming.

Also, making the ideal webpage is simple as ever with their easy to understand web designer! X10hosting is a user-friendly and flexible aspect of web hosting. It has full power over PHP scripts.



When we talk about free web hosting for WordPress websites and blogs another name come up Freehostia. Freehostia is one click demo importer for easy access. It offers an advanced level of security.

It is easy to switch for premium versions. Freehostia provides 24/7 support services to its customers, clients, users.

Simple to use and easy to install with extraordinary highlights with a scope of disk space and bandwidth speed, this is one more incredible choice to begin on the web.

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The AwardSpace is another great featured free web hosting for WordPress websites and blogs. AwardSpace provides a great range of bandwidth and disk space.

Also, this free hosting provides spam, bugs, virus protection to the online environment. AwardSpace is 100% ad-free environment. One click demo installer hosting.

Another amazing thing about this hosting organization is that they give 99.9% assurance for network uptime which makes this a standout amongst the most solid and speed advanced has out there.


Lighting quick and with ground-breaking security alternatives, WPNode is one more incredible free hosting service that we prescribe to our clients. No advertisements, no agreement, and the best part about it are there are no strict approaches to pursue.

With boundless WordPress site hosting and high SSD storage room, there are definitely no second thoughts in the event that you attempt this service out.

This as well as accompanies pre-designed W3 Total Cache plugin to make it simpler for you! WPNode offers limitless WordPress sites, oceanic data transfer, beardown security options, accelerated speed, full control over PHP database and many more.

Some other options you can try for ” Free Web Hosting for WordPress Website and blog”:

Why and When you’ll pay for Web hosting for WordPress:

Yes, there are ways when someone gets bad services from free hosting then at that time I would like to suggest to go for the paid one or have another hosting website.

It depends upon your URL site, whether it is comfortable with any of the free hosting or not. When you are satisfied with the services provided to you by free hosting is sufficient then at the time one can have free hosting for their WordPress websites and blogs.

You should know that free WordPress hosting would just enable you to figure out how to utilize WordPress and other related things like themes, plugins just as adjusting your own blog or site and highlights.

Else, it is encouraged to you to dependably utilize a paid premium WordPress hosting from an organization or company that has just been known for its notoriety and quality.

This would make your blog or site run easily, proficiently and securely. Additionally, you ought to never have your high traffic site on these free hosting since they can suspend your record whenever with no alerts or reasons.

So with premium WordPress hosting one might get more and a better option further but trying and having these above discussed free hosting for WordPress websites and blogs one can create and set up their site easily and efficaciously.

The services provided by the free hosting have awesome customer support which will help you out. With their services and features, one can have a better WordPress website, themes, and blogs.

These free hostings are user-friendly, not made available just for the developers, also, new users or beginners can too have it and can make use of it.

So with this, free web hosting for WordPress website and blog features you and helps you out for making a better option.

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