The Most Trending Fashion eCommerce WordPress Themes

Everyone wants to look good in life and that is why the fashion business has always been big. However, with the boom of e-commerce, most fashion businesses have also switched to an online model of business.

This helps them gain new customers without any limits. If you are thinking of starting an eCommerce website, you need to decide which CMS you will build it on.

WordPress has the greatest number of customers because it provides the best features. Building a website on WordPress is extremely easy, you can do it with the help of drag-and-drop features. If you want to build a decent website, you need to select the right theme.

Thankfully, there are a lot of amazing eCommerce themes on the web. Once you select the right theme for your website, you can start customizing it.

fashion e-commerce WordPress themes

Decide which features you want to add to your website!

Once your website is all set up, you can add plugins like WooCommerce to provide your website with e-commerce-like functionalities. WooCommerce-powered websites are usually better than websites that are powered by Shopify.

You need to find the right theme for your website. Here is a list of trending fashion eCommerce WordPress themes and you can select any theme for your website from this list.

1. Ele Fashion

ele fashion

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This is a lively theme that makes people excited to buy fashion products. With the help of this theme, you can highlight your business process to the customers and be more transparent. New arrivals are also highlighted in this theme.

You can create and add different product lines with the help of this theme. If you have had a stroke of good luck with your customers, you can highlight their positive reviews on your site by using this theme. On the footer, you can highlight the social media icons and link them to your social media icons!

2. SKT Lingerie Pro

SKT Lingerie Pro

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If you sell fashionable lingerie and want to find a theme that helps you display them in the best way, this is the right theme for it. You can display your dashing new arrivals in a way that catches the eye of the customers.

If your company ever decides to create a discount offering, you need space to highlight that. You have that option with this theme.

Any business that is able to engage customers will eventually close the deal!

That’s why this theme has the option of a newsletter plugin available! You can choose this theme if your products are to be sold to women and then customize it according to your brand.

You can build a website with this theme by using elementor and the process will be incredibly fast. Your website can be ready in a few hours!

3. Shopzee


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If you are thinking about selling lady’s purses to people, this theme will do wonders for you. You can highlight how the purse works, so that customers have an idea on how to use the product before buying it.

You can add all the different product lines that you have. The overall style of this theme is simplistic, which provides focus to the product instead. This website theme is responsive and is functional on handheld devices.

You can launch this site on different browsers and it’s functionality will remain optimal. Unlimited product categories can be added. This makes your business ready to grow with time.

4. GB T-Shirt


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T-shirts are one of the most popular products in the fashion industry. Men wear them and so do women. If you can produce t-shirts that people like, your business has the potential to gain millions in revenue.

However, for that you also have to provide the right customer experience with your website. GB T-Shirt ensures that people are getting the right experience because it has the right set of features.

You can display the products that are trending right now, so that people know products that other consumers like. There are different sections like men’s, women’s, and kids.

Sometimes your ideal customer may find you indirectly through social media or a blog post. That is why this theme comes with a blog section. Only a limited number of people around the globe speak English, which is why your website should have multilingual plugins.

With the help of such plugins, your website can be translated to the language the user chooses. This theme has all the right features which makes it one of the best fashion eCommerce WordPress themes.

5. Luxury Watch

Luxury WordPress theme

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This is an amazing theme for websites that display luxury watches. If a set of your products are doing better than other products, you should push them to the customers. That’s why this theme has a section which is featured products.

Here, you can feature any products that you want to sell more. Overall, this theme has been designed strategically and can be used by people who sell other products too.

Once you download the theme, you can continue the rest of the design process with elementor. This theme is compatible with all the recent versions of WordPress, this ensures that no problem ever takes place.

You can display all the different watch collections you have and potential customers can make their choice. Discounts are a big part of the consumer experience while shopping, that is why this website has a dedicated section where they highlight the discounts they are providing.

6. SKT Cosmetics


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This theme has an interface which is easy on the eyes. You can highlight the type of products that you provide with this theme.

This section is an essential part of all the best fashion eCommerce WordPress themes. Highlight the essentials product that your target audience will need. This can lead to increased sales of products.

An e-commerce theme has to be smart in design and with that you can achieve revenue optimization. Every business keeps launching new products now and then. You will need a space to highlight your new products which this theme provides.

This theme also has space where you can highlight the unique selling proposition of your brand. Along with other fashion eCommerce WordPress themes, this theme also comes with a blog section. Keep adding news about cosmetics products that will attract your target audience to your website.

7. SKT Gold

Essential jewelry is a part of looking good and presentable on social occasions. Jewelry businesses have existed for many years, but if you are able to successfully launch your store’s eCommerce website, then you will gain a lot of revenue which is not possible with physical stores.

With this theme, you can highlight any new jewelry collection that is available. So that people interested in such collections will be able to check them out.

The overall look of this theme is simple which lets the product shine out! Many of your potential customers are looking to get a good deal while buying jewelry.

You should not disappoint them and provide discounts that they will never see before! But for that, you need space which this theme has. Provide the latest news in your industry to your target audience.

Many people may find your website with the help of blog posts. Add a newsletter plugin, to keep your potential customers engaged with your brand. Use SKT Gold to build an epic online jewelry brand!

8. SKT Feng Shui

SKT Feng Shui is a WordPress theme which is ideal for companies that provide astrology services like numerology, palm reading, vastu, zodiac websites, gemstones, tarot card reading, consultancy, love life tips, etc.

This theme comes with a look and a pre set of features. However, the good thing is that you can customize it to suit your business model. You can also integrate the WooCommerce plugin with the site if you wish to sell online products.

If you are thinking of focusing this website around Feng Shui only, you should know what Feng Shui is?

Feng and Shui are chinese words that mean wind and water. Feng Shui is the concept that human life relates to the environment in which we live and no matter how hard we try, we cannot escape it. You should build a balance between your life and the natural world.

9. SKT Sports Shoes

As people become more concerned with their fitness, they find ways to stay fit, but most of these activities require a set of good sports shoes. That is why the demand for fashionable sports shoes have increased within a few years.

If you are thinking about selling sports shoes online, your business can be highly profitable, all you have to do is select the right theme.

This theme is colorful which visually appeals the user as soon as they view the website. Your website can have products in different categories, but it is important to highlight the different categories. With this theme, you will be able to do the same.

Keep your customers excited by highlighting the new arrivals. There are a lot of free sections in this theme for you to highlight information about discounts or a sale!

Sometimes social proof is all someone needs to complete the purchasing process. WIth the help of this theme, you will be able to highlight the positive customer reviews you get.

10. GB Shopping

This is a simplistic, lightweight theme that can be used by anyone who intends to provide products online. You can highlight the customer journey with the help of this theme. This way the customers can understand the steps they need to take to find the ideal product.

11. Flower Shop

Buying flowers for someone you love is considered a beautiful gesture. When you take a walk in the city, you will find many vendors who are selling flowers. Imagine if you took this business model online, then all you need is a business website.

Flower Shop is a website theme made with business sense. You can sell other products using this theme too. The light background of this theme helps the customers focus on the different types of flowers you provide.

12. Jewellery

This theme has a great design that helps you sell more jewellery online. You can highlight new products, best sellers, and featured products. If a jewellery set is already doing good, then you can feature them.

You should engage with your audience, even after they have made a purchase. So, that they will remember your brand and you can do this with a newsletter.

13. Spectacles

Everyone wants to look good with a new set of sunglasses. If you are selling spectacles or sunglasses online, you should try out this theme. You can highlight the popular products of your store, and the new arrivals.

Provide reasons that your customers should choose you. If customers say good things about your products, potential customers are likely to trust you. That’s why this theme has the space for a customer reviews section.

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