The Ultimate Guide to Finding Expert WordPress Developers

Expert WordPress Developers

Over the years, WordPress has proved itself as an extremely versatile and flexible E-commerce opportunity for all the business owners that either has its online store or wish to revamp the e-commerce store they already have.

The platform not only offers security, but it also provides scalable features, which are the requirement of all the business owners around.

These features are also customizable, which fulfill the developer’s needs as well. All summed up, WordPress generally provides the basic as well as the advanced features that are necessary for having a complete online store.

Listing the reasons why WordPress is one of the best and most suitable platforms for e-commerce is really easy, and I could continue discussing it. However, the topic of our discussion here is certainly not it.

What we need to discuss here is how to find expert WordPress Developers who will help you set up your very own online e-commerce store.

What we will look for are factors that help us decide what company is the best in e-commerce website design and development when it comes to using WordPress technology.

The ultimate guide to finding expert WordPress Developers

You can most certainly be sure that any website that is developed by WordPress, which gives a reasonably good user experience (UX) and have excellent content is sure to succeed.

The continuing success will of your online business only come from constant updates and how you make your site more advanced using the latest trends and technology. However, the first step is to find the developers. Here are 10 points to guide you in finding expert WordPress developers.

company experience

1. Try to check the company’s experience :
Knowledge and experience are two key factors that need to be considered if you want to know whether the company will deliver what you are desiring or not.

It could give you a good insight into their experience if you check their past works, including the e-commerce websites they have developed especially those on the WordPress platform. Moreover, you can ask them about how they handle technical issues and troubleshooting. Also, you need to check if their WordPress team delivers work on time.

2. Check their online reviews :
To get a fair idea of what their past clients thought of them, you can go ahead and check their online reviews for the company and can also take a look at their general ratings. Clutch is a beautiful place to do so.

3. Get access to their trained professionals for WordPress :
An established and experienced WordPress development company will have a team for WordPress developers at all levels.

If you have engaged with a company of that sort, then get access to their team so that you could learn more about them. The company will spend on training their team and getting them to know the latest trends and update themselves.

4. Get to know their turnaround time :
When finding expert WordPress developers, you need to know that not only is delivering the site on time and in the budget the responsibility of a developer group but it is also their responsibility to check for technical issues that arise.

You need to know which company manages the setbacks in the best possible way and in time as per clients requirements. The company must have prior experience in dealing with these issues.

5. Take a look at the company’s portfolio :
One of the great ways to assess a company’s capability is to check its portfolio. It helps you understand their styles, their layouts, and also their overall caliber. You get a fair idea of how the company can work with you own your requirements and meet your goals.

6. Ask about the methodology they follow for communication :
A good company will always listen to the feedback of their clients and incorporate it into their next projects.

Does your chosen company do that? Ask yourself because your developers should have excellent communication with the clients regarding time and clarify their policies beforehand. Also, the team should be ready to take feedback from clients if there happen to be any delays.

methodology communication

7. Inquire about the weight they give to security :
One thing that e-commerce businesses have to deal with is vulnerabilities and security breaches. Cybercrime is a hot issue these days with criminals just waiting for any opportunity they get.

Any loophole left in the security can have poor results. You need to discuss with the developers how they are set to fight this by working on security. Ask them their tactics and ways to ensure safety. You can ask the FTP protocol they would use or how they would incorporate the latest version, about SQL firewall setup, etc.

8. Assess the focus they have on quality :
One crucial factor you need to consider when you are finding expert WordPress developers is
How much attention is put in the testing team?

For any software or application development, testing is a critical factor that needs to be given consideration. Make sure that the company’s QA team is knowledgeable and qualified. They should have an intense testing process.

9. Ask about their post developmental support :
After the platform is launched, there will still be a need for help to fix bugs and issues that arise from time to time. This is necessary for the addition of new services and latest features, better execution of online stores, and the integration of third-party software.

10. Ask about pricing :
Prices and budgeting might be one of the most critical factors. You need to know what it would cost you not only to develop the site but also to add additional features and models.

Make sure you don’t have to cut down on quality due to the price factor. The company should be completely clear about their pricing policy with no hidden rules and factors that could cause problems later on.

Conclusion :
WordPress is a fantastic platform to create e-commerce websites. Make sure to use the above guide to find expert WordPress developers and create a stunning e-commerce site for your business!

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