8 Storefront WordPress Themes for Online Shops and Store Platforms

Storefront WordPress Themes

Have you ever come up with an idea of having your own online storefront or commercial platform along with your brick and mortar store to make more profit?

Then you’d love our roundup of the best e commerce ready and storefront WordPress themes developed specifically for online commercial activities, online storefronts, e shops, auction platforms, virtual shopping cart based environments and other trading and e commerce based activities online.

Undoubtedly, WordPress is an ideal platform for e commerce performances of any kind, from the presentation and promotion of a small grocery store in your locality to advertising a worldwide chain of branded commercial businesses and everything in between.

And the reasons why e commerce is so popular at present are many. Such kind of relations between sellers and buyers are based on a mutually beneficial cooperation that saves time and efforts, financial means for both sides, keeps everything under control and easy to manage, etc.

Hence, if you are planning to create a strong and customer oriented shopping website and translated into a fully versatile selling machine, you are welcome to do it with one of the best storefront WordPress themes we have put together in this article for you.

Storefront WordPress Themes

From music and other digital product selling companies to fashion and model based world’s specialists, handmade product makers and sellers, furniture stores and construction material manufacturers, online boutique and luxury store owners, absolutely anyone will find these storefront WordPress themes competent enough to support his or her online presence with accurate product listings and categorizations, online payment systems integration and more, as all of them are checked for their compatibility for the popular ecommerce, WooCommerce and payment plugins.

SKT Bags

Bag Store WordPress Theme

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Feminine Shop

Feminine WordPress theme

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Spectacles is one of the most suitable eye care and optics, sunglasses and accessories storefront WordPress themes you can rely on.

Create the most engaging and convenient shopping environment for your online buyers while making the most of the given platform, color and font choices, layout options and page building experience with compatible page builders and visual composers.

What makes this template highly competitive is its social media friendly and search engine optimized nature. If we also add the theme’s wonderful responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility, you can be sure to have the highest possible rankings in the digital realm.

If you’d need more controls and more functional capacities for realizing all your ideas catering to your online storefront, you are free to add different useful plugins, from WooCommerce and payment gateways to shortcodes, multilingual, contact form and more.

Flower Shop

flower shop WordPress theme

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Another creative and visually pleasing theme ready to serve your ecommerce and online shopping needs is Flower Shop.
There is no limit to what you can do with Flower Shop or what look and feel of your site you can achieve with the preloaded options and additional tools available with third party plugins.

Noting motivates the web admins like the chance of being independent and initiative in his actions. Therefore, this self hosted and GPL based theme is what a commercial website owner will absolutely like thanks to its admin friendly and hassle free nature when it comes to customizing it the way needed.

Google approved fonts, layout options, footer and header variations, page building compatibility, default contact form or a more advanced one with plugins, default slider with animation, pause time and other controls are all delivered with Flower Shop.

SKT Landing Page

landing page WordPress theme

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Landing page is an indispensable part of commercial marketing and in this relation SKT Landing Page is what you will need for your storefront website.

The overall theme is kept minimalistic and clean to give you more space to use for your digital and physical products listings to win more attention and get more eyes on them.

Flat and material design style adopted makes the whole picture more aesthetical and modern looking. You can also contribute to the picture with pixel perfect images of the products and merchandise, informative footer, header and sidebar choices with links, social media links and buttons, call to actions and more.

Luxury Watch

SKT Luxury pro

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If you are looking for one of the beginner friendly storefront WordPress themes to get your commercial website up and perfectly running without having to dig around in code, look no other way than Luxury Watch.

The professional authors of Luxury Watch have devoted their time and all resources to grant its end user with a ready made and well coded template to finalize as per the user’s taste, preferences, business needs, international client base expectations and more.


Shopzee has been created exactly with e commerce activities in the developers’ mind. It means, whatever the type of your storefront or e commerce presence, it will be well functioning with this responsive and mobile friendly, shortcodes armed and live customizer supported theme.

This powerful framework is going to affect everything, from your store’s social media presence and search engine positions to the way it attracts new flows of traffic and boosted revenue.

Expand your site’s capacity with plugins and integrate WooCommerce potential with shopping cart and more, add as many products, categories and listings as you want.

Translate your site and its content into multiple languages to trade on an international level and yet much more to be practiced with Shopzee.

Toy Store

Another WooCommerce based awesome template marked as one of the awesome storefront WordPress themes is called Toy Store.

Toy retailers, gift stores, handmade boutiques and other storefronts can hit their peak with this amazingly editable and customizable template.

Setting up the most eye catchy and colorful tone of your site with color picker, establish order with accurate content zones, parts and boxes, schedule blog posts to keep your profile active all the time and integrate different plugins and add ons to make your operation more fruitful and client supporting.

There are no written rules for how your online storefront should be so you can get creative and original with dozens of customizer packed settings and elements, homepage slider for high quality images and more.

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