Handpick Modern Coolest WordPress Themes and Templates for 2023

Are you looking for WordPress themes? You don’t need to hunt anymore as your search gets over here. With more than 10,000 WordPress themes available, it is challenging for almost everyone, including beginners, to find the best WordPress themes that meets their requirements.

Often buyers ask for a site that fits all their requirements. To solve this problem, they find some Coolest WordPress themes that can be used for several purposes. By choosing the right idea, you can make a world of difference to your website development.

When it comes to choosing a WordPress theme, it is similar to selecting a WordPress host. You should take your time and make a selection. Lastly, you cannot deny the massive impact and verstality of WordPress on the world wide web.
Some of the Coolest WordPress themes are:

The site is suitable for IT companies and tech startups. Besides tech-dominated companies, the theme can also be used by other small businesses as it is both Google and mobile-friendly. The unique homepage of the item can handle at least 20 sections of the content, so you can also have one long landing page.

The theme also focuses on various startup ideas as each idea is unique, and the subject allows the users to change colors. Additionally, you can also change images, fonts, texts, etc. anytime and anywhere on the theme. The theme is power-packed easy to use options.

Some of the features of the theme are:

  • Simple yet contemporary theme.
  • The theme is suitable for all types of startup businesses.
  • It is both mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • The theme comes with easy to use options.
  • The theme can also change colors.
  • Translation ready theme.

coolest WordPress themes

Best Coolest WordPress Themes (Hand-Picked for 2023)

1. SKT Start-up Pro


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2. Clean Pro

clean pro

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This theme is one of the cleanest ideas you can find on the list. It has a lot of white space, so one can entirely focus on the content and images instead of the design. The aesthetics of the model can be used for business or personal use.

It has many elements on the homepage that are unique as compared to other themes. Additionally, the theme supports inbuilt shortcodes. You can also change the colors of them anytime you want to. The idea is also fully coded as per WordPress codex standards and guides.

Some of the features of the theme are:

  • It is compatible with cross-browser.
  • The theme is entirely color changeable.
  • It is also compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • As it is simple and easy to understand, the learning curve is minimal.
  • The slider is both replaceable and changeable.

3. Naturo


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As all most, everyone likes their site clean and neat; this theme is one of the Coolest WordPress themes you can have as it is both fresh and minimal. Everyone doesn’t appreciate complex functionality, so this theme offers plenty of white space.

The theme also hosts features, including jquery based portfolios that can help you change between categories without any hassle. The idea is suitable for clients who wish to keep their site simple.

The blog area is used for news, press releases, etc. The theme is suitable for almost all types of websites.

Some features of the theme are:

  • It is a responsive minimal theme that looks great on almost all devices due to its minimalistic approach.
  • The theme includes a blog area.
  • The theme is both SEO and SMO friendly.
  • It is also compatible with the recent version of WordPress.
  • The fantastic theme has more than 600 Google fonts.

4. SKT Software

SKT Software

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When it comes to choosing a WordPress theme for your company, you cannot go wrong with SKT Software as it will add a professional touch to your site. If you fail to make your website look professional, there are high chances that clients won’t trust you for any services.

For any online startup or business website plays a crucial role as you promote your products or services through it. You can make the site more amazing by adding woo plugins to it. By adding offers to the product, you can be assured that your products will be sold in bulk.

Themes of the feature are:

  • The theme is suitable for startups, including Tech, IT, creative, eCommerce, etc.
  • It is a beautiful design to make a website fascinating.
  • You can easily import demo content.
  • The theme is SEO optimized, and you can save a lot of time.
  • You can generate more income.

5. Design Agency Pro

design agency

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The theme is a fantastic white-based responsive theme that is targeted to design corporates and design agencies. It is a complete package whereby you can alter any element of the site. You can also personalize the menu from appearance and five drops levels easily.

The theme includes all features like animations, pause time that can get you up to 10 slides. It is also integrated with shortcodes for the ultimate experience in any content. The theme also has an easily configurable homepage with sections through theme options.

Some of the features of the theme are:

  • The theme is entirely responsive and is mobile friendly.
  • It is easily compatible with WPML and the poly gang.
  • Blog area integrated with changeable layouts.
  • The theme features more than eight-plus templates.
  • It integrates at least 650 Google fonts.

6. SKT Parallax Me Pro

parallax me

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The theme is fantastic and exciting to achieve great height; your website should design in a way that should give justice to them. This theme aims to provide you both fresh and bright design with a glossy screen and many more ideas with slider options.

It also provides at least 30 block options and 100 shortcodes in the theme. The theme can be made more interesting by integrating HTML5 and CSS3. You can choose any color you like. The idea has crossed many browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.

Features of the theme are:

  • It is coded through the elementor page builder.
  • You can easily change the background of any section.
  • It is also easily compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • You can easily change fonts.

7. SKT Pathway Pro

It is one of the Coolest WordPress themes, as it is specially created by SKT themes. It is designed to keep the view of the needs and requirements of the majority of the industries. You can also change the colors of the item as and when you wish.

It comes with an inbuilt slider, and you can also add at least ten sliders. It also has a feature on the homepage where one can add at least 20 sections. The multipurpose theme features Right sidebar, left sidebar, full width, and no sidebar and blog template.

Some of the features of the theme are:

  • It is a responsive theme.
  • The theme has five templates.
  • It has many shortcodes to help you add any type of content.
  • The theme also comes with the ability to change the sidebar.

8. Flat Pro

The theme has been designed and developed, keeping in mind contemporary aesthetics as a dynamic standard. Currently, flat designs are used everywhere. It also makes life easy, as solid colors are used almost everywhere that are easy to change.

This a contemporary and professional theme as it has its own sets of shortcodes that enable it to use at all places and make it different from all the content. The idea is compatible with varying plugins of the portfolio.

It is a killer theme as everyone in the digital era designing an online presence is of utmost presence for connecting many people.

Some of the features of the theme are:

  • It also includes a one-click demo.
  • Video documentation is done.
  • The theme lets you change its color.
  • It is compatible with different portfolios and gallery plugins.
  • It also features more than 100 inbuilt shortcodes.
  • It has at least eight templates.

9. Local Business Pro

This is a responsive theme built for both local and small businesses. You can also utilize it for medium business. It is wholly focused on the call to actions, including quick contact form, location address, and social media icons.

But what matters the most is the searching business online instead of reaching them out for quotation. The website plays a crucial role in a local company as it gets customers through online medium.

The responsive theme has been tested for various browsers and devices. It has different sidebar page layouts. The issue is compatible with both plugins and testimonials. Due to the emergence of supermarkets, it becomes challenging for various supermarkets to survive, so it is essential to keep pace in the contemporary world.

Some of the features of the theme are:

  • The theme is both mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • The site is sufficiently full.
  • It also offers a one-click demo import.
  • The theme focuses on the call to action and social media icons.
  • Both header and footer are widgentized.
  • The theme is user friendly.
  • The sidebar of the theme is also widget friendly.

10. Ele Business

It is one of the Coolest WordPress themes to buy. One of the main reasons to buy this theme is design quality. The theme features and designs are so amazing that it makes it an ideal choice for beginner users. The header sections include six menu options like Home, About Us, Services, Pricing, Contact Us, and Get Quotes.

For all pages, both the header and footer section is different under this theme. Additionally, demo information also has been offered for simple and easy setup options. The idea helps display the website content in a well-formed structure, which is essential for any website.

As the theme portrays simplicity, it has been used by many businesses.

Some of the features of the theme are:

  • The theme is perfect for professional business.
  • The theme is also known as a multipurpose theme due to its extended flexibility.
  • The actual working of the theme is fast because it uses lightweight plugins.
  • The installation of the theme is straightforward.
  • The endorsements of Google font is integrated with the business themes.
  • The logo is also attached to a menu section.

11. High Tech

The high tech theme falls under the category of a computer repair WordPress theme and is designed explicitly for computer repairs. Furthermore, the call to action is placed at the top of the header with a phone number visible.

The about us section of theme features the about us of the company. The company can also include their visions and missions under this segment. The issue also comes with many shortcodes and makes life easier for you while adding content.

The service section includes the primary services offered by the company. Location and map are mainly famous for the type of business as people would like to visit your place.

Some of the features of the theme are:

  • These styles are created using the elementor page builder.
  • You can change the colors of the font as per your style.
  • The theme lets you add a call to action.
  • Footer and header widget friendly.
  • The theme is compatible with shortcode plugins.
  • The theme is coded with HTML5 & CSS3.
  • It is easy to translate the website to any other language.

12. Ele MakeUp

Every professional artist is excited to explore their work with everyone. Traditionally people used to open a shop physically, but creating a portfolio artist website is the contemporary way to reach clients.

Artists can offer salon and beauty services at home by establishing an online booking feature. The theme helps an artist to impress their clients. With this theme, one can show their products and services with the best-highlighted way to give clients a perfect idea of how they can look and feel better.

Some of the features of the site are:

  • The theme is perfect for makeup and beauty.
  • It can help you create a portfolio for an artist to explore their work.
  • All features of the theme are highlighted with the latest code.
  • The theme can be created with a visual page builder.

Thus you can make your business successful by using these Coolest WordPress themes.

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