Bridal Shop WordPress Themes for Wedding Dress and Bridal Store Websites

The competition has become very fast in the last few days. A lot of businesses are emerging with new ideas and theories. Therefore, it has become essential to cope with the competition by doing something different. A theme is what separates you from others.

So, if you own a bridal shop, you will need to pick the best one from the best bridal shop WordPress themes. Some of the popular themes are discussed in this article thoroughly.

If you are looking for the best bridal shop WordPress themes, this article will help you make a fruitful decision.

First, however, you need to understand your requirements and then choose the right theme that suits your products and services. And, in the end, everything boils down to how much loyal you are to your customers.

Bridal Shop WordPress Themes

SKT Cosmetics:


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Are you a dermatologist or a dermatologist? Or do you run a cosmetic website or own a cosmetic blog? If yes, then SKT Cosmetics is one of the best bridal shop WordPress themes for your business.

This theme allows you to track your customers’ behavior by using Google Analytics, and you can track the abandonment of a cart with the integration of plugins facilitated by SKT themes.

It is fully responsive and can easily install and set up. It comes with beautiful color picker and color options as well.

Other features are:

  • It offers a single-click demo installation.
  • This theme is coded in detail.
  • The live preview option is available.
  • It is SEO friendly and supports WPML.
  • This is a cross-browser compatible theme.

SKT Gold:

SKT Gold

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If you own a jewelry shop or a fancy shop, then SKT Gold is one of the most renowned bridal shop WordPress themes that you need to boost your business. This user-friendly theme is piled with widgetized sidebars, a powerful and attractive homepage, 5-level dropdown menus, and a lot more.

Besides, this theme is compatible with some of the most popular plugins, such as WooCommerce, which facilitates a smooth and secure online money transaction.

Also, it is cross-device and cross-browser compatible. It means this theme will work flawlessly on renowned devices.

Other notable features of this theme are discussed below:

  • This is a retina-ready and HD-ready theme.
  • This theme is RTL compliant.
  • This is an SEO and SMO-friendly theme.
  • It supports Google Maps and Google Analytics.
  • It facilitates social media handles for easy communication.

SKT Feng Shui:

feng shui

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Are you an astrologer, or do you offer services like vastusastra, palm reading, numerology, tarot card readings, and others? If yes, then you need SKT Feng Shui to expand your business website globally.

This completely customizable theme can be used easily. By default, it is WooCommerce integrated and facilitates a hassle-free experience. This theme is GB optimized, comes with high resolution, and is cross-browser compatible.

In addition, a color picker is available for customizing the color of every element.

Some of the other notable features of this WordPress theme are as follows:

  • This theme is CSS3 and HTML5 based.
  • A widgetized header and footer are available.
  • It comes with comprehensive documentation.
  • It enables a website to load super-fast.
  • This is a multilingual and translation-ready theme.

Ele Fashion:


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One of the most popular bridal shop WordPress themes is Ele Fashion. It is for the website owners who own a garment store or who sell clothes and fashion items online. It allows easy customization within a few minutes.

It has 4 amazing homepages, a custom header style option, a retina-ready feature, a slideshow banner effect, and much more. It accepts every 3rd party plugin, and it is highly flexible.

For convenience, it comes with a navigation button that is the combination of every menu option.

Some of the other popular features of the theme are as follows:

  • Call-to-action button has been made available.
  • There is no need to write any extra code.
  • It comes with Nivo Slider.
  • Google Maps is integrated with the theme.
  • It accepts every WooCommerce functionality.


Jewellery Shop Wordpress Theme

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Jewelry can be one of the best bridal shop WordPress themes for your business website if you own a jewelry store. This is the perfect template for showcasing jewelry from the designers or the creators to the world. This multipurpose theme can suit almost any domain.

This is a customizer-based theme. It allows you to see changes made in real-time. It is a basic theme, and thus, even novice users can make use of this theme.

Furthermore, it comes with documentation so that it becomes easy to set up the theme.

Popular features of this theme are given below:

  • This theme supports a full wide or full boxed layout.
  • A widget-friendly sidebar and header and footer are available.
  • It comes with 4-types of header layout.
  • The default slider comes with 10 slides.
  • It is coded following the Codex theme review standards.

GB Shoes:

Do you own a footwear business? Or do you sell sports items? If your answer is yes, GB Shoes WordPress theme can be a great choice for your website. It comes with full documentation, facilitating convenience.

CSS3 and HTML5 have been put to use for coding this theme. The demo content is available, and you will not need any expert guidance. It is an SEO-friendly theme. It is compatible with some of the popular plugins such as Newsletter, WooCommerce, etc.

This theme is translation-ready and is RTL compliant. Also, a calendar plugin is integrated with the theme.

Other popular features of GB Shoes are stated below:

  • Widget-friendly header and footer are available.
  • Readymade icons are available with this theme.
  • This theme comes with a color picker.
  • It is compatible with NextGen Gallery.
  • It is a lightweight theme and loads super-fast.

Luxury Watch:

Do you own a luxury watch store and sell some of the most luxurious watches? Or are you selling luxury items such as art pieces, antiques, or others? If yes, Luxury Watch is the best WordPress theme for your business.

The inbuilt SKT Page Builder makes things simple and easily manageable. Multiple layout options are available, and you can add posts and pages according to your choice. This is cross-browser compatible and is compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce.

It is multilingual and translation-ready. It is compatible with the NextGen gallery and is one of the best bridal shop WordPress themes.

Other features are as follows:

  • Files and stock images are compatible with the GPL license.
  • The footer and header are widget-friendly.
  • It is compatible with Contact Form 7.
  • CSS3 animations have been included.
  • This is a retina-ready and HD-ready theme.

Flower Shop:

The flower shop is one of the best bridal shop WordPress themes if you own a flower store, a nursery, or a flower delivery service. This theme comes with a built-in SKT page builder to facilitate management and ease of use. It is a Google mobile-friendly theme and has been tested with SEO.

This theme is also SMO-friendly, and you can social media handles can be integrated as well. It is easy to manage, and even a newbie can use this theme seamlessly.

Color picker options are available as well, and you can change the color of almost any element of the theme.

Other features are as follows:

  • This theme is compatible with RTL.
  • It is incorporated with pages such as archives, search, and 404.
  • It comes with in-built POT files.
  • The default sliders and sections can be changed.
  • The inner banners can be altered easily.


Do you own a store? It can be any store selling a particular item or a store with an array of different items. If you own any of such stores, then Shopzee is one of the most suitable bridal shop WordPress themes for your website.

This responsive WordPress theme is cross-device and cross-browser tested and has been found compatible. Furthermore, the theme of every element can be altered with this theme.

Other features of Shopzee are as follows:

  • It is a translation-ready theme.
  • It supports almost every 3rd party plugin.
  • You can add uncountable categories and products.
  • It comes with an in-built slider.
  • Up to 5-level dropdown menus are supported.

SKT Lingerie Pro:

If you own an undergarment or lingerie store, or a fashion store, then SKT Lingerie is one of the best bridal shop WordPress themes on this list. It offers you everything that you will need to expand your website on a global scale.

This is a versatile and flexible template for facilitating customization. Page builders are used to ensuring it’s smooth running. The drag and drop interface features are supported by this WordPress theme.

It is optimized for mobile devices and is incorporated with CSS. Other renowned features of SKT Lingerie Pro are given below:

  • This is a translation-ready and multilingual theme.
  • The one-click demo import option is available.
  • It comes with multiple site layouts.
  • It comes with a GPL license.
  • The header menu comes with widget-friendly options.

SKT Nutristore:

SKT Nutristore is the best WordPress theme, specially designed for nutritionists, nutrition and diet, diet coaching, healthcare, and others.

This theme allows your users to directly get in touch with the health professionals. It comes with a demo template for allowing customization. This theme works flawlessly on any mobile device as it is extremely responsive and retina-ready.

Customized social icons are available with this WordPress theme. Including functionality with this theme is a breeze.

Other popular features are:

  • It allows the users to use custom widgets.
  • Uploading high-quality images and videos is easy.
  • It is integrated with social icons.
  • It is cross-browser compatible.
  • Multiple colors and fonts can be used.


If you own any eye care store, are an ophthalmologist, or sell spectacles and sunglasses, then Spectacles is the right WordPress theme for your business. This theme is easy to understand and possesses a simple backend.

The homepage comes with CSS-integrated animations. The color picker allows you to change the color of almost every element. It is compatible with Gutenberg and other page builders such as Visual Composer, Divi, etc.

Other features are:

  • It is compatible with multiple plugins.
  • It is Google mobile friendly.
  • This theme is compatible with WooCommerce.
  • It supports special characters such as Latin subsets and Cyrillic.
  • Sidebar layouts are available for pages.

Ele Store:

Do you own a store or any eCommerce store? If yes, Ele Store can fulfill your purpose. With this theme, you will not require any supplementary time to set up your website. The demo content is available so that you can easily understand this theme’s functionalities.

CSS3 and HTML5 are used for coding this theme, making it one of the highly functional bridal shop WordPress themes. In addition, this theme is multilingual and translation-ready.

Some other notable features are:

  • It facilitates a full-width or box-width size layout.
  • It comes with a tracking feature.
  • It supports a 404-error page.
  • Social media links can be added easily.
  • You are allowed to use multiple template pages.

Grocery Store:

If you are running a grocery store, Grocery Store is the theme that caters to your need. You can present your products nicely with this theme. It is integrated with every WooCommerce feature that exists out there.

It is compatible with custom shortcodes. Premium sliders are used for creating this theme. This plugin-friendly theme is compatible with search filters and plenty of widgets.

Also, it comes with social sharing features.

Some other features of this theme are as follows:

  • It supports different languages.
  • An easy-to-use admin panel is available.
  • It is compatible with webform.
  • A separate featured service section is available.
  • This theme is integrated with CSS3 and HTML5 animation.

SKT Sports Shoes:

If you are related to the sports industry or selling sports items like shoes, skipping ropes, dumbbells, etc., then SKT Sports Shoes is the best theme for your business website.

This theme is compatible with the booking plugins such as WooCommerce bookings, Ultra booking pro, and others. It comes with maximum screen resolutions. Being a lightweight theme, it loads super-fast.

Almost every element present in this theme can be customized effortlessly. Other features of this theme are as follows:

  • It comes with on-point documentation.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 animations are included in this theme.
  • This is an SEO and SMO-friendly theme.
  • A demo content has been made available.
  • This is a multilingual WordPress theme.

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