8 Free WordPress Nonprofit Themes for People Who are Into Nonprofits

Free WordPress Nonprofit Themes

If you are planning to set up a nonprofit website, then you may as well base the website, using WordPress as a platform.

For starters, WordPress is an open resource and happens to be free as well, so you can count on getting the required edits and for another, its designs are robust, intuitive and easy to navigate – all of which is a must where nonprofit websites are concerned.

Once you have decided to go ahead with WordPress as the platform of choice, all that’s left is for you to choose the right free WordPress templates to go with your website.

It is important that you use the demo to check each theme out, to see if it s a good fit before opting for the same. And more importantly, you may want to double check and see if the theme in question is responsive or not, for obvious reasons.

Make sure that review all the information, evaluate the theme and decide if it is the one you need. Remember to demo the theme before deciding to use the same for your website.

Free WordPress Nonprofit Themes

Check out some of the free WordPress nonprofit themes posted below and see which one appeals the most to you.

SKT Association :

SKT Association

demo-buttondownload button

Ele Nature Lite

ele nature

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Fundraiser Lite

fundraiser WordPress theme

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This one of the free WordPress nonprofit themes can be used for any charity drive, fundraising, NGO, and more. It is responsive as well as compatible to most of the third party plugins; in fact you can set up a handy donation button with the help of third party plugin.

It also comes with multiple demo packages which you can use to check out its various features. It is woo commerce ready and comes with page builder, which should enable you to create some outstanding and attractive home pages. Incidentally, this particular theme is PayPal ready meaning that you can use the same for your charity drive.

SKT Education Lite

SKT Education

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What makes this free WordPress nonprofit theme stand out is the fact that it is compatible with various page builders like elementor and you can use the same to create some of the most awesome pages. It is also compatible with various third party plugins with which you can make donation buttons, forms available for your users.

Incidentally this theme also happens to be ompatible to other third party plugins which should enable you to install several user centric features on your website. This particular theme also integrates well with woo commerce which should enable you to sell stuff in order to raise money as well.

SKT Elastic

Elastic Pro

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This is one of the free WordPress nonprofit themes intends to stay true to its name; it currently comes with built in elasticity that makes it possible to re-purpose this theme for other industries/ niches.

It is a responsive theme that happens to be compatible with woo commerce as well as third party plugins, AMP plugin and more. This should make it easy for you to provide your users with more functionality and help make your website, stand out for the right reason.

SKT Recycle Lite

SKT Recycle

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This is one handy and one of the free WordPress nonprofit themes that should come useful, since it comes with built in flexibility that enables you to use it for most of the industries/ niches.

The theme is responsive and comes with a minimalist design. Apart from this, it is compatible to third party plugins like woo commerce, as well as others which should enable you to feature donation buttons on your website with donation forms and much more. Check it out at the earliest.

SKT Charity

SKT Charity Pro New

demo-buttondownload button

As a nonprofit theme, this particular theme manages to snag your attention right away. It comes with stunning demos that you can use to test the theme out. It is suitable for any charity event and one that you can use with ease. What makes this theme attractive is the fact that it is lightweight and loads real fast – various studies have shown how faster loading pages often result in better conversion rate.

Given that, you may want to go ahead and opt for this theme. This theme is 100% responsive which essentially means that other online users can check your website through their mobile phones as well as various other hand held devices. It is customizable, and comes with short codes, that you can use to personalize your charity page.

So check it out at the earliest, and you are bound to be pleasantly surprised. And in case you have an issue, you can always contact customer support which is 24*7 and get it rectified right away. With this theme, you can place your donation button at the apt place and get others to get others to donate money.

SKT Consulting

This widget friendly theme is 100% responsive – your users should be able to check out your website with the help of any device, from smart phone to tablet.

This should elp boost the traffic to your website; apart from this, the theme is also compatible to third party plugins like woo commerce, contact 7 form among others. You should also be able to feature donation button, donation form for your users by using the requisite third party plugin.

Incidentally, this theme also comes with a color picker with which you can customize your website, and furthermore, you can use the ‘third party’ compatibility to introduce several user centric features to your website. This should enable your website to stand out for the right reason.

It is also schema friendly, and comes loaded with great functionality which should enable your website to stand apart from the rest. It is in your interest to check out the theme in detail, and to decide whether to go with this theme, as far as your website is concerned.

When it comes to setting up a nonprofit website, these are some of the free WordPress nonprofit themes that you may want to consider. You may also want to consider other themes as well and choose the one that seems to be a right fit for you.

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