Step by Steps to Create a Lifestyle Blog Website with WordPress

It seems like there are lots of possibilities and work to create a lifestyle blog. Getting started with a blog needs to make some serious decisions that will help to get the desired results to become successful in the web world.

But, if you do some research you will be able to find a proper solution by choosing the best tools and services for you.

If you are on the right track no other competitor will be able to stop getting success but this lifestyle blog can be the biggest reason for generating income for a lifetime.

In this post, we will discuss the lifestyle blog and the features it should have, plus we will share with you some initial steps for creating a lifestyle blog on your own.

About Lifestyle Blogging

The word “lifestyle blogging” is a tiny confusing, because it is surrounded by some amazing and high-quality content. Many people can contribute their efforts and time to create lifestyle blogs in different ways.

create a lifestyle blog

Actually lifestyle blogging is a term that is all about the author’s or writer’s daily life and their interest in living life. Some most highlighted subjects related to lifestyle blogging are mentioned below

  • Minimalism.
  • Fashion and beauty.
  • Baking and cooking food.
  • Family and parenting.
  • Crafting projects.
  • Culture-specific topics and location-specific topics.
  • Travel blog.

These topics are the most trending blog on the web. These topics are most popular among others because the author is able to write about anything they want. Plus it is the easiest way to get your blog to monetize.

If you have ever checked the blogger’s interview you will notice that they admire their work and states that they are able to make thousands per month in dollars. But keep in mind that creating a lifestyle blog is not an easy task as it requires contributing your many hours to maintain and creating a website. Success does not come unless you struggled for it.

With WordPress how you can create a lifestyle blog

In 5 easy steps, you can build and start publishing their content on the internet but not each person can create a successful and effective blog to get the desired output. Thus some steps are listed that will help you on some extend to improve your blog for getting success.

Step 1: Select hosting provider and Domain name

You required storing your lifestyle blog on the server so that each and every user can find your blog on web. Plus you need to create a web address so that visitors can visit that link to view your content.

With proper hosting plan you can give online presence to your blog. Because you will be using WordPress platform for crating successful blog then we suggest you to go with shared WordPress hosting plan. This plan will benefit you in different ways plus it will help you to maintain your platform.

Less expensive and reasonable WordPress hosting providers are SiteGround and Bluehost.
For domain names you can go with the service provided by your hosting company or it is better to use dedicated domain name like NameCheap.
The main expense you need to do is for hosting and domain name for your website or a blog. For hosting your website on a server you will need at least $4 per month. Or if you are looking to make your blog visible to overall world then you need $10 per year for .com.

Step 2: Install WordPress on Your Server

Once you are done with hosting plan and a domain name, the next step is to install a WordPress on your server. You don’t need to implement this step if you have chosen managed WordPress hosting plan. Because it is possible that WordPress is already installed to your server or you just are one click away for installing WordPress.

In case of you have chosen some other hosting provider company then you can install WordPress manually. Steps to install WordPress are
Visit this link to download WordPress
Next step is to go to hosting account to access phpMyAdmin. With this you can easily set the database for your WordPress website. If you don’t want to implement this without the proper guidelines then you can take a help of hosting provider’s support team.

You just have to add a new database in phpMyAdmin by typing a name in specific field and click on create button.
Then on WordPress account go to the User tab and create a new username and password.
Find the file named as wp-config.php and find the code.
define ( ‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name’ );
define( ‘DB_USER’, ‘username’ );
define( ‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password’ );
define ( ‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’ );

After finding this code just changes the username, passwords, name and hostname from the details that are mentioned in phpMyAdmin. And save all the changes.

With the help of FTP client like FileZilla or by using FTP you can upload WordPress files to the server. Once done type the domain name you registered on the browsers. With all this process WordPress will get installed.

Step 3: Select a Blogging Theme

Once done with the step 1 and 2 you will find that your WordPress website is ready to run on web server. Now just you need to create lifestyle blog by selecting a perfect WordPress theme.

WordPress themes are the most important factor that should be considered strictly to create nice appearance for your blog. Some themes offer some unique features that is why you need to choose a theme that is perfect for your niche blog. You will find some free and paid themes are available in the market. Just make a choice as per your blog requirements.

One of the best lifestyle WordPress themes we know is Lifestyle
life style

LifeStyle is a perfect blogging theme that will be best suitable for hot trends, fashion, latest lifestyle, celebrity styles and different events blogging. It is crafted by considering the responsive, retina ready feature, mobile friendly, and different compatibility features that will help you to enhance your blog or a website functionality level as you want.

Multiple bloggers can use this theme for their professional plus personal use. LifeStyle WordPress theme comes with the premium cost thus it give you a complete access to detailed documentation and customer support for one year.

Step 4: Activate Key Blogging Plugins

Some plugins are useful tools to enhance your blog performance and a speed that will result in good search engine results. Plus it is responsible to enhance your website functionality to a good extend. Like slider plugins are useful for enhance user experience

Just like WordPress themes, you will find that there are thousands of plugins for enhancing WordPress functionality plus these plugins are available at free cost and a premium cost depending on its functionality.

Step 5: Publish and monetize you Relevant Content

Content is the most important and essential factor of any blog. With high quality content you can start earning. You can start publishing content on WordPress in two different places i.e. posts and pages

Pages are just for static content whereas posts are for dynamic content. Example of pages are homepage, legal disclaimers, about us, contact page and more.

And post means how you are going to publish you content. it depends on the users interest which consist of articles and blog.

To create a lifestyle blog you need posts and page both. You can start monetize your blog once you started publishing content.

You can monetize your WordPress website to get revenue by using these methods
Ads, Affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

Creating a lifestyle blog has too much work to perform but with the correct information you can create and publish a useful content to make your blog run smooth and generate effective results.

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