Kids WordPress Themes Help to Get Your Website More Traction Online

If you are planning to set up an online website for your toy business, then you need to start scouring the web for appropriately themed frameworks. But the good news is that we have collated some of the premium kids WordPress themes and listed them out below, so feel free to check them out.

It is important that once you have selected the right theme, after making sure that it is a responsive theme, you can move ahead with uploading your content, media files and customizing your website accordingly.

Most of our kids WordPress themes are completely customizable so you can build your website from scratch and moreover, these themes all come with advanced functionality which should help you rank better as well.

Once you have your website up and running, you can concentrate on marketing it; there are more than a few dependable marketing strategies that you can utilize to reach out to others from developing standalone blog posts, leveraging social media platforms for visibility and traffic, as well as guest blogging.

But it is important that you make the right choice vis-à-vis your theme, check out the various themes listed below, and see which one meets your current requirements.

This theme certainly stands out from the many other kids WordPress themes, for its ease of use as well as the simplicity of its design.

It comes with a responsive design, one that’s cross device, cross platform and cross browser compatible. With this theme, your customers should be able to visit your website, using any device and not experience any loss of functionality.

Kids WordPress theme

1. Baby sitter


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It comes with a decent home page, with neutral tones that’s pleasing to the eye, along with sectioned foreground which you can use to list relevant information about yourself and the services you offer.

And as the theme is customizable, you can use the built in short codes to change any page element, color, shape and even the background with ease.

You can reshape your website, just the way you want it. It also comes with various header, footer, sidebar and layout options; you can now control how you would prefer your content to be displayed to others.

And as the theme supports external plugins, you can use the same to provide your customers with advanced features such as online status, social media plugin, sharing option, the ability to post quick feedback and even set up rolling testimonials with reviews being listed.

All of this should help you increase your rankings, which is why the price of $39 is a real bargain.

2. Toy Store

Toy Store WordPress Theme

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The theme, ranks as one of the top ten when it comes to kids WordPress themes; it comes with an intelligent and resilient design that garners enough attention. But what sets this theme apart is the fact that it is easy to use, and easier still to alter and customize.

Incidentally, the theme is completely customizable and you can change anything, from the color, font, page element to the background or even the layout.

You can also change the colors of all the page elements using the built in color picker. It also comes with built in short codes that you can use to tweak and customize your website and you do not even have to code anything.

This theme is perfect for any business as it is a multi-purpose theme, and also happens to be woo commerce compatible and supports external plugins as well.

So with this theme, you can set up a customized and integrated shopping cart for your customers to use along with payment gateways that support various forms of payment, including digital wallet.

You can also enhance user experience on your website by providing your customers with advanced user features along with social media login, the ability to share your posts on various social media platforms in real time and much more. Moreover, with the right plugins, you can even optimize your websites, and get it to rank better.

All things considered, the rate of $48 is a real bargain in more ways than one.

3. Kindergarten

kindergarten WordPress theme

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This theme ranks among the top ten for kids WordPress theme; it certainly comes with a trendy and exciting design along with a nice layout.

The theme comes with a classic layout that features snippets of the posts right on the main page, along with drop down menu which should make it easier to surf the various pages on your website.

It comes with several header, footer, sidebar and layout options; not to mention the fact that it also completely customizable. You can change, alter any page element including the layout with ease using the built in short codes for the same.

That’s why you may want to consider this framework as it enables you to reshape your website, just the way you would prefer. What’s more, it is also compatible with woo commerce and supports external plugins.

So you should be able to offer your customers a bevy of advanced user centric features such as enabling tracking on your website so that your customers can track their orders and even integrating Google maps with your website.

This theme is as good as it gets and comes loaded with advanced functionality which is why the current rate of $39 is a real bargain indeed.

4. Girlie Pro

girlie pro WordPress theme

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This theme certainly ranks among the best when it comes to kids WordPress themes. Whether you are running a day care or a nursery, this theme should be a perfect fit for your business.

It comes with an elegant design, along with a nice layout, with drop down menus and also comes with home page and templates for your other sections. The theme is compatible with woo commerce and also supports external plugins.

With these plugins, you should be able to provide your customers with all the user centric features they would ever need – from making it possible for them to login using their social media credentials to getting them to share your posts/ content in real time.

As the theme is compatible with woo commerce, you can set up an integrated shopping cart and even use a booking plugin, so that your customers can prebook your services in advance.

You can also install plugins for running testimonials, as well as other pages along with plugins in for advanced slides, galleries to showcase your high resolution images as well as videos.

You can also install pagination plugins and even SEO and SMO plugins to optimize the website so that it ranks better for SEO. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 only which makes it a real bargain in more ways than one.

5. Play School

education WordPress theme

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This theme should certainly get the top billing where kids WordPress themes are concerned – from its simple yet aesthetically pleasing design to its elegant layout.

This theme is 100% responsive and certainly stands out for all the right reasons. Incidentally, it is also compatible with third party plugins which you can use to extend advanced functionality to your customers in the form of several user centric features.

The theme comes with the requisite header, footer, sidebar, layout variations along with the ability to change the color and tone of any page element thanks to the built in color picker.

But you can also use the built in short codes to customize and tweak most of the page elements as per your preference. The theme is also HD and retina ready, and is also multilingual ready so with the right plugin.

You can display your web content in several languages. This should help boost your outreach and help you market your services and products to a wider audience more effectively. Overall, this theme is great as it can get and what’s more, it comes with a price tag of $39 only.

6. Fundraiser


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The Fundraiser WordPress theme is one of the best performing themes given its ease of use and functionality. The theme comes with a nice responsive design, one that’s completely scalable so that your users should be able to check out your website from any device, any platform.

The theme itself comes with the requisite drop down menu, along with header, footer, sidebar and layout variations. It also comes with standard pages such as 404, search page, blog and along with it, 600+ integrated Google fonts as well as 350+ social icons.

It also comes with a nice default slider as well as gallery that you can use to showcase your media files and as the theme also supports external plugins, you can use the same to provide your user with advanced functionality.

With this theme, your website should get more traction online. It comes with a price tag of $39, which is more than reasonable, given all the advanced functionality that the theme comes with.

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