Unusual Layout WordPress Themes With Unique and Unseen Design

When it comes to setting up your website, the first thing that you need to decide on is what sort of website framework do you require and what is the objective of your website?

For example, if you are planning to set up a personal blog, you may want to try out a different theme but however, if you are planning to set up a professional website, then you could do no better than to check out some of the unusual layout WordPress themes.

One of the reasons as to why you may want to opt for this particular framework is that it manages to encompass what your business is all about and with its advanced functionality; it showcases the same in rich, vivid detail that’s designed to attract more eyeballs.

As a result, your traffic rate should shoot up but more importantly, with this theme, you should have a dynamic and highly responsive website, which should help you snag more prospective leads and help ramp up that conversion rate as well.

Unusual layout WordPress themes

This is why you should try out a demo of some of the unusual layout WordPress themes and choose the one that seems like a good fit to you.

The Celebration

banquet hall


When it comes to unusual layout WordPress themes, this one stands out for all the right reasons.

Apart from the aesthetically perfect design, the layout format is simplified so your users should be able to navigate your website easily.

Apart from that this theme also comes loaded with both parallax scrolling as well as infinite scrolling which should help limit the bounce rate and improve your SEO.

The theme comes loaded with advanced functionality as it is compatible with third party plugins, and all forms of browsers.

Moreover, it has already been tested for the same, but what makes this theme stand out is its intelligent design so the point that any user visiting your website, will have their attention directed to the pertinent parts of your website with the call to action.

The user interface is simple, easy to understand and navigate with and more importantly, your website should be accessible from any device without any loss of functionality.

In other words, this theme is 100% responsive, not to mention the fact that it is completely customizable as well. This theme comes with a small price tag of just $48 only, and it comes bundled with one year support as well.

My Dog

Dog Wordpress Theme


If you are running a pet store and need a new website, then this theme would be a good fit.

The theme itself ranks rather high among the rest when it comes to unusual layout WordPress themes; as a result of its slightly unusual layout it manages to get enough attention and for the right reasons.

Apart from its slightly unusual layout, the overall design is minimalistic and comes completely customizable. The neat thing about this theme is that it is a multi-purpose one and can be used for setting up any business website.

It also comes with both parallax and infinite scrolling which should provide your users with enhanced user experience as well as improve your rankings in the process.

Apart from this, the theme is also compatible with third part plugins and you should be able to increase the functionality of your website as well.

For example, you can install social media plugins on your website so that your users can login using their social media credentials; this should help make it convenient for your users as well as improve their experience when using your website.

What’s more, it’s also woo commerce compatible, which means that you can also set up a payment gateway with multi-payment options for your online customers.

The theme comes with a price tag of $39 only which is a real steal given the additional features that it comes with.


Jewellery Shop Wordpress Theme


Whether you are running a jewelry shop or operating any other business, this multipurpose theme should be a good fit.

Apart from the fact that it ranks among the top ten when it comes to unusual layout WordPress themes, it comes loaded with advanced features that should help your visitors enjoy better user experience on your website.

For starters, it comes with intelligent navigation and the design itself, though simple, also happens to be an intuitive and responsive one.

The theme comes with several features that is designed to increase the functionality of your website and in the long run, this can only help you provide your users with better services.

The theme is also compatible with both third party plugins and multiple browsers; apart from this, the theme makes it possible for you to use translator plugins so that you can auto translate the contents of your website automatically.

This should effectively help you to reach out to more prospective customers than before. The theme comes with a price tag of just $48 and is also woo commerce compatible which means that you can setup an online payment gateway easily.

Natural Herbs

Natural Wordpress Theme


This particular theme is certainly eye catching for all the right reasons and that perhaps can account for the reason as to why it ranks high when it comes to unusual layout WordPress themes.

What makes this theme stand out is the fact that it utilizes the base green color in a creative way and even though the theme itself may have been designed for the organic industry related theme, it can be reused for several businesses and verticals.

The theme comes with easy navigation and comes loaded with several widgets which provides for added functionality, from calendar, to pre-built pages, such as “about us”, “contact” and so on.

Apart from these, the theme also comes with slides and various sliders, galleries that you can use to showcase your high resolution images as well as video feeds for optimal response.

The theme itself is dynamic, and is 100% responsive as well which should make it all the more easier for other users to access your website through various devices. Billed at $39, the theme is attractively priced and comes with round the clock support as well.


Equestrian Wordpress Theme


The equestrian WordPress theme makes it apparent why you need to consider unusual layout WordPress themes and especially this one if you are planning to set up a website.

The theme is multi-purpose, dynamic and comes with intelligent design; moreover, the whole site from the CSS3 features to the layout and internal structure makes it clear why this theme gets top billing.

One of the interesting features of this theme is that it comes with a simple landing page, with other pages being delegated to other sections that can be accessed through the drop down menu.

The overall effect is simplicity personified and as a result, your users should be able to navigate your website with ease and the added fact that this theme also comes with both parallax and infinite scrolling should help keep the bounce rate all the way down.

It also comes loaded with various sliders and has compatibility with third party plugins that should help you add more slider as needed.

With added functionality, your users should be able to enjoy better user experience and on the whole, provide you with good feedback and all of the same should also result in better SERPS. It comes with a price tag of only $39 along with round the clock support for a year.

IT solution

It Solution Wordpress Theme


The IT solution WordPress theme comes with an animated CSS3 home page that should help make your website stand out from all the others out there. The theme has been designed to be multi-purpose and as such, it can be used for any industry/ vertical.

What makes this theme special is the fact that it comes with an intelligent and intuitive design, and users should be able to locate any information they need on the site, within seconds.

The fact that all the pages load fast makes it all the more easier to choose this particular theme over others.

This theme also comes with a banner area in the header which is dynamic and therefore can be replaced with high res images; but the interesting thing about inner pages and the posts is that they all come with side bar layouts which should help you tweak as to how each post appears to an online user.

The theme is 100% dynamic, and completely scalable, which is all the more reason that you should opt for the same. It comes with a reasonable price tag of $39 and can be easily customized to fit your preference.

These are some of the top themes with unusual layouts; it is important that you check each one out individually and then decide on what you want.

A better idea would be to do a short demo as that should clue you in as to how good the theme is and whether it is the one that you have been looking for.

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