Digital Product Selling WordPress Themes are Just What You Need to Set Up an Online store

Digital Product Selling WordPress themes

If you are running a shop, and are wondering about the fact that your business has hit rock bottom, it could have something to do with the fact that you do not yet have an online presence.

Recent studies have highlighted the fact that most businesses have an online presence in one format or the other and more importantly, most of their customers, a whopping 85% on an average, are online customers rather than the retail crowd.

So if you want to boost your business, then the first thing that you need to do is to choose the appropriate platform and theme to get you started.

As for the platform, you may want to go ahead with WordPress rather than any other for the simple reason that it is one of the top ranked platforms and nothing comes close to beating it when it comes to flexibility and adaptability.

Now, all that’s left is for you to choose from our vetted collection of digital product selling WordPress themes.

The digital product selling WordPress themes have been specifically designed for online shops, portals and are designed in a way that enables customers to navigate to the right category, product and to make the purchase online.

Just check through some of the top ranking themes listed below, see which one makes the cut, and install the same, at the earliest.

SKT Software Pro

SKT Software


SKT Launch Pro

Launch Pro


The App PRO

The App Pro


Blog and Shop

blog shop wordPress themes


When it comes to digital product selling WordPress themes, this one ranks right amongst the top ten and with good reason.

The theme is responsive and completely scalable and that’s just the start; it has been tested and has passed the Google mobile friendly test and if that’s not enough, it also comes packed with widgets and tools that’s designed to provide your website with advanced functionality.

The point is that the online medium, irrespective of what products and services you offer, is a heavily saturated field and you need that extra “oomph” to stand out.

That’s why you need to take a closer look at this theme as it ca make the same happen; it comes with multiple search options, thereby making it easier for your customers to search for specific products and even track orders.

Apart from that, the theme is completely customizable and comes with PO file, so it’s translation ready. And as the theme supports third party plugins, you can use plugins like WPML and qTranslate X to auto translate your content and market your products to a wider audience.

The theme comes with a price tag of $48 and with all the tools, widgets that it comes with; the price is a real bargain.

IT Solution

It Solution WordPress Theme


Whether you are setting up a sports portal, with the main focus on selling sportswear and memorabilia online, then you would definitely need to take a closer look at one of the high ranking digital product selling WordPress themes.

This theme comes with a rather simplistic design and a grungy background but as it is fully customizable, you can change it as per your preference.

Moreover, the theme also comes with drop down menu, and intelligent navigation so your users should be able to navigate the site with ease.

The theme supports third party plugins and comes with more widgets than you can shake a stick at – as a result, you should be able to provide your customers with better customer service as well as advanced functionality.

This should result in better user experience as well as better ratings on SERPS. Moreover, the theme also comes with customizable header, footer, sidebars and you can use the same for CTA features which should come handy.

With this theme, you should be able to customize your website from top down and get better traction online thanks to its advanced functionality; it also comes with a price tag of $48 only and that’s a real bargain.

Black White

black and white WordPress theme


As one of the top ranking digital product selling WordPress themes, this theme should be your top pick when it comes to setting up an online shop.

The theme is a multi-purpose one and you can use it to set up a website for any business niche. And the overall design is neat, and comes with a black and white layout along with drop down menus.

You can utilize the white space strategically to direct the visitor’s attention to CTA’s on the front page. The theme is also completely customizable, and comes with color picker as well as full documentation, so you can change and customize any page element with ease.

The one thing that most customers want is instant access and as this theme supports third party plugins and has been tested for the same, you can install a few cache plugins to ensure that all your pages load fast with zero lag time.

It is also translation ready which means that you can use the theme with translation specific plugins, and even design a shopping cart for the same and thereby, market your products and services better.

It comes with a price tag of $48 along with bundled support for a year.


Jewellery Shop WordPress Theme


This theme ranks right at the top among all the digital product selling WordPress themes for the simple reason that it comes with advanced functionality and can make your website stand apart.

The theme itself has been designed by experts and comes with a built in music player and an interactive playlist.

Furthermore, the theme is 100% responsive, Google mobile friendly, completely scalable and supports third party plugins.

So you can use various interactive music players, play lists for your users to play and to listen to, before they decide which one they want to purchase.

It also comes with a neat design with drop down menu that should make it easier for your users to navigate and comes with advanced search functionality as well.

It also comes with multiple layout, header and footer options and you can customize and tweak the same with CTAs with good effect.

Overall, the theme is perfect from start to finish and as it is woo commerce compatible, you can set up an integrated payment gateway for your users.

All of this should result in better user experience for your customers and higher SERPS ranking for your website; incidentally, the theme comes with a price tag of $48.

SEO Marketing

SEO WordPress theme


This theme gets the top billing among all the digital product WordPress themes for obvious reasons. Let’s start with the design; it is simple, minimalistic and makes strategic use of white space so that the user’s attention is immediately directed towards the CTAs.

The theme itself comes with drop down menus, multiple layout, and sidebar options and is also completely customizable.

It also comes with full wide and boxed layouts so you can select which one you would prefer to go on your website. You can customize any page element and even the header and footer come with different options and you can tweak your website as per your preference.

It also comes with 800+ Google fonts as well as 600+ social media icons that you can use over your website which should help your website stand out for all the right reasons.

The theme is 100% responsive and supports all third party plugins and along with the interesting layout, background image and advanced functionality (thanks to these plugins),your website should get more traction online, than ever before.

It comes with a price tag of only $48 which is a real bargain at that rate.

SKT Organic

Organic WordPress theme


The Organic WordPress theme comes packed with all the requisite bells and whistles; from being 100% responsive, and fully scalable, it also comes with advanced tools, widgets designed to provide your website with advanced functionality.

Moreover, the theme is a multi-purpose one which makes it all the more popular as it can be used easily for multiple business themes.

It also comes with a full wide as well as boxed layouts along with sidebar options so you can decide how you would like your content to be displayed to others.

It is also compatible with woo commerce and supports third party plugins; this should enable you to provide your customers with an integrated payment gateway, with multiple payment options.

As a result of advanced functionality, your users should find it a lot easier to use your website, and to navigate the multiple pages.

As a result, your SEO rankings should increase; the theme comes with a price tag of $48 along with free installation and one year support.

These are some of the top ranking digital product selling WordPress themes; please demo the theme and check out all their features.

And once you have checked them out, you can make a decision as to whether the selected theme is the right one for your website or not.

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