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Mobile First WordPress Themes with demo content download

The trend in web design seems to be undergoing a revolution of sorts with muted colors and neutral ones being delegated to the background, as more web designers start experimenting with bolder colors.

And if you are planning to set up a website for your business, this fall, then that’s what you need to do – you need to ensure that your website co-opts in some of the current trends so that it stands out for the right reason.

Static web pages are a thing of the past and customers always appreciate new, innovative designs and features; given this it makes more sense for you to include the same on your website. Of course, it also comes down to the framework you select and to that end; you may want to go ahead with mobile first WordPress themes.

The mobile first WordPress themes are some of our best ranked themes, earmarked especially for their latest design and innovative features.

Mobile First WordPress themes

Moreover, these themes are all multipurpose mobile first WordPress themes, which means that they can be repurposed to suit any industry/ niche. Just check out some of our top ranked mobile first WordPress themes and you’ll see why they all stand out, from others.

SKT Cosmetics:


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Some of the common features of mobile first WordPress themes are:

Compatible with popular plugins
Ongoing updates and assistance
Blog integrated
Client testimonial for trust building
Contact Form 7 Compatibility
Social media integrated

SKT Flooring:

SKT Flooring

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GB IT Company:

GB IT Company

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The GB IT Company is a part of Mobile First WordPress Themes designed with a mobile-first approach, making it perfect for IT companies, tech startups, and digital agencies. Its primary focus is on providing an excellent user experience on mobile devices, ensuring your website looks great and functions smoothly on smartphones and tablets. This theme features clean and professional layouts, customizable color schemes, and easy-to-use design options. It is SEO-friendly so helps you get more reach. It is integrated with popular plugins like WooCommerce for e-commerce functionality.



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GB Construction:

GB Construction

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SKT Garage:


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SKT Lights

SKT Lights

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SEO Marketing

SEO WordPress theme

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Even a cursory look at this theme should make it apparent that it belongs with the rest of the mobile first WordPress themes, given its bold color and innovative design features.

The overall design is outstanding; it certainly manage to garner a lot of attention and even though it has been primarily designed for Christmas and New Year, it can be re-utilized for any industry/ niche.

The theme is completely responsive and scalable so your users should be able to view your website without any loss of functionality. It also comes with a home page as well as several sections that you can use as it is, for your website.

Apart from these pre-built pages, it also comes with two types of layouts, full wide as well as boxed which should enable you to tweak as to how you would like your website to appear.

The theme is also customizable and comes loaded with 100+ short codes which should enable you to develop, tweak and modify any page element with ease and you do not even know how to code, in order to do so.

The interesting thing about this theme is that it comes with side bar layouts for even the posts so you can essentially customize the lot.

Mobile first WordPress themes are compatible with third party plugins and you should be able to provide your users with advanced functionality, which should help boost your SEO rankings. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 as well as free installation and round the clock support for a year.

Complete Pro

This theme happens to be one of the top billed themes when it comes to mobile first WordPress themes; apart from the fact that it comes with an outstanding classic design, it should also be pointed out that this theme is a multi-purpose one as well.

This theme comes with various theme options through which you can change both the colors and opacity of the same, when used on the website.

Apart from this, it also comes with several short codes that you can use to change various page elements on your website. One of the neat things about this particular theme is the fact that it comes with pre-built pages, sections that you can “use as they are” for your website as well as a pre-built contact form with captcha.

This should prove to be quite useful as far as marketing is concerned.

It also comes with dual side bar, layout options which should help you enhance how your website to others and the fact that the theme comes with compatibility to external plugins should enable you to provide your users with advanced functionality which should help you better your SERPS.

The theme comes with a price tag of $39 which is a real steal given all the widgets and tools that it comes with.

Computer repair

Although the theme is not a minimalistic one, at least not in the real sense, it may as well be one for its clean, uncluttered appearance.

This theme makes it apparent why it makes more sense to choose from mobile first WordPress themes for your professional website. For starters, the overall design is dynamic, resilient and responsive; and it is fully customizable as well.

And essentially, you can customize any feature on your website with ease and without any hassle. Moreover, it comes with inner page templates so you do not need to set up or design any additional pages for your website but instead you can use these, to good effect.

The theme is also compatible with third party plugins as well as woo-commerce compatible. What this means is that with this theme, you can set up an integrated payment gateway for your clients as well as provide them with added functionality. The theme comes with a price of $39 which is really a steal at that rate.

IT Consultant

As a dynamic and responsive theme, it becomes apparent why this theme ranks so well among all the mobile first WordPress themes. For one, it comes with a slightly minimalistic design, but one that optimizes on its strategic use of white space.

The end result is that all the attention is focused on the important parts of the website and this should lead to a better conversion rate. One of the current design trends is utilizing animation in the overall design, from that of the homepage to the business logo itself and the end result, is an attractive package.

The good news is that this theme is coded with HTML5 and CSS3, so with the right short code from among the 100+ that the theme comes loaded with, you should be able to animate your landing page, to good effect. It also comes with both parallax and infinitive scrolling which essentially means that your users can check out other posts as they scroll down the page.

As a result, you are bound to get more page views and better SEO ranking. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 as well as the fact that you can auto translate the content into various languages with the right translation plugins.


One of the aspects of mobile first WordPress themes is the fact that all the themes are responsive and completely scalable and to that end, this theme fits the bill. The health theme is 100% responsive and comes with a unique design that’s eye catching and yet, uncluttered and simplistic.

It also comes with a drop down menu, intuitive design as well as intelligent navigation so your user should be able to access the same with ease. The theme comes with over 500+ Google fonts as well as over 300+ font icons so you should be able to use the same to make your website stand out for all the right reasons.

It also comes with 100+ short codes that you can utilize to change any page element as well as color picker which you can use to change the colors, tones etc. Moreover, it is also translation ready and comes with POT file. Essentially this means that you can use this theme with third party plugins which will automatically translate the content for you.

As a result, you should be able to market your products and services to a wider audience. The theme comes with a price tag of $39, which is a real steal when you consider the fact that the theme comes with templates as well as advanced functionality.

The Celebration

One of the best things about banquet hall WordPress theme is its flexibility and its ease of use. The theme itself is designed with a simple and yet elegant design with drop down menu leading to the various sections so your users should be able to locate the same with ease.

Moreover, it comes with a simple interface which was built for the same purpose, to help your users navigate your web pages with ease.

Mobile first WordPress themes also comes with post layout options as well as other general layouts; it also comes with side bar, header and footer options. You can use these to draw more attention to the CTA, and the fact that the theme is compatible with third party plugins.

Essentially this means that you can now provide your clients with advanced functionality such as integrated payment gateway, page builders, advanced page builders and much more.

The theme comes with a price tag of $48, along with a POT file – meaning that it is retina and HD ready as well as translation ready. Soon, with the right plugins, you should be able to translate your content automatically and market your products and services to a larger audience.

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