The Effect of Changing the WordPress Theme on Search Engine Rankings?

WordPress is of the best place and most preferred Content Management Systems based on PHP and MYSQL. Changing WordPress theme with the increase in number of demand and popularity, WordPress is considered one of the topmost place for a website development company.

It is free, open source, customize, and provides beautiful tools for developers. Having rankings when for your WordPress website is not an easy task, one used to invest time, efforts, money to make the project or website by having SEO methodologies like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content marketing, etc.

Hence making your rank at the top is also an important and not an easy task.

At times, many SEO executives, entrepreneurs, designers, business owners demand in making changes in the website. Thus, with this we will discuss here in this blog that the changing in any WordPress Theme effect on search engine rankings:

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No matter how perfectly you made your website theme or design it by professionals, or have a best-selected SEO friendly WordPress theme if once made changes in the theme it will somehow affect on Search Engine Rankings. Nobody wants their SEO ranking or website ranking go slow down.

The Effect of Changing the WordPress Theme on Search Engine Rankings

1. Custom settings are no longer the same:
By changing a WordPress theme, you will come to realize that the old custom settings are never again practical. Theme explicit highlights will be lost and it is a tedious practice to do it once more.

In the event that another WordPress theme does not have the same highlights, you have to contact a professional for theme customization and it might cost you a ton as well.

The most ideal path is to examine this issue with your improvement group and pick a WordPress theme that has comparable highlights.

2. The order of your HTML is important:
One of the most widely used search engine i.e Google reads the HTML in a linear manner. Content boxes and tables can be utilized to show your content in an alternate request to how the HTML communicates the page source code.

If any changes made in the sidebars say lefthand sidebar or righthand sidebar than the changes are usually seen on the sidebar first than on the main content. It should make clear that your HTML shows the main content before then the content on the sidebar.

To abridge, if your new theme changes the way your HTML is perused by the internet searcher creepy crawlies, at that point your positioning position can likewise be influenced.

3. Make sure that Metadata does not change with another theme:
Metadata is important for the search engine rankings. Whenever changing WordPress theme make sure you use old or can say same SEO plugins that you have been using in your previous or old theme.

This will ensure you that your ranking does not fall down, also, you make sure that your metadata description and your title tags are same. In the event that you neglect to check it, you may observe an exceptional drop in the ranking position of the site.

Continuously utilize same plugins and widgets in the new theme and you will almost certainly keep up your ranking position to a quantifiable extent.

4. Changing Permalinks:
Permalink Settings

Permalinks are the URLs of your site and blogs if you make changes in the URL or in the WordPress theme then it will definitely change the permalinks while changing WordPress theme of your website and this cause in the rankings of the search engine in a very bad way.

Hence one has to make sure that the permalinks which they were using for the new theme should be the same as to that of the previous theme. The URLs should be the same for the posts and pages as to that of the old one.

Different bloggers will utilize the permalink as a connection back to your page, and you will utilize it as a connection once more from another site page on your website or in an email connecting to your post.

On the off chance that not, at that point Google will drop those posts and pages from the rankings for the search terms/keywords for which they have been recorded.

On the off chance that you can’t make the equivalent permalinks with your new theme, at any rate, ensure you create a 301 divert to the first permalink URL to keep away from a 404 error.

5. Maintain all existing links:
Not only permalinks but all the previous links should be maintained so that it does not cause in ranking down the search engine.

During the theme change, you really need to look at the whole connection structure of the site including label connects to pictures, illustrations, and different documents, advert joins, sidebar connections and others. You have to investigate them and guarantee that they are working.

6. Suggestions while changing a WordPress theme:
Unless and until, according to SEO experts, one need not have to change the WordPress theme until the business gets its need. However, once you feel that your WordPress theme is not fulfilling all the demands as per the clients or business requirements then you can go for changing the WordPress theme.

Thus, one needs to take into action that change does not affect the SEO plugin. If someone fails to do so they might lose the data.

7. Data Backup:
data backup

Data backup is one of the most important and key factors for any developers or professionals or even business owners. Whatever changes have been made do in the WordPress theme, one should keep the data backup of the changes made even of the new changes. Once done with data backup, you can migrate it into SEO plugins.

Hence always keep in mind about data backup otherwise you may face a major loss.

Consult professionals and always choose SEO optimized and SMO friendly theme.

One of the major and most important key features is that more traffic means more customers and the ranking high of the theme. In this digital marketing world, everything is on the hand of viewers and customers to give a site high ranks or low, so always maintain a customer relationship well so that you get more traffic.

Keeping these above points in mind will help you to maintain your WordPress Website on high rankings and while making changes in the WordPress theme.

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