8 Comic Book WordPress Themes for Children Books Literature Sites

Comic Book WordPress Themes for Children Books Literature Publishing Printing Sites

This time we have put together a wonderful list of comic book WordPress themes for e book and book authors and writers, comic book specialists, humorists and others to come away confident that they will be able to have valuable website builders to turn their profiles into valuable assets.

Generally any website, blog, community or online portal catering to books and literature, book lover’s groups and societies, publishing and printing house, comic or 3D flip books, education and learning, school and academy.

As well as private lessons and courses, test preparation or examination, bookstore or book selling shop, will be showcased from the most attractive angle with any of these comic book WordPress themes.

If you have a wonderful or comic story to be told, you are not obliged to rely on publishing houses or spend thousands of dollars on publishing them with multiple samples.

All you need to do is to craft your own online website or blog with one of the best comic book WordPress themes and add as many books and publications, written materials or e books as you may like.

Comic Book WordPress Themes

Moreover, it’s not only a suitable way to have your works and writings gathered together and shared with your fans and followers, but also a practical medium to organize their sale or online delivery throughout your town, village, locality or even through a wider geographical area.

Community and public libraries, book suppliers and book design studios, school supplies and handbook distributors, children bookstores, academic publishers and other relevant businesses and NGO presentations can all be perfectly based on these comic book WordPress themes as well.

Hence, from comic books to those dedicated to children, from novels and historical volumes to fairy tales and everything in between can be ideally showcased, shared, marketed, sold and promoted online.

Without much of a hard work or unexpected expenses as all of these comic book WordPress themes are easy to go with and wonderfully pocket friendly.

SKT Library

SKT library

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Ele eBook

ele ebook

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SKT Launch Pro

Launch Pro

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SKT Launch Pro is a comic e book launching portal and e book author profile development method that combines all the essential features and tools to make it unspeakably easy for you to go online with any kind of thematic website.

Whether you want to craft a cozy atmosphere where your readers can meet you and read their favorite publications or skyrocket books sales with your website.

Everything is possible with SKT Launch Pro that is customization ready, easy to change and modify, completely compatible with commercial platforms and e commerce plugins.

Other plugins such as translation and multilingual, search engine optimization and page optimization, caching and email subscription, gallery and slider, SMO, commenting and more can all be combined with SKT Launch Pro as well.



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vCard is a dynamic way to showcase you as a professional writer or publisher, freelancer or any other specialist as it comes as a vCard or resume style website builder.

Depending on the genre you are engaged in, the serious look and dark face of vCard can be changed and presented with brighter colors and interesting design solutions to deliver the true nature of your books and other valuable textual and visual materials.

In its entirety, vCard comes as fully featured framework to streamline the process of web customization and styling, page and post controls, widget friendly zones management, color and font picking, search engine optimization for higher results and more traffic coming to the site and more.


adventure WordPress theme

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Colorful and thrilling, visually energetic and technically veracious, Adventure is one of the suitable comic book WordPress themes to deliver the cheerful spirit your books contain and share.

It comes preloaded with first aid tools and management options, powered by modern coding and styling in the form of HTML 5 and CSS 3, responsive layout and cross mobile compatibility, and finally, basic search engine optimization to gain the required amount of website traffic and valuable website visitors.

Social media optimization is also properly done so that you can take have unlimited social media exposure and take your books and topics to Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram and other popular platforms to find more interested audience and book lovers.

SKT Education

SKT Education

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Just like great covers sell books, great website looks bring more people to your digital portal. Therefore making sure your books website looks as presentable and awe inspiring as possible is more than important.

SKT Education is a top rated and visually competent website template you can use for guaranteeing the best exposure for your site with the right colors.

Graphical solutions, fonts and typography, menu items, content areas, beautiful images on the homepage slider and much more, as the white based and clear layout of the theme makes all this available.

SKT Dual

marketing WordPress theme

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SKT Dual is one of the universal website tools ready cover a long list of different topics, from marketing to literature, from education to construction, from personal development to e commerce, bookstores, etc.

This beautiful and elegant WordPress template is completely free to play around and customize, change and edit whenever needed and make your own with your wishes and preferences.

There are choices of fonts, social icons, buttons, shortcodes, background images, fast loading and smoothly navigable nature, responsive coding for taking the best version of your site throughout mobile and other portable devices.

Easy to deal with and manage due to the extensive documentation it comes with, SKT Dual is also well optimized for plugin usage to complete different tasks, from running an online storefront to having multilingual content.

Play School

education WordPress theme

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Play School is one more colorful and motivational web building template to be used for the creation of education and school, children development and child literature, book and literature community websites and blogs.

It is custom built to put the spotlight on the quality of your works and their popularity, help you get the most of their online presence with accurate presentations and listings, online sales and promotion.

All you need to do is to arm your site’s default capacity with new functional lines with the help of plugins and enjoy the final powerful product.

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