Contemporary WordPress Themes for Creative Artistic and Modern Websites

Contemporary WordPress themes with awesome look and feel are collected in this article.

They are designed and stylized with a strict follow up of the modern WordPress community and its requirements.

The modern digital world is full of wonders and effortless ways to promote yourself or your business online. From personal and individual affairs to seasoned business activities are condemned to success if tied with the current virtual platform.

Modern WordPress CMS has taken the trouble of processing and launching both multi – purpose and niche – specific templates for any kind of usage. However, the truth is that they are constantly undergoing checks and updates to generate contemporary look and feel.

In this article one can find some of the contemporary WordPress themes in a full compliance with modern claims and prerequisites.

Aside from saving lots of financial means, they are also flexible enough to provide your website with a deep sense of fulfillment and usability. Additionally, all of the modern principles of web design and development are applied to make each of them a product worth using.

Contemporary WordPress Themes

Musical Sounds

musical sounds

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SKT Actor


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The Art

the art

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Disco Dancer

disco dancer WordPress theme

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Complete Pro

complete pro

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Complete Pro is one of the contemporary WordPress themes ready for multipurpose execution. This unique and comprehensive template is relentless in satisfying all your goals and objectives in the digital realm.

Hence, every kind of personal or corporate, business or service provision content will find its way to presentable deployment on the theme’s sections and pages.

The theme is fully font and icon – friendly while loading powerful packages of both. One can find as many as around 1300+ Google fonts, 580 icons and 100 preloaded shortodes to deal within the theme.

You are not obliged to go far beyond Complete Pro to digest its true essence and working principle. The theme has been coded while taking into account the capacity of an average web admin lacking prior WordPress expertise.

Flat Pro

flat pro

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The philosophy of flat web design style has already managed to conquer a large portion of modern websites. Flat Pro is one of such flat and material – based contemporary WordPress templates to keep your website content precise and streamlined.

The theme is guided with the principle that less is more. As such, it provides maximum effect and exposure with minimum expenses and excessive touches.

The overall white – based and clear visualization can be supported by the right icons chosen from the given packs, as well as homepage slider images.

The theme is wonderfully widget- friendly with footer, header and sidebar areas and comes with more than 100 shortcodes inclusion to add your content or whatever is needed easily.


corporate WordPress theme

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The next ultimate guide to success as one of the contemporary WordPress themes is called Gravida.

Through your well – shaped website based this beautiful and original template you will easily mirror your business or identity to the other part of the globe. The eye – catchy design style and graphical solutions are put together to make sure a precise interface.

It will be easier for the website guests to navigate around your website and find the requested information in the blink of an eye. In addition to the smooth and sleek navigation levels, the theme is based upon the modern Customizer to make your admin life easy and enjoyable with simply controls.


Consider Condimentum as one of the best projects ready to cater to your event and calendar, project management, business promotion and other event and service – based initiatives.

This exclusively thought out and thoroughly updated theme is also user and admin – friendly. Hence, the theme’s admin dashboard is the tool with which anyone can get a bird’s view of what can be done for the better effectiveness of the theme.

All in all, with Condimentum you are authorized to generate your content and insert them into the convenient theme sections and zones and thus keep your audience aware of all ongoing and upcoming events.


Shopzee can be a whole new commercial world for those who are planning to benefit from the forceful e – commerce challenges online.

If you are a private entrepreneur, sales manager of any startup or big company, or just an individual with an aim to starting an online shopping business, Shopzee is here for you. This one deserves a special place in our collection of contemporary WordPress themes for many reasons.

First of all, the reliable and modern design of the theme is not just what it shows; it is also how it works. And as such, the theme is equipped with all the compulsory modern techniques and approaches – from responsive design to SEO – optimized coding.


Simple is another hard proof of the fact that great a top –class website can be elaborated at an affordable price. Today more and more people are acknowledging the fact that fitness and physical activities should be maintained regularly in their routine.

This fact speaks about the growing popularity of gyms and fitness centers and it can be hard to stand out among the diversity of offers.

This is the exact point where Simple comes to the fore with its charm and modernity. Blog and page variations are at your disposal to exercise, gallery section for motivational transformations of your clients and contact us sections for comprehensive contact information.

HD and Retina ready graphics and 100% responsive layout also form an indispensable part of the theme.


Girlie is the last contemporary theme included in our article catering to the needs of feminine sector and not only.

Elegant and awe – inspiring, it is destined to be the best friend of girl bosses and businesswomen, enthusiastic and courageous feminine representatives to try their power online.

User and admin – friendly, Girlie demonstrates inherent versatility and adaptability to how your content is laid out on different mobiles and platforms.

Stay on the top of your performance with feature – rich toolbox of the theme including homepage animated sections, color and font size changing options, etc.

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