20+ Best Mashable Style WordPress Themes Available to Download

WordPress is known for giving some fantastic bloggers a platform. There are millions of people who visit WordPress every day, and they visit some very popular websites that have been designed to be breathtaking. They are ecstatic, and many would like to get the same style. Here, we get introduced to WordPress themes.

Mashable WordPress themes are collections of templates and style sheets that get together to give a great feel to the WordPress blog.

They can be made and used freely with just a loader. They can also be changed and managed and can be easily added from the admin area of WordPress. WordPress even has made some of its collection of free themes that you can find in their theme directory.

Each theme you download comes with their own set of layouts and features that you can add freely to any blog. A user needs to choose a theme that fits their style and taste. Some themes are even designed for particular types of websites. For example, WordPress photography themes are designed for the use of photographers and photography.

There is a specific file for WordPress that can be edited for the modification of the theme. The name of the file is functions.php. Every theme that you download contains a unique style.css file. The file is different for every theme, and it defines how the theme will work the styles that will be in the file will be considered when the theme is being loaded into the blog.

Bistro is a simple storefront mashable WordPress themes. It does not have any fancy gimmick and features, but it is made for easy and straightforward navigation. This theme is basically for fans of simplicity or wants to make a storefront type page.

A storefront theme is for people who want to make a store like pages. It features a page that is warm and friendly. Thats beneficial for everyone.


  • Attracting people to simplicity, we want to make the users feel more focused and in a safe environment.
  • This safe environment can benefit the user and the page owner because people would be more interested in the content you are putting out and will see it in a non-judgmental way.
  • This is especially beneficial for people who run stores because your content will be considered more without too many arguments.
  • This further means, obviously, more sales.

mashable WordPress themes

Best Mashable Style WordPress Themes


Food Wordpress Theme



bakery wordpress theme


As the name suggests, if you are trying to open an online bakery, this theme is perfect for you. It consists of a large selection of tasty homepages that will make the mouths of the visitors’ water and left wanting more of what you have to offer.

A bakery emits a different kind of vibe, but it’s a tasty kind of vibe. Croissants and biscuits, fresh and warm, is something that some people crave often. This theme will be beneficial to them.


  • Cursive letters decorate this theme’s simplistic homepages with tasty pastel backgrounds give a soft feel to it.
  • You can edit the images as you like and make the page feel more unique.
  • Some of the creations of your amazing bakery will do this theme so much good.
  • Don’t sleep off on this one. It will work.
  • There are hundreds of reviews on the page of this theme that prove this theme’s amazingness.

SKT Cafe Pro

Cafe shop WordPress theme


The mashable WordPress themes is perfect for a coffee shop. The font is just the way we usually want it to be, but this theme focuses more on the content than the font itself. It gives a coffee shop vibe in a manner we cannot precisely describe in words. Maybe a therapist can, but we have a special section for them. Just keep reading. It can also be easily used for restaurants. With just a background edit in the configuration, and you can make it for your tastes.


  • The dark brown and coffee brown color selections for this theme will soothe any coffee lover because it might even be their favorite color.
  • The design templates in this theme are enormous, and you can easily select your favorite template from the selection menu in configurations.
  • You can even use it for your coffee themed personal blog.
  • If you have a love for coffee, we suggest you show it proudly.

Coffee Shop

coffee Shop


This theme is also a coffee theme, but this one is more elegant. It allows you to design an enormous type of homepages and other pages with simple and bold designs and letters. It is minimalistic and stylish, something that we do not see very much often. It is perfect for restaurant and coffee themed websites.

They explore with food and bakes, also cakes, and this theme fits perfectly for any food dependent. Because this is so simple, it can fit a wider variety of topics.


  • From restaurants to coffee shops and everything in between can be easily customized with this theme.
  • You can also use it for your blog.
  • Yes, you might have to customize a few aspects of it, but it might not even be that tough at the end of the day.
  • This is a very beneficial theme that you can get for cheap, and you can so many uses for it. It is amazing.




Restro is an exquisite theme that we have found in our search through the internet. It is as fancy as you want it to be. It can be easily customized with a large number of options. It consists of many homepages and other pages that you can easily customize to fit your tastes. People have varied tastes, and they should be fulfilled with what they expect from a restaurant theme.


  • You can have a vegan restaurant, and this will still fit your tastes.
  • The enormous selection of homepages that this theme provides is unlike any other, and it will give you a lot to browse from.
  • Restaurant websites can be designed the way you want it to be.
  • If it fits the vibe, it’s certainly working.

SKT Therapist Pro



This mashable WordPress themes is specially designed with doctors in mind. You can use this theme no matter what medical field you are in. It is accessible easily and goes well because it has cool colors such as blue and white;


  • It gives a very calm and friendly vibe. It also provides a feeling of safe space because that is what a doctor’s clinic should be.
  • This also helps the doctor make patients stay on their website and get the treatment because they do not want to scare them away.
  • If you want simplicity and cool blue colors, then this is your type of theme.
  • This cool theme will surely give your page a great feeling that you will be glad to browse from.

SKT NewsPaper Pro

This is a theme that is known for its responsiveness. It is a fully-fledged responsive theme that has been popular with bloggers and photographers alike. It is also cross-browser compatible. You can use it cross-platform on your favorite browsers. It is fully compatible with all browser platforms.


  • You can use it on mac and configure it from safari as well.
  • You can also choose from multiple great colors from the configuration menu and select the color that perfectly fits your tastes.
  • The theme also supports various shortcodes that are available for different types of posts that you might create.
  • These themes also come with many amazing icons that you can use on your blog easily to link to any other social media.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been used in the medical market since the time it was legalized. It is a very booming business that has skyrocketed many entrepreneurs into great success. Many people open blogs or even shops on WordPress for their medical marijuana.


  • There are many different home pages and web pages to choose from.
  • You can easily customize each home and web page that might fit your tastes accordingly.
  • The whole process is pretty simple and gets done in just a few minutes.
  • You can use this for your medical marijuana shop, or maybe you have a blog about cannabis that you want a good theme for.

Tea Shop

WordPress has been home to many small scale businesses that have been booming for a long while. There are owners of bakeries and coffee shops that have been coming there. But that’s not where it stops. Many tea owners also have their shops set up in WordPress. This theme is designed with that business in mind.


  • It is intended for all things tea, and even if you want a good looking blog to share your tea experiences.
  • This theme will perfectly go with that. It is perfect for showcasing every type of tea that you have in your shop.
  • You can create separate pages for the presentation. You can even add slides.
  • This theme is fully responsive and cross-browser supported. It will work on all your devices.


This is a very simple and cleanly designed mashable WordPress themes for corporate and minimalistic blogs. Many people love minimalism, and this theme will go perfectly for them. This theme is responsive and adaptive, so it will adapt to every browser you use it and work cross-platform.


  • It is fully interactive and has slides features that will let you add slides to your blog.
  • You can also change the color to anything that fits your style of blog and change what is shown below the slides and the main content.
  • This is a great theme if you are making a blog about something serious or have made a web page for your office.
  • This theme goes perfectly with that.

SKT Events

This theme is perfect for event management companies. It is a colorful theme with more focus on the content fitting to the colors used from the theme. It is fully customizable, so you can use any combination of colors and elements you want to use. This theme also uses google fonts, so you get a vast number of choices for the fonts you want to fit your blog’s taste.


  • It is also simple and minimalistic, so you can use it in a very free manner with no hassle what so ever.
  • It is also compatible with various calendar applications and plugins that you might find for WordPress.
  • With its minimalistic design comes the simplicity of listings where you can list the events simply and cleanly.


This is an exquisite theme that is designed for wedding blogs or websites. If you offer decorative wedding services, you can use this theme to make your website come to life. The slides provide a great way of showing your wedding testimonials and pictures that make your website more attractive and trustworthy.


  • The color schemes can be changed to your tastes, and also the different parts of the page can be changed as well.
  • You can turn this theme to your preference with much simplicity and ease, and because of the simple and minimal design of the theme.
  • The users of the website will have a great time browsing it.
  • This is the best choice if you want a wedding-related theme.

Mashable WordPress themes. work wonders in making a website feel and look more authentic. Many people make WordPress blogs because domains are expensive sometimes, it can come as a handy tool for several small scale business owners and also blog owners.

People make blogs to create records of their studies or even write down their thoughts. These free themes give their blog a fresh feel and make the blog feel better than it does in a normal theme. These themes will fit any type of blog that you want to make and make the blog way better than it originally looks.

SKT Magazine Pro

If you are working on building up a site which is based on news and magazines then SKT Magazine Pro is a highly mashable WordPress theme for you. SKT Magazine Pro offers different side bar layout possibilities for you to decide if you want one, two, three or no side bar at all.

It also provides different homepage layouts that helps you out to customize your site.
As a news site you will have to post a lot on the site which can easily be managed by this theme. It offers a lot of features and functions but it is very easy to use and also it is very affordable.

Some of the features of this theme are –

  • It is a multilingual theme and it is totally translation ready
  • It is compatible with various SEO plug-ins
  • It can be used for any large scale news websites
  • You can use color customization also.
  • Very affordable


If you like to work from home and run a blog then this is a mashable WordPress theme for you. No matter if you are a student, working mother, blogger, or you like to work from home this theme is easy to use for all and adds a different kind of functionality to your site and highly enhances its visual presentation.

If you do now know how to design and decorate your site, this is a theme for you.
It is well designed and has great functionality.

If you have knowledge about any specific topic It is a highly mashable WordPress theme for running your own blog.

Some of its features are –

  • Compatible for various plug-ins that blogs need
  • Color customization is also integrated
  • User friendly theme, easy to work with
  • Fully customised to use comment plug-ins
  • Very useful for revenue generation and have several spots and widgets to add content for revenue generation

Film maker

If you are planning to build a website which is based on movies or movie booking like book my show, TicketNew, CinemaBlend, etc, then this theme is very mashable for you. Various layouts available for better selection. Color selection is also available. Different features available for customizing the videos on your site. Video industry is growing largely and it’s the right time to invest in a website that is based on video information. This is a mashable WordPress theme for your website.

Some features of this theme

  • Gutenberg editor can be used because it is a Gutenberg compatible theme
  • Header and footer section with different layouts
  • Page templates also available
  • It is very easy to use them and it is designed in a way that anyone can understand it’s usage very quick
  • It is not expensive at all as it provides a lot of functionality and features in a very easy to understand way.

SKT coupon

Do you love deals and discounts? And want to build a website totally based on coupon deals and discounts to offer to other people and make money out of it then this is one of the best mashable WordPress themes for you.

By this theme you can design. It has the most reliable features for your coupon website.
It is designed in a way to compete with the high revenue generating coupon websites.
This includes all the functions required for your coupon website.

Many of the features of this theme includes –

  • With this affordable cost one can get high benefits
  • Can be customised in such a way that others can add their own brand deals on your website
  • Options to use HD videos and images on your website
  • A lot of features are available at one click
  • Search bar option is also included in the design
  • Different types of Header layouts are available

Girlie pro

Girlie pro is a very feminine WordPress theme which can be just by women all over the world.
Women are highly talented and smart and now many of them are heading towards their golden future by working from home, starting a website, being an entrepreneur,or starting a blog. No, matter what you do this highly mashable WordPress theme will help you out in your journey. Whether you need to create a portfolio, showcase your art and talent or make a blog for yourself, Girlie pro is the best option for you to start with.

Some of the features of Girlie pro are –

  • Can be used for blogging in different niches. such as art and crafts, recipes, writing, clothing, styling, beauty tips etc.
  • Can use for affiliate marketing and have features to help you in generating revenue through ads.
  • Different widgets available for including ads
  • Newsletter section is also available
  • Different features for the color and layout management


Having an impressive portfolio is need of the hour and you should invest time and effort in making a good portfolio whether you are looking for a job, online work or if you want to showcase your talent and work to attract more visitors and clients.
Photodock is a mashable WordPress theme to show your work to the world.

If you are a photographer, designer, or creator than you need to have this theme.

This theme has different features –

  • It is really one of the best responsive WordPress theme for making your portfolio
  • Photodock is a Google certified mobile friendly theme.
  • It’s translation and multilingual features are ready to be used
  • It is very affordable and easy to use for making any type of portfolios such as model, photographer or corporate portfolios
  • You can alos use multiple sliders in the home page.

Creative Agency

Creativity is the key to enhance the beauty of anything, whether you are selling any products, working of making videos, films, designs. If you are creative you will always add aesthetics to your work and it further will increase the value of the work you have done.

By using creativity you can get high success in your business, affiliate ads, sales and what not.
Nowadays marketing is also totally dependent on creativity, if you advertise a product in more creative way then people will definitely choose it over the other.
Creative Agency is the highly mashable WordPress theme for showcasing your creativity on your site.

Some of the features of this theme are –

  • Can add different plug-ins to make your site easier to load, so that your showcased work don’t take a lot of time to load
  • Have a feature of color picker so thst you can twerk the color of any element
  • It have different slider bar layout to show your work as you like
  • With various layout features you can design your pages as beautifully as you want
  • Aesthetic footer options are available to make your site more vibrant and stunning


If you want to show all your skills and abilities in one page website then Marvin is highly mashable WordPress theme for showcasing your skills and talents .
You can add as many pictures as you want in the work section and it also allows you to add additional gallery to have more photographs in place.

Features of Marvin :

  • Marvin is compatible for latest versions of WordPress
  • Have all essentials features
  • Multilingual /Translation ready
  • Different Layouts available
  • Easy to use for beginners

High Tech

High teach is highly mashable WordPress theme especially designed for computer repairing shops.

It includes all the features that a repair shop requires :

  • Have call to action space
  • Have a spave for adding phone no.
  • Slider given to ads your work
  • Easy to use with lots of shotcods
  • Blog section for articles and photos section for showcasing previous work is available.

Ele Business

Ele Business is a great theme to start your professional businesses it is a highly mashable WordPress theme for corporate businesses to promote their services.

Features of Ele Business –

  • Simple and lightweight
  • Lods really fast
  • Have a lot of layouts and it is very flexible to use.
  • Designsed foronline selling services
  • Quick call and email options.

In 2021 you must try these high quality mashable WordPress themes and take your career to another level.

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