Community WordPress Themes are The Best to Make Your Website

Whether you are just starting out as an entrepreneur or looking to boost up your incoming traffic, it is important that you first assess the needs of your business and determine what it is that you are trying to accomplish here.

Once you have a good idea of what you need a website for and better yet, the purpose behind the same, you should have a good idea as to what sort of frameworks, platforms to choose and even have an idea or two regarding layouts and designs.

As far as frameworks go, it is important that you set aside some time on research as there are so many to choose from and choose the one that’s apt and suitable for your business.

A good idea would be to checkout some of the community WordPress themes as they should provide you with a good idea of responsive frameworks, with intuitive designs along with built in advanced functionality.

Make sure that you choose the right theme for your website and as far as platform goes, it is better to go with WordPress, for it happens to be one of the best.

Community WordPress themes

Just check out our list of top community WordPress themes and you should have a great idea on where to begin.

1. SKT Municipality

SKT Municipality


2. SKT Association

SKT Association


3. Political Candidate

political candidate WordPress theme


4. SKT Trust

non profit WordPress theme


This theme certainly makes the right impact among all the other community WordPress themes out there.

For one, it comes with a clear cut, minimalistic look and design that make it possible for you to strategically utilize the same to drive more visitors to your website.

For another, it also comes with several page templates which should make it handy to add more pages to your website and is completely customizable, meaning that you can change, and alter most page elements on your website.

The additional fact that it also comes with 600+ font icons means that you can also use the same to make your website stand out for a good reason.

It also comes with built in slider with animation control and pause that you can use to showcase your high resolution images and videos alike.

A recent study recently underscored the fact that consumers are more bound to be impressed with videos and images rather than just textual content alone.

Given this, you may want to opt for a theme that comes with a default slider like this one and furthermore, it also happens to be 100% responsive and is completely scalable as well. It comes with a price tag of $39 only along with bundled support for a year.

5. Modelling

Model WordPress Theme


This theme is indeed as classy as it gets when it comes to some of the top performing community WordPress themes.

It comes with a simple themes option that makes it easy for anyone to tweak and customize it and the fact that it is completely customizable means that you can change and modify any page element with ease.

The design itself is simple, intuitive and comes with intelligent design that should help your users navigate to our other sections with ease.

More importantly, it also comes with several short codes which should make it easier for you to customize any feature on this theme and the fact that it is one hundred percent responsive, means that your users can access your website through any device without loss of functionality.

But what makes this theme stand out is the simplicity of the design itself, along with drop down menus, and a widget friendly layout.

It also comes with home page and 8 pages, templates that you can use to develop other pages for your website as well as advanced functionality given its compatibility to third party plugins. This theme is pegged at $39 only and comes with support for one full year, along with free installation.

6. Soccer

soccer WordPress theme


The one thing that you can count on when it comes to community WordPress themes is the fact that they all come with a clean, clear cut design and so does this theme.

The theme itself comes with a natty design, but what makes it stand out is the fact that it also comes with an easy to use themes panel that even a novice should not have any issue in handling.

More importantly, it also comes with cross browser and cross device compatibility meaning that your users can use any device to access your website and as it is a responsive theme, they should have no issue with your website’s functionality or in gaining access to the same.

It also comes with 100+ short codes that you can use to customize your website as well as use the 5 level deep dropdown menus to highlight your various recipes, cuisines and preparation process.

The theme also comes with a recipe section as well as built in sliders and galleries that you can use to showcase high resolution images of your food.

The theme comes with a price tag of $39, which is a real bargain at that rate, given all the advanced functionality that it comes with.

7. Clean Pro

clean pro


This is a multi-purpose theme, one of the few among the various community WordPress themes and the icing on the cake is that this theme is designed in a specific way so that it can be repurposed for any business niche.

The layout is simple with drop down menus, a lot of white space that you can utilize strategically to direct the user’s attention to call to action.

It also comes with intelligent navigation with drop down menus that should make it easier for your users to navigate your website.

The theme is 100% responsive, completely scalable and comes with default slider, gallery and much more. It also comes with compatibility with third party plugins as well as woo commerce compatibility – essentially this means that you can offer your customers advanced functionality as well as give your site’s performance a boost and a jump as far as your SEO ratings go.

This theme should help make your website stand apart for all the right reasons. It comes with a price tag of $39 and that’s a real bargain, given all the advanced features that it also comes with.

8. Caregiving



This theme certainly ranks as one of the top performing ones from all the community WordPress themes, on account of its simplicity and advanced functionality.

The theme as the name suggests is well suited for ecommerce but can be repurposed for any business niche. It comes with a simple layout, a classic design; drop down menus that make it easier for your users to navigate to other sections of your website.

The theme comes with cross device, cross platform and cross OS compatibility –it is 100% responsive and completely scalable. This means that your users can access your website on any device without any issue or loss of functionality.

The theme is also compatible with woo commerce as well as third party plugins, meaning that you can set up an integrated shopping cart on your website as well as an encrypted payment gateway for your customers.

These plugins should enable you to provide your users with advanced functionality as well as the fact that this is a widget friendly theme, meaning that you can use the same to boost up your conversion rate by utilizing the inner header to display call to action or banner.

The theme is pegged at $39 only and also comes with a POT file, meaning that it can be translated into other languages.

9. CoWorking



The simple WordPress theme is just that – simple and easy to use. If you were on the lookout for a less complicated theme and yet one that comes with advanced functionality, then this would be it.

The theme itself comes with an intuitive design and drop down menus, a minimalistic look with a nice background. It makes for easy navigation and what’s more, it also comes with 100+ short codes that you can use to tweak and customize most page elements.

Apart from this, it is also woo commerce compatible and supports third party plugins – so you should be able to use the same to give your site’s performance a boost as well as ensure that your customers are able to access advanced functionality on your website.

Furthermore, with the right plugin, you should be able to make sure that your pages load faster and are more interactive. This should result in better conversion rates, as well as better placement on SERPS.

It also comes with default contact form with contact form 7 plugin which should help you streamline your marketing.

The theme is as good as it gets and moreover, it should help your website stand out from the rest. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 along with bundled support for a year as well as free installation.

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