10+ Lifestyle WordPress Themes for Lifestyle and Fashion Blogging Websites

A beautiful and smart collection of lifestyle WordPress themes have been presented in this article

They have been sort out as an ideal stimulus for lifestyle and life, fashion and art, interior and design, as well as girl and feminine – centric elegant websites.

Outsmarting your personal or business competition with the right digital strategy is definitely condemned to success.

Gone are those days when only traditional techniques were exercised in order to sandblast your way to triumph.

And what is more exciting in this relation is the fact that in the realm of boundless digital channels and strategies one can find a wide array of affordable tools to acquire and practice fully even with little initial investment.

It means that incorporating an online campaign into your marketing efforts is never a luxury as for the present.

We at SKT Themes are dedicated to converting your personal initiative or business into something worth groundbreaking fame and reputation.

Lifestyle WordPress Themes

Be it a newest digital technology, WordPress codex requirement or simple common sense and sophistication, everything is minutely taken care of when planning, developing and launching niche – specific or general – purpose templates.

This time we offer you to take a look at suggested lifestyle WordPress themes and discover the magnetism of each of them and the way it can contribute to your presence.

Those website building toolkits are custom – built to get you fully covered – cost – effective nature, customization – ready platform, based on easy drag and drop functionality, simplicity in usage, etc.

SKT Lingerie Pro

SKT Lingerie Pro



Model WordPress Theme


Fashion Trends

fashion WordPress theme


Ele Fashion




Jewellery Shop Wordpress Theme


SKT Actor




girly WordPress theme


Wonderfully creative and elegant, dotted with certain feminine touches and color combinations, Girlie is the one famous for convenience and usability in case of every lifestyle blog or magazine, journal, etc, fashion, cosmetics, beauty and health, gym and fitness, yoga and dances, etc.

From independent girl boss to a novice girl with far – going ambitions, anyone can benefit from this original and smart template.

With the help of Girlie your potential customers will be able to find whatever they are looking for in the blink of an eye: from location to offered services and products, contact information, images showcasing successful works, makeups, hair styles or something more.

This modern and fast loading theme also provides SEO integration to be more recognizable for search engines and feels fantastic while cooperating with diverse useful plugins and extensions.


Innovative and deeply intelligent, diligent and comfy while totally dependable and serviceable.

Charm is one of the top – quality lifestyle WordPress themes to cater to fashion or celebrity, artist or singer – related blog or website, household and home décor, leisure and entertainment or other life and lifestyle – centric initiatives and lead it to win big in the digital arena.

No matter whether you are a newly comer in the given field or are a seasoned professional, dealing with Charm and customizing it the way you want will be as easy as a pie for you.

The reason is that all the hard work has been successfully accomplished by the theme developers and hence all types of irritating procedures will be reduced to the minimum.

Diet and Nutrition

Digital productivity is a massive part of your success and global fame. In case you are engaged in creative or original ideas to transform them into works, or want to share the results of your hobby, show off your portfolio items or simply amuse your web viewers and readers with your stunning charm, Diet and Nutrition is one of the best candidates.

Turn yourself into a freak of energy and skyrocket your productivity in the virtual reality to result in more clients and subsequently, more deliverables with this designer – made and easy to use website builder.

Energized by responsiveness and Google mobile friendliness, this theme accommodates your best images to the homepage default slider or some other slider you activate via applicable plugins.

The Art

Even the longest to – do – list will be easily completed with The Art as another highly advisable template in our list of lifestyle WordPress themes available currently. In a world where new web ideas and solutions are created daily, copying from successful websites or working within the same operational framework will never let your occupy top positions.

Hence, instead of getting your hand around what is there to follow or copy, you can simply acquire The Art at an affordable price and find a “blue ocean” instead to use the given unique platform as it is or add your beloved touches to it.

All inclusive in its nature, the theme comes bundled with tons of handy features and customization controls, header and footer options, 100 + shortcodes, translation readiness and e – commerce compliant character, etc.


We all know that purse strings are sometimes tight when it comes to starting a new business or revamping an old one with an intention to monetize it.

So let us help you with an affordable, yet powerful Melody to consider for your future website of any kind, nature or denomination since it has been projected to celebrate multi – purpose flavors and complexion.

By the application of this user and client – optimized ecosystem it will be effortlessly convenient for anyone to inject your identity or working policy into your profile and turn thousands of heads with it even if you have a pretty little developing and designing know – how.


General – purpose and enthralling, Nuptials is one of the trendy and chick lifestyle WordPress themes to keep your several steps ahead of your peers in any industry or in any personal or business affair.

Balanced between strong and persistent nature and lightweight performance, this theme will lend a helping hand to all the web admins far away from coding or developing practices but full with original cues.

For your web visitor’s convenience, the theme is packaged with nicely –arranged theme sections and parts, smooth and polished navigation levels to scan the whole content easily and without distorted visuals. All aspects of responsiveness and mobile compatibility are also taken care of.

A splendid collection of lifestyle WordPress themes is discussed in this article for lifestyle bloggers and fashion – related people.

Celebrities and enthusiastic individuals can share their entertaining content and monetize it. All of them are created with extremely high precision to provide you with stunning features and high – end functional frame to ensure the perfect usability of your lifestyle blog or website.

WordPress content management system has always tried to spotlight the best on can have at his disposal irrespective of the purpose, direction or denomination of the website at the point.

As for the lifestyle and fashion, as well as celebrity behavior patterns, those topics have also won a certain attention and care of WordPress developers and designers who have spare no endeavors to create peachy and rattling lifestyle templates for such occasions.

Take a look at the best lifestyle WordPress themes compiled here and you can find boundless possibilities to establish and promote your entertaining and attention – grabbing lifestyle or vogue – centric, personal or corporate website without spending an all-out effort.

Armed with total flexibility and all – inclusive package, user and admin – optimized performance, those templates will help any admin to refrain from shelling out all his financial means while purchasing any of them.

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