How to Add Special Characters in Your WordPress Posts?

Have you ever seen trademark or registered signs in articles? Want to know how you can add Special Characters in Your WordPress Posts? If yes, so stay on this post and read the best way to do this.

This question has been asked by millions of people in forums and many more channels. And today we have decided to solve this query for our users. You may already know WordPress has several plugins to work with, but all we need an easy method to do that.

Basically, you can add special characters in your writing via using M.S Word insert symbol option, but when it comes to publishing that content with special characters is not possible. 

Moreover, they are no available on the keyboard to use them. Now, relax and read this blog carefully. In this, we will show you how to add Characters in the post.

Methods To Add Special Characters in Your WordPress Posts

To use this feature, first, you will need to add characters in Block Editor. The Block Editor has no special buttons to use for the formation of the content. However, you have two ways to add characters in the block editor. So, let us see below:

Add Special Characters

HTML Coding

Coding is one of the famous and simple ways to do any change in WordPress. It may difficult for persons who do not know about coding. But today there is no big deal. When you write a post on WordPress it automatically converts your content in HTML code, which is a hypertext markup language used for all websites.

html comes with its possessions like header, head, HTML, tags and more. With these special codes or entities, you can add special characters in the content where you need them. (You can add a symbol, arrows, etc.) 

The best of this you can add any character which usually not available on the keyboard. Let us consider an example. 

Suppose you want to add ™ in content, you can’t use the insert option. So instead of this use HTML code& trade.  
See the given example:

I love SKT themes. 

See every HTML entity starts with ampersand sign and ends with a semicolon. So when you add these codes, you will see the output just like a given example. Remember it will not covert immediately it will show only after save or checking its preview. 
– ™
– ©

For every special character, there is a great range of code that you need to learn and add to your HTML code. 


If you hate HTML code then Plugin can be the smart choice. So to do this, first, you will have to download and activate Insert Special Characters plugin in WordPress. After installation reaches on the edit page option and adds characters where you want to add. 

Insert Special Characters plugin

The steps you need to follow:
– Choose the post which you want to edit. 
– Click on the drop-down box and click on the special character option.
– The dialog box will appear, choose the character and insert it.

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