Cosmetics eCommerce WordPress Themes to enhance beauty brands online

Cosmetics eCommerce WordPress themes as the name suggests are basically targeted for the beauty industry. Beauty industry products can be showcased. They can be sold online. The digital world is expanding and people like to order from the comfort of their homes hence we brought the concept of eCommerce templates.

WordPress themes using WooCommerce are very easy to manage and handle. One can upload products for beauty and cosmetics and sell them online. The setting of the payment gateway and setting up of shipping is also very easy.

Simple to start all you need to do is follow the documentation after you procure the theme. Once the theme is purchased follow documentation or ask us for free installation.

Cosmetics eCommerce WordPress Themes

Once the setup is done the demo of your store appears exactly as it is shown in our demo website.

GB Skin Care Pro

GB Skincare

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Just set up the products, change the images and content and there you have your brand new online store using Cosmetics eCommerce WordPress themes.

Any beauty product brand needs to be visible online as most users are nowadays browsing online. Digital medium is the cheapest way to reach your target customers without much expenditure.

Whether you are a beauty salon or beauty business or product in cosmetics. Or you have an affiliate blog where you want to promote beauty brands and products. Or you want to sell your custom products online. All of these use cases call for a website with our theme.

Our themes have all of these capabilities and more. Most of the themes are very easy to use and user-friendly and you do not need to learn to code for handling these templates.

SKT Cosmetics


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All of our themes are mobile-friendly and responsive so these features need not be repeatedly told to you. Any theme you pick out of them and you will see their mobile and tablet friendly and can also check in various devices like HD resolution devices as well.

The above theme was related to skin care products and this one as the name suggests is related to cosmetics types of brands.

Selling can be done for both these themes and you can pick one based on your preferences and choice of colours.

By the way you can change the colours, fonts as well as images, and text to have a brand new design and style of your own for your own website.

Ele MakeUp

Beauty WordPress theme

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Makeup products and cosmetics can be showcased nicely using this theme. All of our templates also have this gallery option where you can have a gallery of various images. These images can be showcased as products used by real customers, they can also be used to showcase the products being used in real world.

The gallery images can be used to show the variety of different real-world experiences of customers using the products so that people know use cases as well before buying the product.

All our cosmetics eCommerce WordPress themes come with documentation which includes text and images to guide you throughout the journey of how to set up and edit the theme.

Also the theme contents how they are editable and how header and footer layouts can be arranged is also given in this documentation.

Documentation also consists of video parts that shows how to set up the theme in easy steps.

It also consists of parts where you know how to edit a post type.

Palm Healing

palm healing

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Spa is also related to the beauty industry and one takes a massage or spa for recreational purposes and hence this theme makes sense because it has a lot of industry-related features and can be effectively used for the beauty and cosmetic industry. Unless you have a healthy body what’s the use of applying external makeup or cosmetics to further beautify.

GB Salon Pro

gb salon

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Gutenberg Editor is the new default editor for WordPress themes and hence this cosmetics eCommerce WordPress themes have been created using the Gutenberg block editor.

This means you don’t need any external third party plugins to edit the content of this theme and can be edited using the default editor.

All our themes are SEO friendly and have been optimised for search engines. They also maintain silo structure and are compatible with SEO plugins like rank math, Yoast and All in one SEO.

All of our themes are also performance optimised. Performance of each of these templates is done keeping in mind core web vitals and each of them are compatible with the plugins of cache and other optimisation plugins so that one can get scores easily for better user experience and better visibility.


SKT Spa WordPress theme provides several slider settings that allow you to effortlessly build attractive slideshows and other graphics.

These themes are responsive, which means they will look fantastic on any platform, from mobile to desktop. Also, many premium features are under these.

CutsNStyle Pro

CutsNStyle Pro WordPress theme is simple to modify. Colors, fonts, layouts, and other settings may be changed with a few mouse clicks.

These themes are intended to look excellent on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile.

The theme is also retina compatible, which means that your site will look sharp and clear on high-resolution devices.

Ele Spa

Talking about the cosmetics eCommerce WordPress themes, Ele Spa WordPress theme has a responsive design that works well on all devices.

The Ele Spa theme can create sliders with several slides, animation effects, and captions quickly and easily. Developers now can choose from a variety of page layouts and edit them using a drag-and-drop interface.

Reiki Pro

Reiki Pro WordPress theme has custom widgets, allowing you to add more functionality to your website fast and efficiently. It has some unique features too. It comes with a cross-browser-compatible feature.

This WordPress theme is built to be compatible with all major browsers, guaranteeing that your website looks amazing regardless of whatever browser your visitors use.

GB Shoes

All major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, have been tested to operate with GB Shoes WordPress Theme. Custom post kinds are included in GB Shoes WordPress Themes, allowing you to generate and manage different sorts of material on your website.

GB Shoes is one of the Gutenberg block editor themes which can be edited using the default editor that comes with WordPress and no external page builder is required to edit this theme. They come with social media integration, which allows you to effortlessly post your material on social network accounts.

Luxury Watch

Luxury brands require a lot of visibility because it’s not easy to target customers who will buy a luxury products online. Most of the luxury brands also should reflect the luxurious experience online and hence to showcase the same this theme has been targeted to create experiences that matter.

Luxurious looks and features will ensure that the customer has a nice brand recall and then can contact for a product display at their home from a local vendor or can join a call online to understand it better.

This WordPress theme has simple installation instructions, allowing you to run your website smoothly and quickly. Developers can design a website with a customized look and feel by using Google Fonts and font settings.

The Luxury Watch WordPress theme includes high-quality photos to highlight your collection of luxury watches.

SKT Gold

Nowadays luxury items and accessories like gold jewelry are also bought online for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, marriage etc.

And hence this theme suits this very requirement and handles and takes care of all the nitty gritty. All the visual aesthetics and the design have been aligned such that it becomes easier for customers to check the designs and specifications and once they have the specs they can choose and compare and buy the one they need.

This theme has several layout options that allow you to build a one-of-a-kind website design. It comes with a dedicated support staff that provides assistance and guidance whenever needed.

It is compatible with common translation plugins, making multilingual websites simple to construct. Also, some premium features are still there to use.

SKT Lingerie Pro

SKT Lingerie Pro is compatible and popular among cosmetics eCommerce WordPress themes. This makes it simple to set up a fully functional online store with SKT Lingerie Pro.

It has a drag-and-drop page builder, unique colours and fonts, and a library of pre-made templates that make it simple to create your website. Also, it is a user-friendly navigation system that makes it simple for your consumers to locate what they’re searching for.

All our themes are cross-device and cross-browser compatible so we have checked all the major browsers like Opera, safari, edge, chrome and others like brave. Managing sections and parts of any theme is easy because all of the templates listed above are editable using page builders or the default editor of the CMS.

Social media integration is also available as it becomes easier for customers to follow your brand online and check the social media reviews too.

All of them come with testimonials from customers. It is said that most customers buy nowadays after checking online reviews and if you have positive reviews for your brand showcasing them on the website would mean they get more sales for your website.

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