30+ Acronyms All Web Developers Should Ever Wanted to Know

If you are a web developer or in a team, you have heard about Acronyms much time. But do you know the actual meaning and purpose of Acronyms for web developers?

Currently, web developers are using acronym frequently such as HTML, CSS or HTTP. However, what about the new ones which are being used widely? 

In this blog, we will talk about everything so you can get the best out of it. 


It is an abbreviation or shortened form of words. For example, HTTP is an acronym of hypertext markup language. The purpose of doing is to make work a little easier. The Acronyms for web developers is being used to help readers to reach and read the content easily. 

30 Acronyms For Every Web Developer Should Know


Abbreviation- Atomic Cascading style Sheets developed by Yahoo. 
It is refillable, short predictable class names and single atomic classes that make it easier for you to style directly with HTML. It is has been used to produce atomic classes for web projects. 

Acronyms for web developers

2. AMP

Abbreviation- Accelerated mobile pages, developed by Google. 
The purpose of introducing AMP is to reduce the stress of mobile and make it fast. This will restrict how we can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to better the user experience. Furthermore, this can be used for load exterior resources and route scripts via AMP runtime.


Abbreviation- Accessible rich internet application, used as WAI-ARIAA. 
ARIA defines the specification of different front-tech methodologies that help web content to make accessible for everyone (disabled people) at each device especially those who access the web content with AT. 

4. API

Abbreviation- Application programming interface, stated by API publishers.
API is a complete set of pre-written codes such as properties, methods, classes, etc. this will help the users to use best practices and write codes. Well, you have numerous APIs available on social media, but most of the sites and social media channels using own APIs for better user experience. 

5. CDN

Integrate WordPress CDN
Abbreviation- content delivery network
The purpose of CDN is to store duplicate content copies in the webserver. It is just another way to deliver content from the server to the user which is near to the location. With this, the performance will become better and reduce server downtimes. 

6. BEM

Abbreviation- block element modifier 
The purpose of introducing BEM is to make writing more readable, easy, and consistent for CSS classes. While using BEM, it is crucial to create classes throughout the content following block-element-modifier syntax. 
Let us go little in detail for BEM.

Block- these are considered to main buttons like Menu, edit, etc. 
Element- it is considered to the functionalities of blocks like alert, danger and success.
Modifier- this is considered to change the design of block such as button size large or small.

7. CMS

Abbreviation- content management system
CMS is the best platform these days for posting, editing, and modifying the content. This software will allow every user to make his website and arrange the website through multiple digital content and services. 

The most common CMS software is WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Remember it is different from presentational content. Thus, it will make possible to publish content without coding. 


Abbreviation- Create, read, update and delete.
This has been used in a database management system to define the typical life cycle of data on a dynamic website. Whereas MySQL uses the other four commands such as Insert, select, update, and delete. 


Abbreviation- cascading style object model.
CSSOM is a set of API that used for concentrate CSS files on the web page. This is just perfect to signify all CSS styles on the web. CSSOM is also similar to DOM, but it is different. 

10. DOM

Abbreviation- Document object model
DOM is the API for HTML and XML files which are used by a web browser to render those files. It shows a simple document structure as nodes tree. The nodes can be modified, created, and removed easily.

11. CTA

call to action WordPress themes
Abbreviation- call to action.
This most common marketing term used for converting sales into leads. This has been used widely by web designers. It is one of the best acronyms for web developers. It is necessary to use to provoke customers that they should take quick action. 
The CTA is usually linked with banners or brands, ads, etc. to get action.

12. FOSS

Abbreviation- Free open-source software.
It is free software that has no concern with copyrights. It is open-source software that makes sense to modify the source code of the software. This is also known as FLOSS terminology. 

13. ECMAScript

Abbreviation- European computer manufacturer’s association script.
It is JavaScript and Jscript based scripting language syntax is used. The name was given to this tool from the European computer association. 

14. FTU

Abbreviation- first time user.
The first time the user is part of the app adaptation process. With this, you can see how the application works and set user options s language, time, likes and many more. 

15. IIFE

Abbreviation- immediately invoked functions expression
IIFE is the best acronym for web developers that creates a lexical scope. It is a JavaScript design pattern based tool to evaluate and execute codes. The immediately invoked functions are used to create variables and closures. 
This uses the following syntax:

16. GUI

Abbreviation- Graphical user interface, a command driver interface.
GUI is a command-driven interface that allows users to interact with software without knowledge about coding and technical skills such as DOS. In GUI, the special language and code are used to activate special commands and make inputs. 

17. IDE

Abbreviation- Integrated Development Environment
IDE is a software application that provides a proper programming environment to integrate with different tools that are needed for developing and testing. For example interpreter, debugger, compiler, and more. 

18. JSON

Abbreviation- JavaScript Object Notation
JSON is a language that is independent readable data used for exchanging the data. It has a vast collection of names, values, and arrays. This will give similar syntax as JavaScript and this is why it is used as a common data format. 


Abbreviation- inverted triangle cascading style sheet
It is a scalable and readable CSS code. This splits the codes as per the importance and specialty. These levels are represented as ITCSS that increases the flat top to the bottom tip. 

20. LAMP

Abbreviation- Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. 
LAMP is a popular web stack for creating vigorous websites. It consists Linux operating system that uses Apache as a web server and MYSQL for database and PHP as python. It is just like WAMP and MAMP.

21. MEAN

Abbreviation- MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js
It is a proper web stack for creating web applications and web pages. This consists of MongoDB and NoSQL as a database. The Express.js is a web application and Angular.js as a frontend framework and Node JavaScript as a runtime for the operating system.

22. MVC

Abbreviation- Model view controller
The MVC is object-oriented programming that keeps the data logic separate from the UI by grouping the objects into three groups. The model object is used to the data structure, the view objects used for user interface and controller objects are used for task coordination. 

23. OAuth

Abbreviation- open authentication
OAuth is an open protocol and keeps the server secure and highly authorized. It is safe and provides a standardized way. It is a widely used application that enables users to log in to the third-party account safely. For example Facebook, Twitter, and Google. It is just a way to remove the barrier of using applications.


Abbreviation- Left to right/ right to left
Both these terms are used in internationalization. These are being used for entering the location of the countryside of UI. It also indicates the direction of the text. 
You may have seen that most languages are LTR but you have an option in WordPress to use RTL with rtl.css file. 


Abbreviation- regular expression
It is yet another common acronyms for web developers. This has been used for matching the character’s combinations with different strings. This makes possible to search character in text format. It is one of the common and popular parts of many programming languages.
For example PHP. JavaScript, Python, Java, etc.

26. OOP

Abbreviation- oriented programing
With OOP the user can create an amazing model that is related to real-based models via using four basics programing. Abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. 

27. REST

Abbreviation- representational state transfer
REST is a set of software design for data transformation between the server and client. By following the REST architecture guidelines you will create APIs.


Abbreviation- Scalable and Modular architecture for cascading style sheets
SMACSS allow the CSS writing to modularize CSS code. It is more readable and maintainable. This provides 5 types of style rules such as base, layout, module, state, and theme. 


Abbreviation- what you see is what you get
It is a type of content editor that allows the user to edit and modify the content. 

30. SCM

Abbreviation- source control Management
It is one of the best acronyms for web developers to manage multiple versions at a single place. It is also known as RCM that always tracks the changes and information loss. 

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