Tips and Tricks for Favicon Design You Must Use for WordPress Website

The iconic representation of a website can be termed as Favicons. If you carefully look at the address bar you can easily spot them. However, they are also visible on the list of bookmarks and feed aggregators as well.

Favicon design is a must because they are an essential element for your website. But, most people do not pay adequate attention to it. They are missed out during the designing process because they are generally minimal. See how to add favicon in your site.

These are extremely useful for identification when a user has multiple tabs open on a browser. Hence, it plays a crucial role in setting apart your site from the cluster of sites that a user is accessing simultaneously. In this short read, we have included important tips and tricks focusing on certain aspects that can help you.

Space Utilization

There isn’t too much, to begin with when it comes to utilizing the space wisely. Across all browsers, its ideal size is only 16px. Hence, by optimum utilization of space, a bright and attractive design should be created. Significant management in the logo is essential to downsize it.

Browser Compatibility

Every web browser functions upon unique requirements. This important factor is usually overlooked or skipped in a favicon design. Depending upon the browser of the users the background can vary from black, white, and grey.

Favicon design

In fact, the background can be of any color depending upon the theme. Therefore it is essential to be prepared and thorough with it.

Cross Browser Compatibility
The selection of colors should be done keeping in mind all these factors. After completion of the project ensures that the file is stored in PNG format. If required other formats like GIF, SVG, and JGP can also work, but the outcome cannot be determined.

Therefore using a PNG format is the best and the safest option. Microsoft ICO format can be used as a cautious measure which must work great across all browsers.


As long as the browsing session is in progress, favicons are visible all the time to an individual. With multiple tabs coming up as a major upgrade in the browsers, uniqueness has become an essential factor. In such cases, a well-designed favicon can grab the attention of the users.

This will indirectly increase the chance of making a switch to your website. They are visible all the time until the site is open and hence has a strong presence. Therefore a noticeable and unique work is tough to go unnoticed.

There are various methods of doing it. The first method can be by smartly using colors to make it look attractive in a manner that stands out distinctly. But this might be tough to work out if your brand is a corporate or has a different set of identities.

A favicon design must mandatorily complement the brand aesthetics and site layout. Another method can be using various shapes and styles. If there is an irregularity in the shape it is bound to catch attention in the right manner.

Consider the Size Options

WXR Splitter maximum size
We already discussed in the first segment that a 16px size is an ideal way out. But considering the other purposes having it saved in other sizes is also crucial. If the original file is saved in ICO format, then one can conveniently create multiple sizes under a single file.

Therefore it is recommended to include 32 by 32 and 48 by 48-pixel version along with the standard 16 by 16-pixel version. Sometimes the bookmarks are dragged to the desktop by users. The favicon with the standard size will look pixilated and blur.

However, if you have other versions available it would look clear and neat. If you are working on sizes you can create a version for all the sizes i.e. 16, 32, 48, 64, and 128.


Monochrome is not a new concept. Yet, many designers do not experiment with it for favicon design. Using the monochromatic color scheme for small-scale designs is one of the best options. The essential thing to consider before applying a monochrome is brand identity and message.

Any wrong message or brand retardation must not take place because of its use. If colors do not make much of a difference then it will a fantastic idea to experiment with monochrome.

The ideal method can be to initially design a logo in monochrome. If that suits what you are looking for then it is good to go. If not then you always have an option to add the desired colors to it. This will let you know in detail the roles of relevance characters and their impact on the icon.

Create a Sketch

Sketching out ideas on paper at the initial stage should be the ideal practice for a good design. This can be for an icon or a logo. It must not mandatorily be the final version which is flawless. Sketching acts as a guide and helps in creating efficient impactful designs.

Compared to a digital copy it gives an individual more freedom with erasing, editing, curves, and lines. Also with a basic outline for the project, it becomes easy to create the final digital copy. This can also save considerable time and effort in experimenting with the wrong shapes and styles digitally.


Apart from complementing the brand identity and aesthetics, a logo should add more value to it. This actually helps in creating a positive synergy with the customers which helps them in connecting with the brand. Favicon design is no exception and must do justice to your brand just as the logo does.

It should also be relevant to the industry that your firm is a part of. Using out of industry elements for it will not make any sense. Therefore it is recommended to have a direct and easy to derive the relation between the brand and the favicon.

The services you offer, the industry you are related to, and the approach to the niche must be comprehended by any visitor from the design. Hence, consistency and accuracy are inevitable qualities required for planning, designing, and applying a favicon.

We hope you will gradually master this art by following the above tips in all your projects.

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