Snow Removal WordPress Themes for Snow Clearing and Shovelling

The best collection of nature and environment friendly snow removal WordPress themes is shared with you for snow removal, walkways and driveway plowing, snow clearing and shovelling from roofs.

And winter weather services, winter landscaping and gardening, lawn care and fertilizing, yard and garden clean up, as well as other nature and weather related service provision websites and blogs.

The Nature and the ecological environment we live in need special care and attention throughout the year and irrespective of season, time of the year, weather conditions and more.

From keeping them clean and unpolluted for the ongoing viability of nature and the viable environment for life on the one hand, and safe and secure for the human activities and human protection from sever conditions on the other hand, there is not any issue to escape our consideration.

Our snow removal WordPress themes are directed to the manifestation of such topics and niches, NGO and nature protection programs, snow removal and plant care services, eco friendly and agricultural websites, nature lover blogs, etc.

Each of these nature optimized and snow removal WordPress themes is meant to be completely versatile in usage enabling every single website user to communicate to the target audience for the realization of his or her projects and events.

Getting in touch with clients and customers, engage more and more people and unite them around one single objective.

Finally, there is one more important thing to stress when talking about these templates is their affordable pricing.

The overhead expenses of marketing your relevant services and products or promoting special undertakings that can weight a ton for all those who will try to use other tools and strategies other than the digital ones can be significantly cut down with these snow removal WordPress themes.

SKT Gardening

gardening landscaping WordPress theme


Feel the joy of having reliable assistant next to you when it comes to forming a productive website and going live with SKT Gardening.

It is one of the nature and environmental optimized snow removal WordPress themes is proficient when dealing with any kind of specific content, be it a nature protection or donation program, governmental subdivision concerned with snow removal and recycling services, or a private company with snow management offers.

Based on the latest WordPress coding and styling controls, SKT Gardening goes smoothly with social media platforms and search engine algorithms to bring as many website guests as you would like to have.




Donation is the next seriously taken care of and profoundly worked out template that will fit diverse needs catering to non profit organizations and donation campaigns, snow removal and lawn care, gardening and other service provision, and even online shopping.

All the available residential and commercial services, programs and offers can be well laid out on your site’s posts and pages, since Donation comes equipped with a strong yet customizable structure for you to modify as per your content and its classification.

Along with textual content, images and photos can be added to the theme’s slider or prebuilt gallery section to serve the aesthetic needs of your audience across diverse platforms, portable and hand held devices.


condimentum new


Condimentum is one more professional tip among the best snow removal WordPress themes with special digital conditions and requirements in the developers’ mind.

There are hundreds of people in your locality searching the Internet for landscape, lawn and shrubs winterizing, snow plowing and removal, winter yard and paving maintenance and other services which are exactly within the scope of your operations.

In this relation, Perfect Nature will grant you with relevant SEO status to meet all those people in the digital spectrum and offer your assistance.

The theme is also completely widget friendly with PO file inclusion for web translation activities, as well as superbly commercialized with plugin compatibility to push out your online sales and service bookings.

Clean Pro

clean pro


Clean Pro is crafted for ambitious businessmen working on home and apartment, office and residential, in house and outdoor, winter and nature based service provision spectrum to conquer the highest peak of digital dominance.

When you are looking for maximum profitability and the highest quality of your business, it’s unjustified to restrict your group to a physical one.

More clients, more leads and revenues are waiting for you online, and using Clean Pro as a starting spot of your success journey will be the best action you can ever take.

Whether you are managing your site alone or are going to gather a team of enthusiasts to take care of the daily updates and content of your site, be sure work organization and authors’ assignments from the admin panel of the theme will never be a challenge for you.


SKT BlendIt


Energetic and modern, Blendit is another solid template to serve your specific needs and business perspectives.

It’s up to you to adopt traditional or interactive web promotion methods with legible and high quality articles, images, contact details, blog area with news and novelties, interviews and more to make your snow removal or seasonal maintenance services actual and highly demanded.

The theme is also 100 % responsive with mobile and browser adaptability, easy to use admin dashboard from the backend, shortcodes application and a bulk of customization controls.

SKT Christmas



Since the most wonderful time of the year is under our nose with its magic smell, it will be reasonable to include SKT Christmas in our article as well.

Designed specifically for New Year and Christmas joys, celebrations, preparations, residential and corporate festive decorations, Christmas tree sales online, it can also be freely used for other winter related topics and businesses.

Hence, you can effortlessly use SKT Christmas for sharing your snow removal and clearing services online and help thousands of people save their time on more enjoyable activities.

All in all, this festive and colorful website is complete in every aspect, from firm layout that is responsive and SEO friendly to PO file inclusion for translating content, Customizer performance for daily updates and configurations, etc.

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