Elements to Improve the Interactivity of Your WordPress Posts

WordPress was initially designed as a blog-publishing system, but with time, has added numerous other features, including forums, mailing lists, marketplaces, and media galleries. Nowadays, there are around 455 million WordPress blogs and websites, and the number continues to grow.

That is why bloggers, editors, project managers, and enterprises are searching for ways to stand the competition and improve their marketing campaigns. One of them is interactive content that was a real hit of the previous years. And it will surely continue generating traffic in 2022.

In this article, we are going to discuss the six most popular and effective elements that you should add to your WordPress posts asap.

Interactive content definition

Interactive content is content that requires the readers or viewers to engage with the post. It suggests active participation of both sides, which has lots of positive effects on your blog. For example:

  • User attraction:
  • Most marketers agree that interaction posts are more effective than static ones and make users stay on the website for longer. The formula is simple – users interact with the content, which leads to higher engagement.

    Elements to Improve the Interactivity

  • Lead generation:
  • The elements we are going to discuss below create real value for the audience, which generates leads. Users don’t mind sharing emails and personal information if they get something valuable in return.

  • Lead nurturing:
  • The process of building long-lasting relationships with your customers is rather difficult. But with the help of personalized and interactive posts, it is much simpler to build trust and boost brand awareness.

  • Visual attractiveness:
  • Every content editor knows how important blog appearance is. Replace plain texts with videos and infographics, and you’ll see how your blog will transform.

Types of interactive content

There are numerous ways you can make your blog engaging, but below, we want to share the six most powerful tools that are already tested and approved by marketers and bloggers: interactive videos, calculators, quizzes, infographics, questionnaires, and webinars.

Interactive videos

Online videos have long become the most favorite type of content. They are informative, interesting, and dynamic. But you can go one step further and make these videos interactive. Just imagine how surprised your viewers will get from being able to interact with the video!

For example, your videos may offer filling blank spaces and answering multiple-choice questions. If you create educational videos, interactive elements can contribute to remembering new terms and information quicker and easier. Shopping videos or those with recipes can end with checkboxes that viewers can mark.

But before you post videos, make sure that they look good and professional. We recommend using an online video editor that will turn any beginner into a pro.


Another way to make your WordPress website more engaging is by adding calculators. Users want to know exactly how much they are going to spend, so give them such an opportunity. Depending on your product or service type, the calculator may show how to earn money, plan a budget, or save funds.

Along with the calculator, add useful materials that explain the value of your product and show how users may benefit from it. Along with themes for professionals, calculators, and other interactive elements, show that you are an expert in the niche and can be trusted.


Do you remember the times when we completed tests from magazines? Everyone and their dog liked these fun and simple ways of learning more about themselves and others.

And this instrument becomes very useful for bloggers. Add live polls and colorful quizzes to your WordPress blog, and you’ll see how the time that visitors spend on your website increases.

To create quizzes, use simple language, short and clear sentences, and provide not only entertainment but use as well. You can also reward visitors with virtual points or gifts for taking tests.


Questionnaires are similar to online polls and quizzes, but as a rule, their content is more detailed and the language – more serious.

The main goal of questionnaires is to bring use and not to entertain. For example, to identify the needs, choose the best option, and so on. Such surveys help customers to pick the right item based on their goals and budget or decide what online course to take.

If you provide marketing services, land a questionnaire with basic strategic questions and help companies establish their needs. When the questions are answered, don’t forget to provide recommendations and useful information.


You probably know that infographics are a great way to render information and allow viewers to master it. However, what you might not know is that infographics can be interactive as well. Simply use interactivity elements with existing content and make users participate in the process.

For example, clickable charts, drop-down menus, live stats, and so on. With their help, you can create appealing and professional content and increase user engagement in no time.


One of the best ways to provide users with an immersive experience is through webinars. This is a rather popular video format that engages customers and creates interaction. To boost engagement, choose on-demand webinars and not live streams, as they can be watched at any time.

In addition, you can host webinars of the highest quality, thanks to previously polished content. And the viewers can ask questions in the comment section or through email.

For example, WebinarPress is a WordPress plugin that allows adding webinars from YouTube or other websites to your blog. Use shortcodes to style the registration page and place the forms across the website. The only issue is that for previously recorded webinars, you’ll need a Pro package.

A few useful tips

The interactive elements above are all that is needed for creating engaging content. However, there are several other tricks and tips that you can add to your arsenal. For example:

  • Including board games:
  • Including board games and flashcards boosts interaction, increases engagement, and elevates the number of time visitors spend on your website.

  • Using image maps:
  • They are not only fun and interactive but can become a great source of information for the user. When they move the cursor over a certain picture, a window with detailed information pops up.

  • Adding gamification:
  • We all love games and features like leaderboards, loyalty rewards, and virtual currencies. These gamification elements are easy to implement using WordPress plugins.

  • Asking for feedback:
  • Most users don’t have time to leave comments. But to collect feedback, you can ask for rating the content with stars or emoticons. This boosts interaction, adds interactivity, and can become an additional source of analytical data.

Closing thoughts

WordPress is a great option for bloggers who don’t want to invest much time and money into building a website from scratch. Using numerous plugins, they can create a site icon, add comment sections and interactive elements discussed above.

With these simple but effective instruments, you will surely achieve outstanding results not depending on your goals.

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