How to Create a Site Icon for Your WordPress Website

Most of the branding or marketing experts love to share their thoughts on visibility. In simple, you can say that the user elements used in your website must reflect your thoughts. The task of site icon creation must never be considered for your WordPress website.

But now the task of site icon creation and upload to your WordPress website is easier. However, there are so many different methods to simplify this task

On the internet, you will find a number of ways to make this task possible with minimum budget, expertise, and time.

In this blog, we will learn few methods to design a site icon for your WordPress website. First of all, get familiar that why you do need to create a site icon for WordPress. Along with this, we will learn about few facts that you need to consider while creating a site icon.

What do you mean by Site Icon and why it is important to have it on your WordPress website?

You might have seen site icons so many times. But you haven’t yet recognized that this is the site icon. The fact is right now also you are able to see the site icon at the top left-hand side of your browser window.

The site icons are considered as a crucial small icon that displays in search engine result pages or next to the page tab on your browser.

However, you can create your own site icons that specify your brand.

Create a Site Icon for Your WordPress

When we talk about the branding of your website then it is important that your website should be able to impress your visitors at the very first glance.

A new customer will be able to trust your brand if it looks great and professional. And a site icon can help you to achieve trust and impress your visitors at first impression only.

Actually, not a complete branding strategy will depend on how your site icon will look like. However, if you’re potential users are browsing your website for a longer time it will leave a positive impact as well as will enhance the visibility of a website.

3 simple steps to create a site icon of your website

In this task, the two different scenarios have involved need to be considered. The first is that you need to build a site icon. Then you will have to upload the created site icon to your WordPress website.

The three basic steps to create a site icon for WordPress are

  • Select a right icon size
  • While designing a site icon, follow some optimal practices
  • For the job, choose a perfect tool

After this we will learn some basic three steps to upload the icon:

  • Make use of premade functionality of WordPress
  • To upload icon, use plugin
  • To upload site icons, write a code

Now let us see all these steps in details

Step 1: For your site icon select the right size

The most important thing is the size of your site icon. Yes, it is true that the size of such files is actually small but you need to check out various dimensions that involved in this icon. This is important to consider because every platform has different site icon’s requirements.

You will find that some of the browsers support 32*32 pixels .ico file. This size of icon size is known to be standard size.

But in practice, you must use .png file which has the size 512* 512-pixel size. Mostly the .png file is used because almost every default browser has this size for the site icon.

Step 2: Make sure you are making use of optimal practices for the design of your site icon

Rather than choosing a simple option, we would suggest you focus on optimal branding and work on custom site icons rather.

Using your existing logo you cannot brand your website. However, you will need to follow some trends to create a site icon for WordPress.

  • Choose one or two simple colors for your site icon to make sure it looks consistent and is clearly visible.
  • Minimize your logo
  • Make use of some brightness to focus on the main aspects of your site’s icon.

Let see an example of the real world. Check out the site icon of SKT Themes. It makes use of orange color that provides high contrast and focuses more on the logo of its website.

This is all you require. Along with the branding of another element, it provides consistency and visibility and makes sure it is visible on the browser screens tab.

Step 3: to create your site icon choose a correct tool

Once you have finalized the size and design of your site’s icon to create it the next step would be to choose a correct tool. As we mentioned above that you will find a number of ways to create a site icon for WordPress on WordPress.

But if you know how to use CANVA then you have the most ideal way for creating a site icon. You will find some more alternative options to CANVA. one of the best alternatives is designBold .

Another alternative to creating a text-only site icon very quickly is This tool will also help you to download site icons of different sizes.

Do not forget that it is important to save your site icon between 8- or 24- bit nontransparent .PNG file. This is the most optimal format. However, will help you in making this possible.

3 various methods to upload site icon on your website are:

In WordPress, you will find different methods of uploading site icons. Below you will find the best suitable way of uploading site icons.

1. Make use of the inbuilt functionality of WordPress

WordPress provides the best possible way and the easiest way to upload the site icon on your WordPress website
If you are looking for the simplest and quickest approach then you must choose this option.

Step 1: In WordPress access your website’s identity screen

For this, you will first need to log into WordPress through the WordPress dashboard. Now go to the theme options panel. The premium theme consists of so many options.

Consider an example that you are going with the WordPress default themes then you need to go to appearance then click on customize the click on-site identity screen of the customizer.

Once you have done now you need to move towards another step

Step 2: choose your site icon

Now check out another section i.e. site identity to select the site icon.

Click on ‘select site icon’ and upload the file. Make sure you are adding the ‘alt text’ for enhancing accessibility.

Step 3: on the front end, check your site icon

Now, on your website check the front end, to know if the site icon was uploaded on your website successfully or not. You will find that a large preview of the existing site icon will be offered by WordPress within a browser mockup.

However, you must check out that how your site icon looks like or render in the web browsers. This is the most important factor that must consider.

2. Add WordPress plugin

For a beginner or a non-technical person, the best go-to solution to uploading a site icon is to integrate a WordPress plugin. The customer who uses WordPress sites gets the access to build-in customizer option.

If you have particular requirements for your WordPress site icon then we would suggest this approach else you must upload the site icon with the help of the theme’s option.

Step1: Select a plugin that is suitable

One of the best plugins that we would like to suggest is Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator
Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator

download button

One of the most popular websites that helps you to generate favicon is However, the Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator is a popular plugin version of

This plugin will generate different site icons just from a single image and the site icon will be stored in the media library.

Step2: Upload a full-sized site icon

Once you have installed and activated the plugin next step will be to login to the WordPress dashboard and click on appearance and click on favicon panel. Here you will find lots of customization options that will feel uncomplicated.

You will find some confusing words but don’t worry you just need to upload the file from the media library. Here you need to add alt text do not forget to add it.

Now to get started click on the blue button that says ‘generate favicon’ and now jumps to another step.

Step 3: Download the site icons

Once you uploaded the file the plugin will start generating the site icons. You will find that the plugin will convert the version of the developer’s site to the web app version. Here you will find site icons of the different sites for various dimensions and platforms.

From here you can select some of platform-specific options that belong to the presentation of your site icons and design.

Now you need to click on ‘generate your favicons and HTML code’. Now you will find that how magically your plugin will start working.

You will now find the option for a preview of your site icons in the WordPress dashboard.

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3. To display your site icon, work with code

The very last step that we would like to suggest is basically an outdated solution for average users. But you can make use of code to showcase the site icon to fulfill every type of requirement. This option is also a better alternative if you are building a custom theme.

Step 1: Using file transfer protocol you can access your WordPress website’s server

To follow this approach you will need to have access to the server via FTP. Plus you will need some basic knowledge of coding because we will be working on WordPress’s core files we recommend you use a child theme.

You can log in to the server, once you have access to all this stuff. You can get access to your credential via the hosting control panel.

If you are wondering that where you can find all these credentials then you can connect with the host’s support channels.

Step 2: To your WordPress website, upload the site icon

When you log in to the server, you will be shown the directory list of your website by FTP client.

Here upload the site icon file to the root directory and primary theme’s folder of your website.

Now you are almost done. Now the last step is to code your site icon in WordPress.

Step 3: To your WordPress’s header, add the code

This is the final step and it’s the final time you will be login to the WordPress dashboard. Now go to the appearance then click on the theme editor page:

One warning dialog popup will be generated when you try to access the page. Before clicking on I understand to make sure you have read out all the content.

Now the code will be shown that can be edited easily. Here select the theme from the drag drop menu options. Now here search for the line of code that says

Now the code that is mentioned below add it between



<link rel="shortcut icon" href="<?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); ?>/favicon.ico" />

Now click on update file button.

The basic steps to create a site icon for WordPress are mentioned in this blog.

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