Music Store WordPress Themes for Musicians and Bands

If you have a music store, you have a limited reach in your locality. The other option to promote your services is being active online. That can only be done with a well-made website that will promote your music store.

You should provide some parts of your services online so that people will have a reason to visit your website. Making a music store website is not easy because it is essentially different from other regular websites.

The website needs a hip feel, and a music player should be included. If you are starting a website for your music store website, you need to get the right theme. There are around 11 music store WordPress themes that will be perfect for you.

Music Store WordPress Themes

List of Best Music Store WordPress Themes

1. Musical Sounds

musical sounds

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A music player is included with this theme, and the player can be of any size. It comes with the theme and can be used to play anything from albums to singles. The theme can be used by bands, label companies, agents, music stores, etc.

This theme was created to be responsive, mobile phone friendly, cross-browser friendly, and functional on different devices. To attract customers to your store or website, you need to provide the content. You can post the latest news about the music industry. There is a lot of content to be created there, and you can use the blog sidebar in the theme.

2. GB Podcast


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This is an energetic podcast theme that helps people speak their minds. Podcasts are a part of the internet where everything is about trends. Some podcasts will be trending, which can be highlighted with the help of this theme.

An entire section of this theme is dedicated to trending podcasts. It has a call to action with help of which anyone can start their own podcast.

A lot of businesses related to podcasts get registered every day, but only a limited number of them make an impact. If you want your company to impact, you must have a strong online presence.

3. SKT MovieMaker

SKT MovieMaker

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This theme has a classic look with black and gold colors used. Many video players are integrated into this theme, making it a top choice for acting portfolio sites, production companies, agents, studios, etc.

It can also be used in music stores. To promote your music store, you should start by uploading videos of the store and your process. This will attract music fanatics to your store easily.

4. Music Producer

music band WordPress theme

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If you are starting your music career, you need a strong theme that can support you in any phase of your career. You can highlight your latest albums, events, and latest album news. If you have happy fans, they can say positive things about you on the site.

A website is a perfect place to sell your merchandise to your fans. A good musician can make good use of a powerful website. Websites like these are built with similar music store WordPress themes.

5. Melody

music studio WordPress theme

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This is a responsive WordPress theme that can be used by musicians, bands, music studios, music stores, etc. You can showcase your recent performance or work with the slider on the homepage.

Whenever someone visits your website, they want to see your recent work, and the same is true for musicians. Your fans will want to know what you are up to for the next of the year.

So, if you are touring, you can highlight your tour dates with the help of this theme. This theme has many flexible functions, making it one of the best music store WordPress themes.

6. SKT Tube

video WordPress theme

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This theme is suitable for any website that needs to upload a lot of video content. A fully responsive video slider is included in this theme. The videos can be from any video hosting website like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Youtube, etc.

You can highlight your latest videos, featured videos, artists, and merchandise with the help of this theme. People always need something to wait for, and with the help of this theme, you will be able to highlight upcoming videos.

All artists need support, and you can get that support from your followers through donations. This theme comes with a donation plugin, and you just have to activate it to accept donations.

7. Home Theatre

This theme is created for a home theatre company. It can also be used by other businesses like music stores, DVD stores, etc. This theme does not waste any time and dives right into the products that have the most demand. It also makes navigating the website easy as it divides products into different categories.

If you want music from pop, you can click on that category and buy music records from that genre only. While this theme is originally designed for home theatre businesses, it is one of the best music store WordPress themes because of its features.

8. SKT Videography Pro

This theme suits film directors, actors, film studios, producers, vloggers, etc. It is easy to install this theme and then customize it according to your own needs. You can upload and edit your own video content once this theme is active. More than 4 sections are included in this theme which will make your website more compelling.

It is speed optimized, retina ready, and SEO friendly. Nowadays, the text is old, and people focus more on video. The attention span of most people is too short, and that’s why video content is getting popular. It will only get more popular, and you should target your audience with the help of this theme.

9. SKT Night Club

The SKT Night Club theme gives the chill vibe that many dancers or musicians need for their website. It can be used to build a website for the club, but if you want to promote your store using this, you should go ahead. You will be able to show future events, pricing, and give your staff the recognition they deserve.

If you have any pricing packages in your store, you can highlight them on your website so that potential customers will know how much they will have to pay in your store.

10. FilmMaker

This is the perfect theme for filmmakers, actors, videographers, directors, film studios, producers, agents, dancers, musicians, etc.

You can use this theme to deliver all the information that you have. Communicate with the visitors about the services that you provide. Then describe how your production process works.

After that, all you have to do to impress a prospect is to highlight positive customer reviews. Besides the important part of the website, you can use other sections to create news about recent events. You can also use a section of the website to release the trailer of the latest movie connected to your business.

11. Disco Dancer

You can do justice to your dancing talent using a website that promotes you. To ensure that your talent shines on the website, you need the right theme. Dancers, dancing trainers, and musicians can use this theme. You can make an online appointment with the bookings plugin.

The payment can be made because of the WooCommerce integration. To gain a new audience, you constantly have to create insightful content related to the industry. You can use the blog layout for this.

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