Business Consulting WordPress Themes for Business Consultants

Following article focuses on Business Consulting WordPress themes for business consultants and business websites.

Many companies have evolved in the past years and there are still some of the companies that are all set to arrive and make their firm presence in the market.

These companies are nothing but a business firm, set up to serve the clients with similar or varying requirements.

Almost every business is now moving with the current situation of the world and is adopting the modern technology.

The development in the technological fields have benefited the business firms and the companies to flourish themselves even more and to reach out to every person across the globe which was not at all possible in early times.

The antiquated methods of making anyone know about the business by providing information by word of mouth or any other related medium such as business cards etc does not help in today’s time.

Business Consulting WordPress Themes

Making an online visibility and reputation of the brand is now the trend. Hence many of the businesses are either taking this medium to make people aware of their brand or some of them are doing their business online itself.

To help the business grow and get known by the masses, it is necessary to have a website of the firm.

It is now an essential medium to have our own website when we are into business or a company so that a client who cannot reach to us personally can get all the details online and may take interest in doing business with us.

Business Consulting WordPress themes can be brought to a very efficient use to create such online business websites.

This theme is also equally helpful for the business consultants who provide advice to the clients for making their business grow more.

Some of the wide range of Business Consulting WordPress themes can be observed below


Finance WordPress theme

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Ele Attorney:

ele attorney

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Design Agency Pro:

design agency

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Design Agency Pro is one of the types of Business Consulting WordPress themes that makes the use of wide variety of features to help in creating a perfect business consulting website. It is a theme that is Google mobile friendly and can run itself on any of the devices whether mobiles, tablets etc.

You can create the website in any of the language as this theme is multilingual by having its compatibility with qTranslate X and the particular language can be translated to another with the help of this theme.

To make the website creation more high-end and standardized, this theme has been made compatible with the shortcodes ultimate that consists of many sections like testimonials, gallery, column shortcodes and many more options of buttons, info boxes etc with more than 100 shortodes with it.

Keeping in mind the online business, this theme has been made WooCommerce compatible to help in selling the digital goods or the physical goods online. It is a very fluent yet easy theme to operate with its options and it allows for change of color anytime based on requirement.


towing WordPress theme

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Towing is a WordPress template for the Business Consulting website creation armed with the finest of the features to generate a very delighting website. Coping up with the modern day advancements, this theme has been made a fast theme with less time taken for loading.

The security measures have been considered while designing this theme as it consists the contact form with captcha for protecting spam and contact details.

It is smart phone compatible and caters as a Google mobile friendly theme. To make your website speak with the help of pictures and videos, this theme provides you the section for gallery area for showcasing pictures and videos.



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Welder is one of a kind of Business Consulting WordPress themes to be used by any type of the business firm or the company. This theme is crisp and complete with the dark and light shades of color that can be changed anytime with the help of color picker.

Welder is an ineffable theme that packs in itself countless of the features and powerful shortcodes that are integrated to help the user create the content of any desired type. Your website can be the way you want it in terms of the fonts as this theme gives you over 600 Google fonts to make a choice.


SKT Corp PRO is one of the Business Consulting WordPress themes and template that is highly advantageous with regards to its features. It has the slider option which itself is more feature packed such as transition effects, interval and timing.

There are even more options integrated that can be used for changing the color by color picker, changing the font from the range of 600+ Google fonts etc. There are many more other sections available on homepage that can be managed using shortcodes.

High Tech:

High Tech is a kind of Business Consulting WordPress themes which is very passionate and zealous. It has a handy framework that allows for many of the modifications to be done at ease.

The easy to change color schemes and the selection from multiple of the Google fonts make this theme one of the vehement in nature for making an engaging website.

It has a section in the name of News Page that is designed to serve for the press release, blogs, articles or any types of information and knowledge sharing.

IT Consultant:

IT Consultant is a WordPress template for making the Business Consulting website and stands as one of the best and in-demand theme for crafting any kind of desired website. From fonts to colors, backgrounds to sections and from sliders to plugins this theme has all of them.

It also has various of shortcodes that stands as a shield of support for adding more sections and making design changes in the website.

It suits perfect theme for the category of consulting business and has been created by keeping the same thought in mind. There is no issue to run this theme at any browser as it is compatible to all and can be made in any of the language being a multilingual theme.

SKT StartUp Pro:

SKT StartUp Pro is yet another cost-effective and methodical Business Consulting WordPress theme to produce any kind of business website.

It is a package of being simple and elegant and beautiful and modern looking at the same time. It is full color changing, can be translated easily and can be used into making different language website as this theme is multilingual theme. You can also embed maps, videos and podcast through the use of this theme.

Auto Car:

Auto Car is a WordPress template and theme for making a Business Consulting website. It is a theme that can be used extensively for building any kind of website and has all the set of colors to change anytime when required. More than 580+ icons integrated for easy social networking profiles.

It is a theme that has been fully documented and provides full support with tests and compatibility with latest version of WordPress and plugins. A theme to cater the services in many languages by being multilingual and translation ready makes this theme one of the most versatile.

Many businesses often specialize in providing consultancy services to others, where they provide ancillary support to help these new organizations understand the market better, to gauge their competition, to help them analyze business opportunities and even help them seek out new partners and to hire the right people.

It sounds like a tall job and in an essence it is, but for these business consultancies, it’s time they went digital and the first step towards reaching out to more customers is by developing a professional website that highlights who they are and what they have managed to accomplish so far.

If all this sounds familiar to you, then it’s time that you checked out our business consulting WordPress themes, assuming of course that you are planning to go ahead with a WordPress platform for your new website.

These business consulting WordPress themes are specifically designed for business consultancies and should help you reach out to more new clients. Here’s why it is important that you check out these themes at the earliest.

  • Marketing: The days of depending on fliers, blanket recommendations are long over; these days, all it takes is a website with a rolling list of testimonials to get the ball rolling.

    With these themes, you should be able to showcase your work, your past collaborations and even set up a joint presentation with your team as well as with prospective clients.

    These themes come loaded with various tools that can help enhance communication between various members of your team and yourself. More importantly, it allows you to optimize your content with ease and you can integrate your various social media platforms with ease.

  • Communication: As mentioned earlier, these themes help you to communicate better with your team and enable you to hold conference chats and group chats with your client and various team members. Some of the themes allow you to set up joint conference calls which should help you to communicate in real time.
  • Presentation: Naturally, given that these themes were designed for business consultancies, they come naturally loaded with built in pages and templates for testimonials, about us, sliders and much more.

    More importantly, they come loaded with various tools that you can utilize to set up a presentation within a matter of minutes, if required.

  • Security: Some of the themes come with SSL certification and as such, should provide you and your client with an extra layer of security.

    Just keep in mind that these themes are completely customizable, which means that you can tinker with the header, the footer, the layout, the call to action buttons, even the font and much more.

These are some of the reasons as to why you may want to opt for these themes as it can help you retain the edge over the rest of the group. All the themes have been coded well and with one of the themes being installed on your site, it should certainly stand out from the rest of the pack and for the right reasons.

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