WordPress Government Themes Stand Out on Account of Their Advanced Functionality

If you are a business owner, then you should know that it is high time that you had an online presence as recent studies indicated that over 80% of all transactions are online transactions and moreover.

According to several key vendors, online ecommerce is expected to touch 4.5 trillion dollars by 2021. And if you want a share of this pie, then it is important that you set up a website at the earliest.

You can get the ball rolling by checking out some of our WordPress government themes; they happen to be some of the most well designed themes with expert coders developing the same.

It stands to reason that these themes should help provide your website with the traction it requires and more. Moreover, when checking out the WordPress government themes, you may want to double check and see that they are all 100% responsive.

The WordPress Government themes

A better idea would be to do a demo and once you have checked out all their main attributes and key features, you can use the same on your website. And with the right theme in place, all that would be left is for you to develop quality content and to market the same, to your audience.

SKT Municipality

SKT Municipality


SKT Association

SKT Association


SKT Police

SKT police


SKT Firefighter



GB Charity

GB Charity


Design Agency Pro

design agency


Of all the WordPress government themes, this one stands out on account of its eye catching design. Apart from the aesthetics and its design, the theme comes with a classic layout, with layout, header, footer options as well as a quick loading time. This theme is indeed fast and even comes with a speed test that proves it to be so.

Moreover, it is completely customizable and comes with 100+ short codes to design, tweak testimonials, gallery, column short codes, buttons, info boxes, accordions, tabs and much more.

It also comes with a color picker that makes it easier to change the colors and tones of various page elements along with a default slider, gallery to showcase your work as well as default contact form 7.

The theme is also compatible with external plugins, thereby making it possible for you to translate the web content into other languages as well as auto translate to specific languages.

This should enable you to market your products and services to a wider audience. It also comes with 650+ Google fonts which should make it clear, that even with the price tag of $39, it is a real bargain.

Spirited Pro

spirited pro template


This theme, one of the top ranking ones among the WordPress government themes happens to be designed quite well. It comes with a minimalistic design that enables you to strategize the empty space to direct the user’s attention to specific parts of the website with the call to action.

More importantly, it is also responsive and has been tested for higher resolution. This theme has been stringently tested for various aspects from its responsiveness, to its speed.

It is indeed fast and with this theme, your users should be able to load the pages of your website a lot faster. It is compatible with third party plugins and with it, you should be able to provide your users with enhanced user experience and advanced functionality.

With the right plugins, you should be able to provide advanced tools and features, including making it possible and easy for your customers to purchase online as well as set up an integrated payment system that should facilitate the whole process.

You can also optimize your website with the right plugins, and make sure that you rank better on SERPS. The theme also comes with default slider for showcasing your high resolution images as well as being HD, retina ready. And at $39, it is a real bargain given the key features and tools that it comes with.


If you owned or operated a welding shop, then this theme is a good fit and moreover, you can market it to the local search engines as well. The theme comes with a great design and it is apparent immediately why it stands out among all the government WordPress themes.

For one, the overall design is stylish, and well executed; it also comes with drop down menus, that your users should find it easy to check out and navigate all your pages.

Always link up your logo to your home page as that should make it easier for your users to find their way back to the home page of your website.

It also comes with a home page along with 8 sections that you can use for your website as well as templates that you can customize for your use. The site is compatible with third party plugins and as such, you should be able to use other contact form plugins on your website with this theme as well as advanced sliders and much more.

The theme packs it all in a neat little package with the cost pegged at $39 which fairly a reasonable rate is given its advanced features.

Yogi Pro

If you ever wanted a theme that was not only outstanding but came with advanced functionality, then that would be this very theme, for it sure stands out from all the government WordPress themes for the same reason.

The theme comes with cross device, cross platform as well as cross OS compatibility and as such, your users should be able to access your website and all its features irrespective of what device they use for the same.

The theme also comes with over 650+ Google fonts as well as 580+ icons so you can use either to help your website snag more attention and traffic.

The theme as a whole has been coded with HTML5 and CSS3 and as such, you can use animations and other visual elements on your home page to attract the desired traffic.

What’s more, the inner header is customizable as well which you can use to display banners, images iFrame as well as call to actions; apart from this, the theme also comes with a news as well as events section. The price tag is set at $39 and given all its advanced features, it is a bargain.


This theme, one of the top billed among all the various WordPress government themes; it comes with various tools and advanced features. For starters, the overall design is classic, easy on the eye and comes with multiple sections for easy navigation.

Apart from this, the theme also comes with layout, header and footer options as well as an inner header that can be customized as well. It also comes with a much needed FAQ section as well as 100+ short codes with detailed instructions for customizing and tweaking any page element as seen fit.

It is customizable but more importantly it is compatible with third part plugins so you can use the same to enhance the performance of your website as well as provide your uses with advanced functionality. With specific plugins, including cache plugins, you should be able to increase the speed and performance of your website.

Apart from this, the theme is translation and multilingual ready so you can use the same with specific plugins to translate and post the web content in various pages as well as translate the lot in real time. It comes with a price tag of $39 and at that rate, it is indeed area bargain


Cuts n Style comes with a certain panache which often the other themes lack; it comes with a nice finish and stands out on account of its great design along with other great features.

The theme itself comes with a nice layout as well as home page along with twenty sections, along with a blog template that you can use to showcase press releases and much more.

It also comes with a default slider with 12 animation effects and more. It also comes with built in menu that you can use to list the pricing of your various services.

You can use the homepage section to list who you are, your opening hours and provide the cost of each individual service so your customers can make an informed decision.

The theme is also 100% responsive as well as fully scalable and has already been tested for several resolutions, so your users should be able to access all the features and complete functionality of your website without any issue.

It is also woo commerce compatible not to mention the fact that this theme is both multilingual as well as translation ready.

With the right plugins, you should be able to provide your users with advanced functionality in the terms of an integrated payment gateway, social media platform login and much more.

The theme comes with four other page layouts but as it is compatible to third party plugins. You can use the same for developing other custom pages for your website, and given all the advanced features it comes with, it soon before

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