How To Create A Wedding Website In WordPress?

Create a wedding website in a unique way to make your wedding event memorable for a lifetime. It is indeed an awe-inspiring and wonderful option.

It is extremely easy to create an outstanding and distinctive website with the help of WordPress CMS. It ensures that you enjoy a hassle less digital journey.

A wedding is a unique dream which can be fascinating for an entire lifetime. Everything including the rituals, shopping, and get together with family & friends is delightful. In this read, we have included everything that you must know to efficiently create a wedding website.

Creating The Dream Website

It is essential to have certain rough ideas before you start structuring a site. This includes the kind of features and pages that you desire to have on it.

Create a wedding website

If you have specific answers to such requirements then you can effortlessly begin the task. Proper planning will ensure timely implementation and results. These are just simple steps and we are sure you will be amazed by the output after completion.

1. Domain, Hosting and WordPress installation

Choosing an impactful domain name is the first step in this process. For installing WordPress it is advisable to opt for a relevant web host. A high performing and reliable web hosting is crucial for top-notch deliverability. There are varied options for the same available in the market.

You can verify the features and select one. It is advisable to select one from the list of recommended by the WordPress platform itself. Read about our best article for Which hosts and domain registrars you recommend?

Each host has specific pricing plans. Depending upon how long you want your wedding website to run, you can select a plan. Make sure that the domain name signifies your site.

On your name itself, you can get a domain but the important thing is that it should be easy for you. For example or

You can move ahead with installing the CMS once the hosting and domain name is sorted. It can be quickly downloaded from the official website i.e. or you can simply install it from the hosting cPanel. Usually, it is a one-click install.

Look once How to Install WordPress on Your Site Step by step Guide.

2. Select a Theme

WordPress offers a vast and extensive range of themes in selection. This becomes one of the best advantages of using this CMS platform to create a wedding website. For every niche in the digital space, you can easily find a theme with premium and free purchase options.

Before making a selection your specifications and features list should be aligned. With this aspect, the entire process will become smooth and easy for you.

There will be a lot of photographs and with a responsive theme, they will shine to surprise the audience. The other essential and must-have criteria for theme include constant updates, good ratings, and advanced features.

For a wedding site, we highly recommend you to opt for the stunning Ele Wedding WordPress theme.

Ele Wedding

The Ele Wedding is an eye-catchy and modern theme specifically designed for creative couples who intend to leave a mark on the digital space. Your family, friends, and guests will be informed about your big day with its useful features and unique design.

For a wedding site, there are certain unique features like Couple story timeline, countdown timer, RSVP form, guestbook timeline, and others. All these features can be easily managed in the Ele Wedding theme. The other key features of the theme are as follows.

  • Supported by NextGen Gallery Plugin
  • Easily add a profile to the couple pages
  • Conveniently add or remove features from the block sections
  • Widgetized homepage for a customized structure
  • Numerous options for homepage design
  • Flexible combination features and straight forward modification options
  • Social Media Integration for blogs and posts
  • Compatible with old and new versions of browsers
  • Fastest loading speed
  • View changes in real-time with a live customizer option
  • RTL language friendly
  • SEO optimized and convenient for modification

With just one click, the amazing features of this theme will enable you to create your dream website. Looks once best Wedding WordPress themes for creating wedding website.

3. Installation

After finalizing and purchasing a suitable theme the next step to create a wedding website is to install the theme.

(a) WordPress Admin Area

You will have a zip file of the theme once you have bought it. Navigate to the Themes menu from Login > Dashboard > Appearance. Search and select the Add New option.

WordPress Admin Area

Upload the file which has been downloaded earlier. After the upload is done it is essential that you activate it. For instant setup, it comes with a single click installation. You will also receive a documentation guide for necessary support and guidance.

(b) Installation using FTP

Simple steps are laid down here for the installation purpose

  • Download the file from its website
  • Extract the file
  • Use the FTP server and ensure that on the server you upload the non-zipped theme folder into the “/wp-content/themes/”
  • Navigate to the Themes option from Appearance Menu that can be selected from the dashboard
  • For activation click on the Activate button

4. Pages – Set up and Customization

Set up and Customization

You have now successfully installed the charming theme for your website, but the irony is that it is still blank. Now is the time to start composing and add the details in the accurate section. The homepage and the story should be the main sections of the site.

Your guests can be greeted on the homepage and it also allows them to navigate across different sections of the site. For the story, share your favorite memories with everyone which enables the highlights of your relationship. With engaging and beautiful timeline layouts on the Ele Wedding theme, your special moments can be easily added.

The schedule and photo gallery are also essential sections to create a wedding website. All the invited guests must know about the schedule of events, venue information, and specific ritual timings. This must be added so that a clear and transparent itinerary can be featured. All the memorable images can be showcased in the photo gallery.


In the beginning when it is all blank you might feel that it is a tough task. But when you start filling up it does not take considerable time. Other pages that require your attention for updates include RSVP form, contact us, blog, guest book, and important attendee list.

5. Customization

You will get creative options to customize the details as per your imagination with the Ele Wedding theme. This emerges as a prominent advantage and makes the process to create a wedding website easier.

Customization front

You must do whatever you have imagined because this is your dream website. In just a few clicks you can modify the style and layout. With custom page templates for various purposes, you can add the respective pages with the desired customization widgets and sidebar. For enhancing your site it also comes with multiple custom post types.

It comes with a clean, simple, and precise navigation so that the audience is never confused or stuck. With a channelized navigation it can be a perfect handbook of your wedding for your visitors.

6. Functionality

The last step in the building process is to add advanced functionality before you conclude this adventure.


For finding events and venue you can add the Google Map functionality. It is supported by the theme and can be conveniently added. In fact, the options panel includes lots of settings and control to improvise the functionality for an aesthetic look and extraordinary performance.

Plugins will play a vital role in adding to the existing functionality and improvising the same. Hence, with extended compatibility for extensive range plugins, you can choose them according to the requirements.

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