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People need potent individuals to impart their wisdom and experience to them. If you are someone who is experienced in a field, then there is nothing wrong with creating a platform where you can openly share your expertise.

People need more than just good education to be successful and that is why public speakers have become extremely popular. When people look at a speaker they are amazed by the glamor of their life.

However, they do not know how hard it is to work and create yourself. It is extremely difficult to get people who will listen to you in the beginning. If you are interested in becoming a public speaker, then your journey should start with a website and social media pages.

If you are designing a website then there is no better CMS than WordPress. With the help of public speaker WordPress themes, you can design a professional website that highlights your public speaking career and highlights.

public speaker WordPress themes

You can do this with the help of amazing plugins and public speaker WordPress themes. There are a lot of public speakers WordPress themes but these few are the best in the market.

1. Online Coach Pro

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Online Coach Pro is a responsive WordPress theme that can be used by coaches, personal trainers, and other experts.

This theme can be used with different event calendars and the WooCommerce plugin that helps you sell tickets for a live event.

2. IT Consultant Pro

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Consultants, speakers, and experts in different fields need their websites to display their expertise with evidence. This theme is designed for this specific purpose. You can display what you have to offer as a public speaker in one of the main sections of the theme.

You can display customer testimonials to gain authority and trust. If you want to be a good public speaker, you need to show your expertise by publishing content.

That is why this theme comes with an amazing blog section. In the last section of this theme, you can display all the contact information and also leave a contact form.

3. Marvin


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Marvin is a dynamic WordPress theme that helps thousands of charismatic speakers show their skills. If you choose this theme then your website will be like your online profile as a public speaker.

You can display your picture which will help people recognize you when they go to your events. In the next section, you can introduce yourself. This theme allows you to highlight your skills and sell them as services.

Keep publishing new blog posts to gain an organic following. You can do this with the blog section of the theme. If you are selling tickets to your event or some services then you can display the pricing for the same with this theme.

In the end, this theme provides a contact form. If a visitor is impressed with what they saw on your home page, they may contact you.

4. Political Candidate

political candidate WordPress theme

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Political Candidate is a theme that has been designed to suit individuals who are looking to make a change. You can raise funds and display your events with this theme.

You can highlight the main causes that you believe in as a notable public figure. This feature makes it one of the best public speaker WordPress themes.

5. SKT CoachPress


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This is a theme that is for people who can encourage others. Inspirational leaders, political figures, business leaders, public speakers, and coaches can use this theme. The overall color tone of this theme is stylish pink so if you are a woman then this will be a great theme for you.

The colors of this theme can be changed once you install it. With the services section, you can highlight how your coaching services can help people.

One great thing about this theme is that you can upload videos easily. If people can see you in a past event then they will be inspired to join you at your latest event.

6. SKT Events

Any big event needs a dedicated website and social media presence. This theme is designed for expos, conventions, and business-related events. However, it can also be used by public figures to promote their future events.

All the stock images are related to public speaking events so it fits well. It is video friendly so it will be easier to generate interest in your future events.

7. Event Planners Pro

Event Planners Pro can be used to design a website for an event agency, wedding agency, seminars, conferences, expos, and public speaking events.

If you are a public speaker then you can use a lot of images available in this theme. The best feature of this theme is that you can highlight the different pricing packages.

8. SKT Tutor

This website is for subject matter experts who want to impart their knowledge to students. If you are a teacher and want to enroll students in your different courses then this theme is perfect for you.

Since this theme focuses a lot on individual tutors it can also be used by other public speakers or experts. You can publish the feedback that you have received to create a positive image of yourself. In a crucial section of this theme, you can highlight the different courses that you provide right now.

9. SKT Woman Pro

SKT Woman Pro is all about empowering women to be the best version of themselves. You can sell courses, therapy, coaching sessions, and event tickets through this site.

If you are a feminist speaker and want to get yourself out there then this is a great theme. You can also show what you have achieved so far with this theme.

People have questions when they discover a new public speaker. Most of these questions will be about their problems and the speaker’s expertise. You can address these questions using the FAQS section.

10. SKT Specialist

SKT Specialist is a responsive WordPress theme that can be used by experienced business consultants. Highlight the services that you provide as a solopreneur. You can feature positive client stories so that people can trust you.

They have a section that lets you talk about your pricing plans. You can gain leads for your consulting business with the help of a contact form.

After reading all the information about you as a specialist if a visitor is convinced that they need your help then they can fill out the form. You can easily prove your expertise by publishing informative blogs.

11. GB Consulting

You can professionally present yourself or your business with the help of this theme. It is important to highlight data that describes what makes you the best in the industry. You can provide information about the different sectors that you serve.

In the next section, you can describe your services with the help of text and animated elements. If you have done work in your field before then you should publish it on your site as a portfolio.

A section of this site is dedicated to showcasing the unique selling proposition of your business. Next to that, you have a contact form which is the call to action. If visitors are impressed with your USP then they will reach out to you. This theme is great in yielding results.

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