WordPress Themes With Secondary Menu are a Must for Intelligent Navigation

Just starting a brand new business online is never easy; granted that the online medium is slated to grow and according to recent statistics, the eCommerce is set to burgeon to 4.5 trillion USD by 2021.

The issue though is that the digital space is getting very crowded with every small business having an online presence with a professionally designed website.

That’s what you’ll be going up against but the good news is that can go head to toe with the competition and still manage to come out on top by opting for WordPress platform, which for the record, is still the best given its flexibility and adaptability, not to mention that its free.

Once you have decided on what platform to use for your website, you can check out the various WordPress themes with secondary menu and choose the right one for your website.

It goes without saying that you need to check each framework individually and even demo the various WordPress themes with secondary menu, before opting to use one with your website.

WordPress themes with secondary menu

Choosing themes with secondary menu makes more sense as it enables your users to navigate through the various sections with ease. Just check out some of our collection and choose the one that seems to be a good fit.

Top WordPress Themes With Secondary Menu

1. Psychology



This theme happens to be one of those WordPress themes with secondary menu which is a must for intelligent navigation.

The end result is a dynamic theme that’s responsive and one that comes with cross browser, cross device as well as cross platform compatibly. The theme also comes with a nice elegant design as well as eye catching pictures that should help your website stand out.

It also comes with a neat, uncluttered layout as well as layout, header and footer options that you can play with and tweak it as per your preference.

It has been designed by experts and is based on both HTML5 and CSS3, as such you can use animations with this theme and more importantly, it comes with 2000+ icon fonts that you can use on your website to good effect. It has also been RTL tested which means that you can now display foreign language on your website.

And since it is completely customizable, you can use the 100+ short codes that it comes with to re-design your website as you see fit, from the colors to the fonts used; with it, you should be able to ensure that your website stands out for all the right reasons.

And the interesting nugget is that for all this, it only comes with a price tag of $39 only, which is a real bargain.

2. Event Planners

Event Agency WordPress Theme


This theme sure makes it clear why WordPress themes with secondary menu are a must. Given the fact that this theme is a multi-purpose one and can be used for most industry niches, it soon becomes apparent that the secondary menu can actually help your customers locate the information they want, a lot faster.

The theme comes with a nice design and an outstanding background image but as the theme is customizable, you can change almost any page element with ease. And the fact that this theme comes loaded with 100+ short codes should make it apparent that you can use the same for customization and do not have to code anything in on your own.

It also comes with page layout as well as post layout options and both the header and footer come with four options and the inner header area can be customized with a banner, image, video or even a call to action message. It comes with five level dropdown menus as well as secondary menus so your users should be able to locate the information they want with ease.

What makes this theme stand out is that they support external plugins and also are woo commerce compatible. Essentially this means that you can use these plugins to make your various pages load faster, set up an integrated shopping cart as well as encrypted payment portal.

You should be able to enhance the user experience on your website and as a result, you should rank better on serps. And to think that this theme only comes with a price tag of $48 makes it clear that it’s a real bargain at that rate.

3. Blog and Shop

blog shop wordPress themes


This theme is considered to be one among the top ten where WordPress themes with secondary menus are concerned. The theme is certainly easy on the eye; the overall design is elegant and comes with a classic layout along with eye catching images in the background.

Apart from this, it also comes with both primary and secondary menu which should make it easier for your users to locate the information they need.

It also comes with several header, inner header and layout options so you can set up your website as per your preference. More importantly, your website also comes with a customizer options panel that’s easy to use, so now you can review the changes as you carry them out in real time.

Apart from this, it also comes with 100+ short codes that you can use to create testimonials, about us, contact us as well as change and alter the colors.

What’s more, the theme itself supports third party plugins and is just about what you need as it will enable you to offer your customers advanced functionality. It comes with a price tag of $48 only along with bundled support for a year.

4. Farming

Farming WordPress theme


The great thing about this particular theme, which incidentally is one of the top ranked themes where WordPress themes with secondary menus are concerned, is that it comes with PO file, meaning that it is translation ready.

What’s more, it is is compatible with q Translate X, so you should be able to set up a multi-lingual website and reach out to a wider audience.

In more ways than one, this theme is as good as it gets; true, the design could be slightly better but then again, it comes with a reasonable price tag of $39 only, and is fully customizable.

It also comes loaded with 100+ short codes that you can use to customize and even develop various page elements and even custom build pages for your other sections with ease.

The theme is compatible with external plugins and you can use the same to provide your users with advanced functionality such as enabling them to login to your site with their social media credentials.

With this theme, you should be able to streamline your marketing campaigns and even give a boost to your outreach strategies as well as your rankings.

5. Wedding Videographer

Wedding videographer Wordpress Theme


if you are in the restaurant business or running a foodie website, or planning to set up an online food portal for enabling customers to order what they want, then you need to choose this theme. For starts, it certainly shines out when it comes to WordPress themes with secondary menus; apart from its grungy look and minimalistic design, it is also completely customizable.

Essentially that means that you can use the theme options along with the 100+ built in short codes to effectively design and customize your website. You can change and alter any page element on the website without the need of having to code in anything yourself.

With this theme, you can count on a 5 level deep dropdown menus, intelligent and intuitive design that makes for easy navigation along with sliders and galleries that you can use to showcase high resolution images of your cuisine.

Just one tip: make sure that you use a professional photographer for taking those shots. Additionally, the theme is both translation and multilingual ready, making it a real bargain at $39 only.

6. Hotel Booking

hotel booking WordPress theme


The responsive business WordPress theme certainly manages to catch one’s eye, right from the start. The overall design is great; it flows well and appear uncluttered with neat dropdown menus that should aid in easy navigation.
Apart from this, the theme also comes with a color picker so you can change the color of any page element and even tweak the background with ease.

It also comes with several header, footer, layout and side bar options so you can optimize your posts and the fact that it supports external plugins.

And with these plugins installed on your website, you should be able to provide your users with advanced functionality and coupled with the fact that the theme is also woo commerce compatible, means that you can set up an integrated shopping cart.

With your uses accessing better functionality on your website, your SERPS and SEO rankings should improve for the better. This should result in better traffic and you can get all of this and much more, for a payment of $39 only, which is a real bargain.

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