Life Coach WordPress Themes for Life Coaching and Advisors

This time we shed light on some of the best life coach WordPress themes suitable for speakers and life coaches.

Mentors and tutors, therapists and trainers, consultants and advisers, as well as other representatives of health and life industry can also use these life coach WordPress themes.

A well processed alliance between the service provider and the relevant client is highly effective and mutually beneficial thanks to the current digital world and the Internet.

Such alliances are aimed at connecting specialists and individuals from all over the world and establishing strong coaching, training or learning relationships.

As for the life coaching activities in particular, the digital medium is a wonderful solution for the life coaches to work from the other side of their monitors and for the people needing professional advice and assistance from the comfort zone of their homes.

The truth is that there are thousands of people wanting to change their mental and physical state, gain new knowledge and feel determined about what you want and what you are going to do for that.

life coach wordpress themes

Therefore dozens of private life coaches and life coaching and consultation centers open their doors to more and more people via their websites and blogs and offer their services – from looking at their magic balls and telling you the answers to listening to your story and making reasonable judgments.

Without further ado, let’s pass on to the most flexible and optimal life coach WordPress themes to be the cornerstone of any life coach or public speaker, trainer or consultant website to communicate their messages to the audience at large easily.

Choose any of them and nail your pitch within the shortest period of time!

Political Candidate

political candidate WordPress theme

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Political Candidate is multi – purpose and well – dressed template for any WordPress – powered website to promote your services, speeches, consultation services, as well as political campaigns, election programs, education programs, donations and fundraising, trainings and classes and much more.

With Political Candidate anyone will have the potential of creating a premium site at an affordable price and with tons of customization options to change the default state of the template as per your wishes.

Hence you are free to showcase both images and videos of your services and courses, enlist all the relevant content in a nicely – arranged format, give new shades of colors to you site and sit back and enjoy the output.

Online Coach Pro

online coach new

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Online Coach Pro is one of the most successful and results – driven life coach WordPress themes to have at your disposal and be the place where lots of people will find the answers of their diverse questions.

This template will let any life coach to dig underneath the fears, worries, ideas, feeling and thoughts of your patients and clients even from a distance and via your website based on this sophisticated website building.

Leverage your right choice of template into more success and establish your dominance in the relevant field. Based on the modern coding and styling mixture of HTML5 and CSS3, Online Coach Pro celebrates 100 % responsive and mobile – friendly design, SEO and SMO – friendly coding.

Yogi Pro


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Yogi Pro can be your secret weapon when it comes to putting your efforts into cultivating better reputation and client engagement into your life coaching, training or other relevant business.

Present your enticing and motivational speech through your posts and pages, showcase your yoga classes or gym trainings and motivate more and more people coming to your profile.

Grab the given opportunity and change the existing colors of the theme, choose the most fitting icons and Google fonts to match the overall design, exercise the handy pack of shortcodes for adding the required content quickly.

SMO – friendliness of the theme is available for making your profile more socialized, as well as SEO optimization to record better search results.

Spirited Pro

spirited pro template

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Assist people in getting out of their heads and undertaking required steps to change their thoughts and live a better life through your website based on Spirited Pro.

As one of the elegant life coach WordPress themes based on flat design style, this nice – looking and clear template will let your website visitors to connect to the vision and mission of your business without any difficulties.

The unique charm and elegant look of this template can be easily enhanced when supported by the right chosen fonts and icons.

The sensible division of your content catering to your services, business profile, specialists and much more to different parts and their insertion into the available parts and sections of the theme will make the overall performance e of your website more streamlined and accurate.


simple new

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Simple is one of the fresh – faced and dependable education, life coaching and speaking templates in the WordPress library to give your respective website a go.

Cost – conscious yet premium – quality, user and admin – optimized, this template unites simplicity and advanced performance to meet all the challenges on your way to perfection without additional efforts.

This top – notch website building toolkit feels fantastic when it comes to delivering your web content in a pixel – perfect and legible format for a wide array of low – powered devices and platforms.

As far as the site’s quick performance, plugin compatibility and customizable framework are concerned, all those nuances are wonderfully taken care of.


personal WordPress theme

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As one of the award – winning life coach WordPress themes, Character is custom – built to bring about more sales for your coaching business and boosted traffic to your website.

Аn amplitude of topics can be revealed through Character, among the life coaching and public speaking, training and consultation, financial and marketing services and much more.

Simple yet amazingly resilient at its core, this template will give you the needed impulse to make the most out of your coaching business. The lightweight performance of this template is due to its clear – coding and professional touches making your website a virtual place for the clients to land on and enjoy their time.

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