Kitchen WordPress Themes for Kitchen Utensils Websites

A comprehensive compilation of the best food and recipe and kitchen WordPress themes are discussed in this article.

These kitchen WordPress themes apply for all the cooks, kitcheners, chefs, food specialists, cabinetmakers, kitchen designers and decorators, architects, restaurant and café owners and others.

Kitchen is considered to be the heart and hub of the home where meals and dishes and cooked and created to satisfy the human body’s psychological demand for food, but do it in an eye – catchy and creative way.

Thus, at present a large bulk of attention is given to how to construct or structure this cooking and even dining place, how to stylize and decorate it to be attractive and convenient at the same time.

Being good at something is great. Being able to serve it in a nice way is greater. If you are a professional chef or food guru, creative cafe or restaurant manager, chef or cook.

Kitchen designer or architect with a clear – cut inclination of disseminating your tastes and working skills throughout the digital platform, our collection of kitchen – friendly templates is particularly for you.

Kitchen WordPress Themes

Each and every kitchen WordPress themes prioritized below can be a brilliant choice for your future website – related initiatives to get your website up and running in a matter of minutes.

When a professional chef or food specialist is writing a recipe or cookbook, he or she tests each single recipe in his kitchen to make sure the instructions are totally precise and accurate.

The same procedure can be exercised by you in case of the below – mentioned products to have their “kitchen – tested” results.

Kitchen Design Pro

kitchen design

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bakery wordpress theme

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Ele Restaurant

ele restaurant

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Recipe WordPress Theme

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Pizza Ordering WordPress theme

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Diet and Nutrition

diet and nutrition

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Powerful and resilient, thoroughly worked – out and processed, Diet and Nutrition is time – checked and client approved one of the kitchen WordPress themes.

Seamlessly balancing practicality and usability, this template can be ideal for any kitchen and food – related professionals and specialist, lovers and enthusiasts to boost their activities in the online world.

The theme comes with home, about us, services, blog, contact and other valuable relief zones for your content catering to your business or personal profile and its updates, contact details and much more.

Cross – mobile checked and 100% present responsive, this template also shares perfect plugin compatibility.

Multipurpose in its true nature, Diet and Nutrition can also be considered by dietitians, physical therapists, psychologists, fitness and personal trainers, nutritionists and others.

SKT Food

SKT Food

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Grow your business or extend your audience scope with well – thought out and well – finished SKT Food as another top – rated option for all kinds of food and recipe – centric websites.

Use the given resourceful and flexible platform to host all your texts and images in a nicely – formatted fashion.

Powered by prebuilt structural components and attention – grabbing visualization, this website builder will enable you to be the only master and owner of it with an unlimited power of editing and customizing your in order to keep its flow steady and client – focused.

All in all, you can select your favorite color gamut and make it live, practice the given shortcodes for quick content setup.

Run an online shop and sell your recipes or dishes, cookies and other food, kitchen – related services, etc. For any food related websites this is one of the best kitchen WordPress themes to consider.

Wine Pro

wine pro new

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Without any shred of suspect, Wine Pro is a top – class and award – winning one of the kitchen WordPress themes at your fingertips to make the most out of your products and services, offers or recipe books or whatever it is.

This theme exhibits clear and designer – made appearance, stable and durable coding, as well as persistent structural skeleton with out of the box features and characteristics for user and client – driven content, text and image legibility and impeccable visuals.

Wine Pro is ready to perform your website performance when it comes to quick loading time and smooth and sleek navigation for your clients to scan your informative content and images from top to bottom.

Coffee Shop

coffee Shop

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Energized and authoritative, elegant and classy, tasty looking and enthralling, Coffee Shop is definitely the one to sweep all your website visitors off their feet with the striking look and description of your kitchen drafts and designs, decorations, recipes, meals, kitchen facilities and much more.

This kitchen WordPress theme comes bundled with well – shaped approaches both to form and function, meaning that both visual appearance and inner functionality are in harmony with each other and battle – ready.

Unbeatable in installation and management, this café and restaurant, food and drink, butcher and dietician, recipe and one of the kitchen WordPress themes is a step forward in website establishment and customization practices with responsive, SEO – friendly, plugin compatible and commercial ready touches.



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The authors and developers working on Restro did their best and spare no effort to compile all the primary coding techniques and WordPress codex standards to give rise to a truly respectable and dependable kitchen template for multipurpose usages.

Affordable and cost – effective even for budget – tight businesses and individuals, with Restro all kinds of financially sensitive processes are reduced to the absolute minimum.

It means that you will be authorized to add your content in theme sections and parts, arm the homepage slider with images, select from the available Google fonts and make use of shortcodes without any additional assistance of other professionals in design and development industry.

We Bake


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If you want to celebrate a two – sided triumph at one time, that is to say, realize all your prerequisites and expectations on the one hand, and make all your website visitors feel appreciated, We Bake is a wonderful kitchen WordPress theme that you will ever need.

This safe and sound, strictly categorized and polished template will definitely win the storm of applause of all your current and even future clients as soon as they land on your website or look for any target information.

With HTML 5 and CCS 3 coding and styling, We Bake is consolidated with all the practical tools and channels to reach more audience, including responsive layout, social media integration and plugin compatibility.

For a food enthusiast, the kitchen is the most important space and thus, should be designed to suit your needs preferences as this is where you spend most of your time in.

To families, it is the referred to as the heart of the home and a room where families gather for banter while preparing meals.

It is also the most popular space in the house and hence, it should be tastefully designed and decorated to suit your needs and those of your family and clients.

For food bloggers and vloggers, the kitchen is that space you share with the world when preparing mouth-watering dishes.

Every chef or food enthusiast looking to share his/her recipes with the world always start creating and trying out recipes in this space called- the Kitchen. Therefore, much attention should be paid to creating and decorating this valuable cooking and dining area.

As the saying goes, first impressions always last.

To ensure the same for your food-related website or blog, these Kitchen WordPress themes are all that you need.

They are aesthetically and tactfully made for food enthusiasts like chefs, food bloggers, coffee shop owners, restaurants, nutritionists and generally, anyone in the food industry looking to build a digital presence for his/her business or passion.

Our collection of kitchen-friendly themes will offer you more than a digital space. These themes are tactfully designed for professionals in the food and beverage industry, kitchen designers or architects looking to expand their businesses by reaching out to a wider clientele.

Each and every Kitchen WordPress themes are prioritized here with the intention of helping you grow your business, extend your audience scope and capture your client’s attention leaving them yearning for more of your products and services.

The themes you find here are remarkably authoritative, elegant, and classy and made to drive traffic to your website while sweeping all your website visitors off their feet with the striking looks and descriptions of your recipes, menus, meals, beautifully decorated cakes, kitchen facilities, decor and designs while giving you an edge over your competitors.

Some of the kitchen WordPress themes like the Restro theme authorize you to add content in theme sections and parts, arm the homepage slider with images without any additional assistance of other professionals in design and development industry.

These kitchen WordPress themes come with a variety of unique and captivating colors and patterns to choose from- according to your taste.

In addition, all themes have a gallery feature which enables you to artistically display your photos and videos for clients who prefer visuals over wordings.

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