Literacy Program WordPress Themes for Literacy Programs Courses

Do you want to give your literature and education related website a stunning polish it deserves? Then you will be amazed by the best literacy program WordPress themes we have compiled for learning and education.

Also, literacy program and courses, private tutors and specialists, literature events and conferences, adult and special education and e learning, ebook launch and authors’ activities, websites and personal profiles.

Non profit organizations and charity funds supporting literacy programs for vulnerable groups of children and adults, bookstores and publishing houses, linguists and literature critics, skill development agencies and centers can also greatly benefit from this assemblage of the most amazing literacy program WordPress themes.

In particular, literacy is the key to human success, in general, it is the symbol of the achievements of all mankind and its level of civilization.

Although there is a threatening degradation in the quantity of literate people, the world is not immune to this problem.

There are many activities, events, fundraisers and donators, literacy programs linked both to children and adults trying to make the world more intelligent and educated.

Literacy Program WordPress Themes

The truth is that not only do such kinds of activities and organizations exercise their potential in making changes to the people’s lives, but also the global digital world contributes to the dissemination of relevant topics and programs, undertakings and individuals, centers and learning groups.

It means that the border passing through the social strata, nations and communities singling out those who were educated is now totally eliminated. And this is all thanks to a more advanced and conscious approach to the importance of education and literacy programs both in physical and virtual reality.

Our literacy program WordPress themes are just as comprehensive and smart as you would like them to be in order to communicate your message to your potential learners and followers.

They are developed for individuals and businesses, non profit organizations and private programs to present their works and offers in a professional and trustworthy way.

SKT Library:

SKT library

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SKT Tutor:

SKT Tutor

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SKT Education:

SKT Education

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Whether your literacy programs are dedicated to children in order to cultivate and strengthen their minds or bring more light in adult’s educational life, SKT Education will walk you through the best way to better recognition and trust.

Find the most amazing controls and visual excellence wrapped up in one of the best literacy program WordPress themes with SKT Education.

You can use it for diverse purposes, from creating the official website of your university or school, private learning club or development to selling privately developed literacy programs or bringing volunteers together for contributing to special educational campaigns, the theme’s manageable structure will make all kinds of trendy topics easy to display on your profile.



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Donation is specifically created for serving the needs of NGOs and non profit spectrum with educational and literacy charitable programs across the world.

Manage your activities and make your voice be heard across different social media and other platforms to encourage more people give a helping hand to those who need it.

Apart from social media optimization, Donation is also SEO friendly and exercised in generating more search engine results for your specific business or donation profile.

Save your time and make your work more organized while accepting donations online with donation plugins like Give. You can also make your content understandable for more people and nations with your website’s multilingual content when supported by relevant plugins like WPML, qTranslate X, etc.


adventure WordPress theme

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Adventure is one more accurate and easy to manage web solution among the best education and literacy program WordPress themes to grant your website guests with unforgettable online journey.

Using the given platform as per your needs and matching your follower’s expectations will not cost you hours of hard labor or extra financial means.

Once you are done with the theme purchase at an affordable price and its installation, you are free as in freedom to jumpstart your online career and customize your profile all by yourself.

In this relation, you are armed with as many opportunities and preloaded features as you would like to have for styling and coloring your site, showing off all kinds of available programs and courses with legible fonts, displaying the happy faces of your learners via the homepage slider and more.

Play School:

education WordPress theme

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Play School is an interactive medium for all those specialist and teachers, private tutors and program organizers, who want to make their profile colorful and enjoyable for children and young learners.

A clean and accurate layout is provided with every single touch and element arranged in the right place so that your web content will be easy to find and read.

Additional lines and components, call to actions and social media icons, contact info, logo and homepage slides can be easily added by you when working from the admin panel of the theme.

Online Coach Pro:

online coach new

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Online coaching services and online learning courses are of great popularity at present breaking all the geographical and physical obstacles and making it possible for two sides to meet, interact, teach and learn online.

Online Coach Pro is another highly advised product in our roundup of literacy program WordPress themes that can be effortlessly used for the above mentioned activities and not only.

Let your learners or program participants enjoy your friendly environment, gallery area with eye catchy pictures and images, use contact form for asking questions and receiving answers, and finally, browse your materials, programs and courses with his hand held device, gadget or whatever device it is.

SKT Launch Pro:

Launch Pro

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Finally, there is a culmination of the professionals’ efforts and creative solutions into one fits all educational, literacy, ebook and author websites in the form of SKT Launch Pro.

Checked for its versatility and SEO friendly philosophy, plugin and multilingual support, SKT Launch Pro comes with simple and sophisticated layout to make launching and presentation of your ebooks and written materials, programs and events as easy as possible.

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